Is Dropship Lifestyle a Scam? Most Important Review Facts!

Is Dropship Lifestyle a Scam?

Is Dropship Lifestyle a Scam? The Most Important Review facts!


Hello everybody, welcome to my long-awaited and detailed review of the Dropship lifestyle. Here, we will discuss everything about this company in detail, from its pros and cons, how it works, whether it’s a scam or not, among other things.


Generally, millions of users go on the internet daily to buy something that they really need. The eCommerce industry is booming, and numerous entrepreneurs are looking for ways to take advantage of this spectacle.


As a result, Anton Kraly, the creator of Dropship Lifestyle, decided to create courses that show users how to start an online business by selling products via Shopify. On the internet, you will come across many dropshipping courses, and it will be challenging to differentiate the legit sites from the scam websites.


If you are planning to invent your own dropshipping store, it is essential to undertake a crash course that basically teaches you secret strategies to succeed and prepares you for the difficulties. With countless offers on the internet, choosing the best that suits your needs may become an uphill battle.


Dropshipping involves setting up a site for a niche audience, creation of an online store, and then sell the product. The product usually goes straight to the customer from the manufacturer. You only need to buy traffic, convert it, and then win.


It is for this reason that I have decided to review the Dropship lifestyle for you. But is this program worth your investment? Keep reading to find out.


What is Dropship Lifestyle?

The dropship lifestyle is basically a training course that teaches users how to undertake dropshipping successfully. The company is situated in West Lake Hills, Texas. They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website but they are not accredited. They have an F- rating at the time of this review.


The program will help you learn about the tools to use, and these include the Shopify E-commerce platform. At this site, you will not only come across products to sell but also advertising things that drive traffic to your store.


Here’s a Short Video on Dropship Lifestyle

But before we get into in-depth detail of what is incorporated in the course, let us first take a close look at the inventor. Anton Kraly began his journey in 2006, where he sold items on eBay.


He began by importing large quantities of items from China, which he then sold for a considerable profit. As it’s common with most business persons, Kraly reinvested the profits back into the business, which enabled his empire to grow much bigger.


Importing items from China can be a real hassle, as many online sellers have realized. There are countless red flags, hoops to jump over as well as various quality issues to address. For this reason, Anton decided to join the dropshipping business model. This type of business model is much easier to run and start without a lot of overhead costs.


At the peak of their dropshipping business, Anton had accumulated revenue of over 1.8 million dollars in their third year of operation. After four years in the market, Anton and his partner decided to sell their business. Having established a successful eCommerce business from scratch, Kraly had amassed the skills and experience that he knew were in high demand.


As a result, Anton decided to create a course that would teach members how to get started in the dropshipping business without making the simple mistakes he did.


Unlike the majority of courses out there in the industry that only offers you the training material and leaves you to do everything on your own, Dropship Lifestyle is a complete blueprint for success, done-for-you, and personal coaching service.


Kraly has personally created dozens of successful eCommerce stores, and he accomplished this by utilizing a very reproducible, specific system. Now, let us get into a detailed review of this whole system.


How Does Dropship Lifestyle Work?

On paper, the Dropship Lifestyle seems impressive, right? It certainly sounds like an alternative to the standard dropshipping models. Let me give you information about how this system works.


Here’s a Short Video on How Does Dropship Lifestyle Work

In the present option, you have the option of choosing between two packages, the ultimate and premium. Each of the packages contains 80 lessons that are categorized into seven modules.


Aside from this, you also get access to exceptional features that are slightly different for every package because you pay different prices. The ultimate package costs $ 4,997, while the premium package retails at $ 2997.


Here are the modules that you’ll get on the courses:


Module 0 -Overview

In this module, you’ll get a simple introduction to dropshipping as well as what’s included in the course. Besides, you will get some of the stats that are related to the industry.


First Module – Choosing Your Niche

In this module, you will get information about the types of items you need to sell on your store, the profit margins you will be generating, as well as ways in which you can avoid the product categories that are much more vulnerable to customer refunds and issues. After completing this module, you can note down the ideas, and Anton will review them and give you suggestions.


Second Module – Market Research

In this section, Kraly will teach you the most effective ways to carry out market research. You will also learn to identify your rivals and their items. An example supports all steps of the tutorial, and this makes it easy for you to understand the system correctly.


Third Module – Create Your Site

Creating your personalized website or dropshipping store is one of the most challenging parts of establishing a business, but Anton makes it effortless. Anton has explained all the involved steps simply.


With this, you can begin with the process as you continue learning. This module entails various topics that include adding new items, payment options, managing technical issues, website design, among other things.


The fourth Module – Get the Drop Shippers

In this section, you will get information about getting suppliers and how you can enter into a contract with them. This is undoubtedly the most challenging step about drop shipping, but with Anton’s assistance, you can comfortably achieve it quickly.


Fifth Module – Optimise for Conversions

It’s time to begin driving traffic to your site. In this section, you will find information about how to convert your leads into clients. Besides, you will also learn how to copy and paste various things to your site in order to save time and energy.


