Is eCom Hacks a Scam? The Untold Truths Behind eCom Hacks!

Is eCom Hacks a Scam?

Is eCom Hacks a scam?: eCom Hacks Homepage

Are you searching for a detailed and truthful eCom Hacks review? Or simply put, do you want to know whether it’s a scam or not? eCom Hacks is a platform developed by Jared Goetz. I first came across Jared Goetz in a video of him alongside his Lamborghini Gallardo. So, you can bear with me for thinking that this was just another glorified scam. But is it super hyped?


Else, has the creator invented a new system to help users make real money on the internet? In a few, we will go deep into the platform. First things first, Jared Goetz shot to fame back in 2017 when his Shopify store trailed Kylie Jenner at the second position as the second-largest seller. In just six months, Jared made a huge cool 2 million dollars. His store, The Gadget Snob, at one time made sales worth five million dollars in less than a year.


Since the start of the business, Jared has been able to repeat this success over and over again. Although it’s not as massive as the first one, Jared certainly knows what he’s telling his followers. So, it is allowed to refer him as an eCommerce guru. Else, you can refer to him as a Dropsurfing Hacker of note if needs be. One thing that I can assure you about this chap is that he has a taste for cars. Before I forget, he has been featured in an Entrepreneur Magazine too.


As for his platform, he probably named it eCom hacks because it teaches you dropshipping tricks and hacks. In the online commerce world, Jared enjoys a perfect profile. In fact, he boasts hundreds of followers across his primary social media channels.


In this review, please note that I’m not marketing or selling eCom Hacks in any way. I have simply gathered facts about the program, its pros, and cons, how it works, as well as whether it’s a scam or not. Read on to find out whether the program is legit or not.


What is eCom Hacks?

eCom Hacks is a program based around eCommerce, and this is probably where the slang term eCom originated. In simple terms, the program is based around selling physical items on the internet. Over the years, the eCommerce world has always been on the rise. Entrepreneurs are making millions of dollars on this industry, whereby Jack is among this elite class of businesspersons. Jack has given a speech in many events across the globe.


Here’s a Short Video on eCom Hacks

In his free case study video, he denotes that dropshipping and Amazon FBA are economically declining day by day. I do not consider myself a technical guru when it comes to matters eCommerce. Still, I have come across info about how it has become more and more challenging to sell physical items on Amazon. Also, Shopify has become quite challenging due to the rising ad costs and competition out there.


Currently, it has become doubtful why a large number of YouTubers are selling their eCommerce courses. One, perhaps they’re not making a substantial amount of money through eCommerce, and that’s why they decide to make extra cash via selling the courses. Else, some are genuine and only wants to help other users make some cash from this big cake.


I am not alleging that Jared’s strategies are 100 % safe and secure, but I do believe that he’s truthful about everything he is saying – eCommerce is becoming stiffer and stiffer as time goes on. One of the major questions I ask myself when reviewing an online product is the place where the product gets its sales from. Is the product getting its sales from the relationship it has built, the list developed over the years, or is it from the social media following?


It is essential to know where the online product you intend gets its sales to enable you to have genuine prospects as what it really takes to build an online business. Most creators make you think that you will get sweet results fast with no real opportunities like them.


How Does eCom Hacks Work?

Providing a new opportunity for users is basically the first step towards an effective product launch. Jared utilizes a phrase commonly known as ‘drop surfing’ instead of the standard phrase – drop shipping. Jared has come up with an idea where users can sell high -selling items with very little competition. Also, he advocates members not to depend on Amazon solely.


By opting for Jared’s drop surfing instead of drop shipping, you will be riding on high-end product trends. Basically, you will have the ability of sourcing these popular items, rebrand them, and then resell them at a cost. There’s minimal to no risk with this strategy since these are the highly demanded products.


For instance, when hoverboards were the big thing a couple of years ago, Jared Goetz was able to ride on this wave and establish an enormous brand from it. Eventually, he was bought out and sold the entire brand for a lump sum.


It is a huge plus to have the capability to travel the globe along with unrestricted amounts of time freedom. You only need to start your store on Shopify, control the traffic, and then enjoy margins of about 30 – 40 % as opposed to the basic 5 – 10 % that you usually make from the outdated models. From what I have learned, Jared offers a practical and straightforward approach to generating money with eCommerce.


How to Make Money with eCom Hacks?

As already said, Jared began his eCommerce activities by selling cheap items that he sourced from the Republic of China. His success made him feature in CNBC, Forbes, and other popular publications. His tactic is crystal clear, purchase, and sell trendy products until their appeal diminishes, then go for next appealing products.


This is what led Jared to develop an online course the primarily focuses on eBusiness by using Shopify and Facebook ads as well as drop surfing. Here are the modules that show you how to make money via this program.


eCom Hacks: Training modules


First Module – Structure

Here, Jared signs in to Shopify to show you a couple of numbers from his store. I think this was specifically made to give you the inspiration to keep on moving. In general view, he talks about successful products where importance is placed on testing before getting the best winning item.


