Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam? Here’s The Unbiased Truth!

Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam?

Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam? Dollar Trade Club Homepage

Are you searching for an independent review about Dollar Trade Club, or are you just curious and wondering whether Dollar Trade Club is legit or not? Well, before I get deep into this extensive review and give you answers to many questions that you may be having, I am giving you a cordial welcome to my website, and thank you for seeking out for independent reviews by a professional.


Is Dollar Trade Club legit? Well, we will find much more about this financial newsletter as we continue with the article and find out whether it’s worth your investment. Generally, online money-making programs come in different sizes and shapes. From Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to Paid-to-Click (PTC) websites to cash applications, the only thing you need to do currently is to choose how you want to generate passive income online.


For several years now, a lot of financial newsletters have been circulating across the internet where online users are being targeted to subscribe to any of them. Are financial newsletters beneficial in any way? Well, I have reviewed a couple of them throughout my life, and while some are really great, others are just plain scams.


In this article, I am reviewing another financial newsletter known as Dollar Trade Club. It is an online newsletter developed by Zach Scheidt and Alan Knuckman, and it contains info about investing in stocks.


By reading this extensive and genuine review about this product, you will know my stand about this program, see the product’s pros and cons, get to see how the product works, and know whether the products live up to its hype. In the end, you will have the ability to make sound decisions based on facts and not claims and promises.


If you do not want into the trap of investing your hard-earned money in a scam product, do not leave this site until you read this review thoroughly.


What is Dollar Trade Club?

Dollar Trade Club is an online financial and investment advice newsletter written and edited by Alan Knuckman and Zachery Scheidt. The product is featured on St. Paul Research’s website and published by Agora Financial. The two financial publishing organizations mentioned earlier are certainly big players in the industry, and this makes this newsletter to some extent legit.


The program’s creators, Zach and Alan, may not be as popular as other inventors in the industry, but the two boasts incredible great backgrounds.

Zach, for instance, has twenty-five years of corporate experience working as an editor for various newsletters. He started his beautiful career as an accountant for the SunTrust Bank before rising to become a hedge fund manager in the Atlanta-based advisory.


Alan, on the other hand, started his career as a junior clerk to a floor trader in Chicago. He also has over twenty-five years of experience and has been a frequent financial commentator for various news outlets.


Dollar Trade Club is primarily designed to focus on shares and penny stocks that are lowly valued and possess a possibility for huge gains. Let me be crystal clear with you; this online newsletter recommends cryptocurrencies to its users.


At this point, it is essential to note that all the advice mentioned in this newsletter is dynamic, and is founded on fresh market data which is attained from trusted online exchanges on a daily basis. The program does not use bots, and all the information is formulated by professionals who have been in the industry for an extended period.


How Does Dollar Trade Club Work?

The Dollar Trade Club is available to anyone who wants to subscribe to the program. All that is needed of you is to visit the Agora Financial official website and follow the provided instructions. On the site, you will also come across a free newsletter that you can register for. It comprises of crucial info of the investment market. In addition, it can help you make sound decisions.


After registration, you will realize that the program works pretty much the same as other newsletter services. You will receive twelve issues of the newsletter yearly, as well as other things discussed below in this review.


Alan and Zach are the ones handling the show. So, it is probable that they are using their combined efforts and experience in the industry to help others. As said above, the newsletters focus on low-cost shares and penny stocks that one can pursue and invest in. Presently, this newsletter is best-suited to the beginner-investors who have been trying to stay relevant in the market for some time.


Since Dollar Trade Club is a newsletter, you will receive twelve monthly issues of the program. Every issue comes with analyses and recommendations of future moves that you may make. Besides, the issues may incorporate market whispers to assist you in moving before anyone else.

Dollar Trade Club : Newsletters


From the extensive research I undertook, I realized that the company offers its subscribers a lot of bonus reports. From what I learned, there is a time that the subscribers received four books that include; Thirty-seven ways to accelerate your retirement, Our Top 3 ‘Dollar Trades’ for Right Now, among other books.


Also, there is a member-only website where users access trade alerts. Trade alerts can be crucial and influential in an incredibly fast-paced environment. In the meantime, the member-only site will provide you access to various materials such as their exclusive webinar, podcast, video content, among others. I think.


How to Make Money with Dollar Trade Club?

