Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam? Here’s Why You Should Avoid It!

Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam? Here’s Why You Should Avoid It!

Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam?


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If you own a computer or a smartphone, there is a very good chance that you have bought an item or paid for a service online before.


Anytime you buy something online, there is also a good chance that you are buying the product from an average guy just like you.


You see, the e-commerce industry is the new gold. Some are even referring to it as the cash-cow of our time.


If you doubt this, take a look at the life of Amazon owner – Jeff Bezos, he became the first person in the world to have a net worth valued over $100 billion- thanks to his e-commerce business.


E-commerce was responsible for around 2.3 trillion sales in 2017 online. This is just scratching the surface. Of course, this figure increase every year. Experts believe that e-commerce spending will continue to grow year on year basis.


Similarly, most of the products that are sold online are not sold by the original manufacturers. In fact, average moms and pops like you are the ones powering the e-commerce industry by reselling these products online.


Check out Amazon and eBay and you will probably see thousands of people making over $5000 per day selling other people’s products on these e-commerce platforms.


The truth is, if you are looking for a legit way to make money online, you must consider the e-commerce industry.


It is one of the most legit and trusted ways to earn money online. What makes e-commerce great is that it is not going to come to an end anytime soon.


As far as humans remain insatiable in terms of their wants, the e-commerce industry will continue to grow.


Of course, a lot of marketers are now taking advantage of this nowadays. Some so-called “guru marketers” are now claiming that they can help you make millions on e-commerce by buying their crappy product.


You need to make a thorough research before investing in any product. Since you are here, I assume that you are really interested in making money in the e-commerce industry.


This article will, therefore, tell you everything you need to know about this new online course known as “Ecom Cash Code”. Keep on reading to find out more.


Name: Ecom Cash Code
Type: E-commerce
Founder: Teo Vee
Price: $47
Recommended: 3.8/10


my #1 recommendation


What is Ecom Cash Code?

According to Teo Vee – the author of Ecom Cash Code, his product is a software or plugin that allows you to easily integrate a few lines of code into any e-commerce websites and make unlimited money from such website.


Is Ecom Cash Code a scam


Basically, there is nothing special you have to do after adding his “special code” into any website you’ve chosen.


Once you add this code, you can take a vacation to any part of the world you want and then watch as your bank account gets flooded with money.


Sound interesting, right?


A lot of people want to make money online the easy way with little or no work. Unfortunately, making money online involves a lot of work.


Otherwise, a lot of people will be a billionaire by now. Certainly, this author has made a bold claim.


In the next section, we are going to uncover the actual truth behind the Ecom Cash Code and find out if it actually works or not.


How Does Ecom Cash Code Work?

Honestly, I found the way Teo Vee explained his product very funny. If you have been selling online for so long as I do, you will learn to spot lies and deceit no matter how hard the person works to cover them.


Here’s a Quick Video on Ecom Cash Code.


Fortunately, there are other decent make money online opportunities out there like Inbox Dollars, Survey Voices, Daily Rewards, Pinecone Research Survey, Survey Rewardz, and Swagbucks.


According to Teo Vee, when you pay for his product which he generously offers for just $97, you will get a line of code that will change your life forever.


Of course, $97 is just the front-end price. There are other upsells you will be forced to buy after initially investing $97 on this product.


Now, all you have to do is find e-commerce websites that you find interesting, it could be Amazon or eBay and then you will just need to integrate these lines of code into such website and then start enjoying unlimited wealth. But if you could not find an e-commerce website, he (Teo Vee) will help you find one.


This sound like a dream come true, right? Don’t jump in yet. I have seen courses like Ecom Cash Code before. This type of courses makes big bold promises without delivering on those promises.


So before you jump in, make sure you read the next section where I revealed whether Ecom Cash Code is legit or scam.


Ecom Cash Code Ugly Truths Revealed!

Let me ask you if you have a chance to make money by doing nothing all day, won’t you take it?


If all you have to do to make thousands of dollars online is just to insert a line of code on websites that don’t belong to you, do you think anyone will give out such secret for a mere $97?


Actually, no!


Ecom Cash Code is just another over-hyped, worthless product that will not help you in any way.


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I took my time to go through the Ecom Cash Code and I discover a lot of things. Some of these include:


No actual product revealed

The guy behind the Ecom Cash Code kept on talking about how you will make money just by investing in his product.


However, he actually never talked about how the product works. This is familiar with other worthless or scam products I have seen online.


The Concept Doesn’t Make Sense

Teo Vee, the guy behind this product promise you will make money just by inserting a line of code on e-commerce websites.


Now, this doesn’t make sense. It is impossible to add a code to a website that doesn’t belong to you. Even if the website belongs to you, I can’t see how you will be making money from it just by adding a line of code. It is impossible.


Honestly, what I think he is trying to explain here is the concept of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, he did not do a good job about it or he intentionally masked the truth so that he can get you to buy his crappy product.


To make money in affiliate marketing, you will need to learn the basics. Just learning how to insert a code on websites won’t make any money for you.


No Credibility

I decided to go a step further to research the product creator – Teo Vee. However, I discovered he has no credibility and no previous legit products to back up his claim.


Teo Vee is probably one of the over-zealous and ruthless marketers who wants to make money at all cost by selling worthless products to gullible followers.


Don’t fall for fake positive reviews of this product online. All these reviews are just affiliate marketers hoping to make some commission by selling the same lies to you.


What I Like About Ecom Cash Code



There is nothing I like about Ecom Cash Code. It does not give a solution to any problem. If you are hoping to make some money by investing in this product, I’m afraid that won’t happen.


Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam?

I would say it is a borderline scam! Ecom Cash Code made a lot of promises which are based on lies.


Most of the people you will see promoting this product online are ruthless marketers who are hoping to make some commissions just by selling the product to you.


The concept Teo Vee and his team shared on Ecom Cash Code is not viable. To me, this product is a scam and I cannot see how you will make money from it. I will recommend that you stay away from Ecom Cash Code.


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Ecom Cash Code






Overall Quality



  • Nothing.


  • No actual product revealed.
  • The concept doesn't make sense.
  • No credibility.

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