The sixth Module – Get Traffic

This module is all about how to utilize secretive tried and tested tactics used by Anton himself. Here, you get the outline of the tactics. So, you can have sufficient time to test the system yourself. Various methods can assist you in acquiring both paid and free traffic with the minimum amount of money.


Seventh Module – Automation and Outsourcing

In the last section, you’re taught the automation process. As a result, you can move on and establish a new dropshipping site. Anton will educate you on how to use a private application that costs only fifteen dollars every month to automate your organization.


There are also two bonus packages you’ll get. These include the flip your store and five-day success plan to help you streamline your business.


How to Make Money with Dropship Lifestyle?

When starting an online business, one of the main elements to consider is whether you have items to sell or not. Now, where do you get products, where will you find them, where will customers come from, and how will you tell whether they will sell or not?


There’s a proven solution that helps you to avoid all these hassles. The process is known as drop shipping, and it makes the entire start-up process much more comfortable.


When it comes to drop shipping, you’ll work with a distributor or wholesaler that provides this service. Although not all wholesalers and manufacturers offer drop shipping, most of them do.


You’ll manage all the marketing for your organization, and this means that you will have to design a website that has a shopping cart, incorporate email and social marketing, write personalized blogs and engage your clients in other proven methods.


Generally, you’ll need to tell them how the items will improve their lives. Simply put, you’ll undertake all the advertising, marketing, as well as promotion to acquire clients and make a sale. When it comes to the actual send out of the items, this is where you’ll take over.


Dropship Lifestyle Ugly Truths Revealed!

Success is Very Minimal

The success rate in this business model is minimal. It takes persistence and dedication to make it in this business. While this isn’t Kraly’s liability since he can’t regulate how much effort and perseverance inputted by his clients into the business, I do believe that he’s liable for demeaning the challenges and overhyping the project.


Unrealistic Hopes

According to Anton Kraly, you can join the program as a novice and start making profits within a period of twenty-one days. In my opinion, this seems like an unrealistic promise. Finding dependable suppliers and improving your dropshipping business is undoubtedly a complex process that will take a considerable time to become successful.


Negative Reviews about the System

There’re numerous online negative reviews about the Dropship Lifestyle program. Here is where the phrase that says ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ comes into play. I find it challenging to believe that it is the fault of the previous customers. Probably, the creator should be much more open about the problems involved in ensuring that an eCommerce site is working correctly.


It is not worth the Price

The program is undoubtedly not worth the price it comes with. Some of the training videos seem underproduced and overlong, and this makes them a challenge to digest and follow them easily. If Anton offered short, precise, and sufficient video content, it would go a long way in relaying his business concept to ordinary individuals.


Unreliable Technical Support Team

There are many criticisms about the technical support department as well as the available supplier’s database. For a new person to this business, a good supplier database and a dependable support team could essentially help them become comfortable with the system.


The Refund Policy is Quite Difficult

In order to qualify for the refund policy, you need to choose a niche, get in touch with about twenty suppliers, and them design a website within a period of thirty days. If you fail to accomplish this, you will find it difficult to qualify for a refund. There’s no exception to this!


What I Like About Dropship Lifestyle

The program undeniably attracted a wide array of opinions on the internet, with many good and bad reviews. Here’s what I really liked about this program:

  • It’s a well-established program and has been into existence for close to ten years. Some people who offer drop shipping lessons do not actually work in this industry and do not have real-life skills to give to their members. Nevertheless, Anton has been in this industry for more than a decade and has thus gained sufficient knowledge. This makes him an industry expert.
  • This program is continuously upgraded with a detailed content review every year. This’s something I specifically liked about these lessons. The program looks fresh due to the latest included technology. There’re minimal risks of being offered outdated tactics.
  • Anton is a compelling speaker, and his YouTube channel contains valuable information. He is always ready to give you solutions to the questions you may be having about his program. His expertise and easy way of explaining all the factors incorporated in the dropshipping business makes him a good teacher.


Is Dropship Lifestyle a Scam?

Dropship Lifestyle is undoubtedly not a scam since it has been in the business since 2013. Anton Kraly has countless successful students, and this is proven by the number of people attending the Dropship Lifestyle retreat yearly. Whether this program is the best dropshipping course available on the internet, is an open question for debate.


How I Make a Living Online

You have possibly head about affiliate marketing, even if you haven’t actually joined it. Affiliate marketing is all about referring users to various items and services across the internet. For every sale you make via your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission.


The size of the commission is based on the items themselves, the person selling them, as well as the percentage given to the affiliate by the seller. Simply put, you will receive a commission on every sale you make.


If you are interested in starting your very own affiliate marketing business, check  out My #1 Recommended resources. You can get started for free and get a free website, free hosting, free resources and ton of free training.


Dropship Lifestyle






Overall Quality



  • Well-established Program
  • Comprehensive Dropship Training Course
  • Owner is an Expert in the industry


  • Success is Very Minimal
  • Unrealistic Claims
  • Negative Reviews

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