You will be shown how to purchase a domain, how to configure your store on Shopify, the payment methods, acquiring a phone number, configuring the support email, as well as information about shopping rules and meta descriptions. These basics are pretty common and covered in all courses. You can quickly get them for free on online platforms.


Second Module – Configuring Your Store to Convert

This is a large section that comes with about sixteen videos. In one of the videos, you will get info about the five-million-dollar theme. The theme is widely known as the ‘Shoptimized,’ and is available for purchase at 167 dollars for a single license, but you can also opt for the 10-license option that’s available for 597 dollars.


Jared utilized this theme to make more than a 5-million-dollar sale, but it doesn’t mean that you will make this type of money if you use the strategy as well. Although the theme isn’t easily affordable, it’s primary focus is on the conversions. There’re other videos on this section regarding how to configure the Shoptimized theme, and this is only beneficial if you decide to buy it. Luckily, there is a complete training offered for this theme.


Third Module – Products

In this section, Jared offers you a high-level review of what you should be searching for in an item and then gets into in-depth detail later on. Other videos show you how to add items to your store, as well as where to find order and product fulfillment.


Fourth Module – Advertising Facebook ads

This section is all about Facebook marketing. The main method of advertising used on eCom Hacks is Facebook. There are no Google ads, Instagram, bots, or even Pinterest. This section contains about fourteen videos.


In the last part of the course, you will receive some bonus content that involves getting bonus assistance that comprises of building a massive list of suppliers, acquiring an 800 number, getting help from virtual assistants, as well as getting abandoned cart email templates.


eCom Hacks Ugly Truths Revealed!

After researching this product, there are some things I didn’t like about the course. Here are some of the things that certainly put me off.


  • Facebook ads do not only come with a low conversion rate, but they are also quite expensive. What is the most substantial amount of money needed before you start making an impressive profit on the internet? eCom Hacks barely looks at substitutes for marketing.
  • There’re long-standing problems with the dropshipping process, and they are not accurately addressed in the program. For instance, imagine you have accepted the payment for an order, and then your supplier fails you. What do you do in such a scenario? Equally, if the shipment is overdue by several months and you have a stubborn customer, how will you manage this case? I would love a platform that contains inventive solutions for these types of problems. Unluckily, there’re no solutions mentioned in this platform.
  • The price is also an issue. There are various levels available at different price options. In my case, I almost paid 2000 dollars, which is way much for a typical individual trying to make it in the online world. Besides, there’re some start-up fees to think about, such as the budget for the Facebook ads, subscription to the Shopify, and other hidden charges. These fees could potentially rise to a few thousand dollars.
  • I can confidently say that the video content has a problem with the truth. Honestly, most of the video content is all over the moon: too many misleading allegations and factual errors. For example, a friend of mine told me that I didn’t require any money to configure a Shopify drop shipping business after parting away with 2000 dollars.
  • The starters get sold a dream instead of reality. The eCom Hacks talks about Jared driving around in his expensive Lamborghini and telling you how easy it is to become rich if you follow this course.


The reality is quite different, and it requires total effort and patience to ensure that the drop shipping business is working appropriately. In addition to this, you need to study the program profoundly and spend a lot of time refreshing, assessing, and perfecting the Facebook ads. As you can see, it is not a walk in the park.


What I Like About eCom Hacks

In order to get a much better overview of eCom Hacks, I want to take you through the things I liked about the system.

  • Jared is active on his social media accounts and offers free, exciting, and inspiring content on his YouTube channel. This is helpful as it enables you to get know-how about the program before the registration process.
  • The course is quite comprehensive and contains everything you need to know in order to get started.
  • eCom Hacks has a very active and private Facebook group. In this group, you can interact with like-minded members that are experienced in the industry. Whatever problem you may be facing, there will be someone to assist you.


Is eCom Hacks a Scam?

No. Based on various online reviews, it might seem difficult to tell whether it’s a scam or not. Based on the information I gathered, this program appears to be a perfectly legit platform that’s trying it’s best to help people to be much more successful in the eCommerce world.


I highly recommend you to give eCom Hacks a try if you are fascinated with eCommerce things. If eCommerce is not your thing, on the other hand, there are countless things that you can do on the internet in order to make some cash as outlined below.


How I Make a Living Online

So, if I do not recommend eCom Hacks to you, what will I recommend? Do not get me wrong, you can make good money via drop surfing, and many people do. However, there are other better and more natural methods to make money on the internet.


As a matter of fact, some methods are incredibly simple, and they only need your commitment and time to work. If you are tired of being conned and searching, why not join affiliate marketing? Once you sign up at an affiliate marketing program, you will begin making money as soon as the products you market gets sold. The best part is the little training is required, and joining the programs is free.

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eCom Hacks






Overall Quality



  • One of the most comprehensive dropshipping course
  • Jared is an eCommerce guru
  • They have a very active and private Facebook group


  • Very expensive course
  • They sell you dreams
  • Take more time than suggested

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