Is Dealspotr A Scam Or Legit Earning Opportunity?

Is Dealspotr A Scam

dealspotr review

Product Name: Dealspotr

Price: Free Membership

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, Dealspotr is a good discount website to browse if you are looking for good deals on the internet. Granted, you won’t find life-changing deals here but the deals here are nothing to scoff at either. If you are an online shopper, getting a peek at this website once in a while is certainly worth it.


It’s safe to assume that the main reason you are here is you are looking for an honest review of a program called Dealspotr. You’ve certainly come to the right place. I’ve been reviewing online products that claim to help its users earn money for many years now. In fact, I’ve reviewed close to 700 products on this website. I am definitely knowledgeable about online scams.

My main goal is to let my readers know which products to get and which products to avoid. This has been the main driving force for the creation of this website. So far, I’ve identified several hundreds of scams out there in the wild. I’ve also identified good programs, too. In today’s review, I am going to help you determine if this product is good or not.

To learn which programs are good and which aren’t, you need to have an understanding of how scams operate. There are telltale signs that can easily help you identify a scam by yourself if you do ample research. By the end of this article, I will give you my verdict of this program. Additionally, the knowledge you will get here will help you identify scams on your own. But of course, if you want to be 100% sure of your assessment, you can check this website for the review.

Here’s my full Dealspotr review. Let’s start.


What Exactly Is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr is a discount-based website that gives its users access to deals, promos, coupon codes, and discounts for a wide range of products. It isn’t that much different from any discount websites you may be familiar with. The only real difference that is obvious is you get paid for sharing deals that you find in there.

If you find a deal on Amazon, for instance, you can post the link in there and you would get a bonus. You can also edit the details of other deals you see in there. Think of it like a discount-based Wikipedia in which anyone can edit anyone’s submission.

Dealspotr Marketplace is a great place to find deals and discounts especially if you are a frequent online shopper. If you also want to promote your product, you can post your deal in there and reap in the exposure from users hunting for discounts.


How Does Dealspotr Work?

Since you already know what Dealspotr is, I am now going to discuss how it works.

I’ve discussed above the main difference Dealspotr has over its competitors – and that is it allows its users to post deals. They earn points by doing so. In turn, a user can become like a discount influencer and be paid to promote brands.

Basically, Dealspotr is a platform where most internet discount offers are posted. Users are the ones who post them. If a user posts enough deals, he/she can be contacted by brands to post deals for them since it will gain more exposure. The said user will then earn points that he/she can use to get gift checks and vouchers.


Dealspotr From A User’s Perspective

Since the likely reason you’re here is you want to get a discount for yourself, that’s what I am going to discuss in this review. I am also going to review this platform from a merchant perspective but I am going to focus more on the user experience since that’s what you’re here for.

What’s great about Dealspotr is the deals get verified by a team of moderators and users alike before they go live. It’s not exactly an easy task since according to their database, Dealspotr has close to 10 million verified coupons.

dealspotr deals

From my estimate, I’d say that 1 in 4 of the vouchers or coupon codes doesn’t work. You may think that that’s bad but it’s actually impressive. Other sites average out at a 50% success rate. So, overall, there’s a high chance that the code you find will work on your first try.


Available Deals on Dealspotr

There are plenty of deals you can find on Dealspotr. The obvious brands are Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, McDonald’s, and a whole lot more. Dealspotr is a collection of discounts found on the internet therefore it’s fair to say that you will find plenty of deals here. Below is a screenshot listing the most popular stores on the platform.

popular stores dealspotr

How Can I Find Discounts Here?

First off, you need to become a member. I don’t think there’s a need to discuss the registration process since it’s fairly straightforward.

Once you have verified your email, you can now log into your Dealspotr dashboard wherein you will see a discount feed and featured deals.

Once you spot a deal that you want, just grab the promo code and use it when you checkout. As I’ve said, 1 out of 4 coupon codes have expired so if you’re unlucky, you may have to try a few times to process the deal. It’s recommended that you report expired promo codes to help other users avoid them.


How Much Money Can You Save From Dealspotr?

It’s pretty hard to give an exact amount of how much money can you save as a user. It depends on many factors, really. You will see discount items go as low as 90% off. But the usual discount rates there are around 30%.

Obviously, the bigger the deal is, the lesser the discount offer is. That’s usually how it goes. But percentage discounts are not the only deals available here. They also offer a $ off discount. Buy 1 Take 1 offers are also popular.


How To Add Deals On Dealspotr?

It’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is go to your dashboard and click the “Add a New Deal” button.

Then you will be able to post a deal you found on the internet. Dealspotr is very strict on what types of deals it accepts so keep this in mind. If your submission violates any of their written rules, your submission will get removed or reported by other users.


How To Earn Points On Dealspotr As A Deal Spotter?

You can earn points through 3 main methods.

  • Adding deals
  • Editing existing deals
  • Referring new members into the program

You need to earn at least 10000 points before you can withdraw your wallet. 10000 points amounts to $10 Amazon gift card. To give you an idea of how easy you can earn that 10000 points, joining are already 1000 points.

The points you earn from adding deals actually vary a lot, to be honest. Your deals will be graded by a metric called Accuracy Score. When you first join, you have an accuracy score of 0. Only when you make consecutive accurate deals will your accuracy score go up.

Just a quick side note, 10 is the highest accuracy score. You won’t be able to request a withdrawal until you reach a score of 7. In short, your posts should be as accurate as possible to avoid any penalties on your accuracy score.


What I Like About Dealspotr

  • One of the best things about Dealspotr is anyone can add discount offers in them. This makes it a hotspot for discount deals since the deals are being crowdsourced from millions of users worldwide.
  • You get paid by sharing deals you find online. You will also earn points by correcting or editing expired deals.
  • Majority of the deals on their website work. This is unlike other websites where the success rate is close to 50/50.
  • If you managed to spot deals and post them consistently, brands are likely to contact you to post in their stead. You will get paid for that, of course.


What I Don’t Like About Dealspotr

  • It’s for US residents only. If you live outside the states, you won’t get have access to the discount offers.
  • They are pretty strict on what type of deals they accept. A mistake can easily tank your accuracy score so you need to be careful what you post here.
  • You’re not going to earn a lot of money spotting deals. Dealspotr is best used as a shopper since you will find discounts there. That’s already a win.


The Verdict – Is Dealspotr A Scam?

To summarize, Dealspotr is not a scam. It’s actually a very good website if you’re into hunting discounts for items online. You will find plenty of good deals on here, and they’re not just generic deals. You will find plenty of branded deals here, too.

If you want, you can also become a ‘deal spotter’ yourself to earn money on the side. Personally, I won’t go this route since you won’t earn good money on it anyway. Dealspotr is already a good website on the surface – as a discount hub. Adding in an earning opportunity is just a cherry on top.

Overall, Dealspotr is a good discount website to browse if you are looking for good deals on the internet. Granted, you won’t find life-changing deals here but the deals here are nothing to scoff at either. If you are an online shopper, getting a peek at this website once in a while is certainly worth it.


Alternative – Make Money Online

If Dealspotr does not interest you because of the limited earning opportunity, then you should go look elsewhere. You should probably check out affiliate marketing wherein the potential earning is much much higher. It’s one of the best online industries out there. It’s how most internet marketers make their money and online, and that includes me.

If you want to learn more about this flourishing industry, just check out my #1 Most Recommended Program. See you on the other side!



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