Dollar Trade Club helps you make money by showing you how to invest your money in penny cryptocurrencies to make a lot of cash. Alan and Zach have carved down many blockchain investments to offer the best ‘seven blockchain jackpots’ for members to invest in.


After subscribing to this system, you may think that you will get much from it. But after taking friendlier look at the system, you will know that you only get many newsletters via the email address or as a ‘bonus.’


According to the sales video, it seems that all that is needed is members to invest $ 50 and begin watching their pot grow at fast speeds. After watching the video for about thirty minutes, you will be able to tell what the company actually does. The company typically invests in blockchain organizations like Digital X Ltd and Blockchain 360.


Before long, you will denote that Dollar Trade Club invests in talented blockchain projects. In simple terms, you will be spending your money in a program to endorse an organization you should invest in, and then that company invests in the blockchain.


Now that you have heard about this program, I can confidently tell you that you need not only patience but also a lot of time and training to make money via this program.


Dollar Trade Club Ugly Truths Revealed!

The more you keep going through this review about Dollar Trade Club, the more accurate and ugly info you will get about the system.


Limited Strategies

Let us face the facts. There is no need to rush to purchase this system. It is just an online newsletter that will supposedly keep getting sent out. Throughout the sales video, there is a fundamental sense of insistence. When you watch this video, you will encounter a bizarrely different sounding voice that pronounces ‘Hurry and act before second November.’


When you go to the checkout page, you will find a timer at the top of the page, indicating that you only have 15 minutes left to purchase. However, it merely restarts when you refresh the screen. This is basically a red flag since the company is not helping you make solid decisions.


Agora Financial

There are countless reviews about Agora Financial, including the over 300 complaints on Better Business Bureau (BBB) With the experience I have working with them, they only offer information overload. For example, when you join the Dollar Trade Club, you will get 9 bonuses.


Every bonus comprises of various things like the ‘morning market reviews’ and the retirement investments. This will undoubtedly make it hard for you to focus on a single thing. Although the company says that it will avoid ‘noise’ in the market, you will note that it keeps on sending noise from time to time. As a novice, using the system is quite tricky since there is no particular step-by-step program to use with the Agora Financial.


The Dates do not Match

You will get the option of seeing the transcript of the video when you hover your mouse to the exit webpage. The script says that you need to do something before January the 14th. But a voice in the video says that you need to act by 2nd November. To date, the company is still offering this package.


Turn Your 50 Dollars Into 1.3 Million-dollars is not Possible

Is this even possible? Does the company expect users to believe this absurd allegation? In my opinion, this deal sounds too good to be true.


Income is not Guaranteed

There is one section of the marketing video that utilizes historical data to show individuals how it is possible to turn 50 dollars into 1.3 Million dollars. Besides, there is no section of the sales video that gives proof that one can indeed make these amounts of money. Dollar Trade Club also misses out to tell members that there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies to bet on.


What I Like About Dollar Trade Club

  • Getting info about big events before other users are probably the best thing about this program. There is a huge gap between the time the news is released to the mainstream media and when the company announces it.
  • It is edited and written by skilled experts in the world of Finance.
  • You will receive up to date alerts whenever you require them.
  • You do not need a significant amount of money to get started with this project.


Is Dollar Trade Club a Scam?

It is not fair to label this online financial newsletter a scam because the info offered by this company has been analyzed, confirmed, and monitored by various professional investors and experts, especially Zach Scheidt and Alan Knuckman.


After having an overview of the parent company, Agora Financial, I didn’t get any scam-like features about the products it provides. Dollar Trade Club isn’t the first newsletter started by Agora. After examining this newsletter, among others provided by the company, I realized that the company focuses on giving high-quality newsletters that have unique features.


Final Words

Countless premium newsletters offer you financial advice, but some of them aren’t dependable. Most of the information provided by Dollar Trade Club comes with a refund policy, which means you can get your investment if the investment option fails to work your way. This aspect significantly lowers risks of investment and also assures that the initial fund remains in case the stock goes the wrong direction.


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Dollar Trade Club






Overall Quality



  • They are experts in the world of finance
  • Receive up to date alert
  • Don't need a large amount of money to get started


  • Unrealistic claims
  • Limited strategies
  • Income is not guarantee

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