Is Crowd Content A Scam? Can You Make Good Money Using This Content Mill?

Is Crowd Content A Scam?


crowd content review


One of the best things about the internet is you now have access to most of human knowledge at the palm of your hands if you are using a smartphone, at least. The content on the internet literally encapsulates all of human knowledge. If you want to know something, you can easily find information about it on the internet just by typing. On the internet, content is key, and is the lifeblood of Google and many other search engines. But where do these informative contents come from? That’s where this review comes in. We’re going to look into a website that produces content by connecting people all over the world.


The name of the company is Crowd Content. To put it simply, it is a website designed to connect writers and clients all over the world. The clients request contents and the writers write – it’s a simple transaction, really. The reason why countless clients all over the world are seeking content for their website is to use it primarily to rank on Google, which then translates into getting sales or money, of course. Basically, their main goal is to leverage their content to increase their financial gains. That is the point of having good content on your website.


So, how does that relate to this review? In this review, we’re going to look into the validity of the claims of Crowd Content. Is it really that good? Are any of the claims of the program true, or at least have some truths in them? We’ll find out soon enough if you stick to reading my full review here.


What Exactly is Crowd Content?


Crowd Content is an online company that is basically a content mill that serves the world in at least 80 countries. It is registered in Victoria, Canada and is owned by Clayton Lainsbury. According to their data, they have about 2,000 freelance writers who have produced high-quality content inside their very own marketplace.


If you think about it, this company is just like a middleman between the client and writers, providing a marketplace to allow them to meet each other. They provide a platform that makes it possible for potential writers to seek out long-term employers. They claim to provide the highest quality out of all the content mill, and also boast their delivery time, which they claim is also the fastest.


How Does Crowd Content Work?


As I’ve said, you just register as a freelance writer and mark your profile as “available.” Then you have to wait for the orders to come in. Of course, during your first orders, the rate is actually pretty low, but it does get better after you have submitted several articles to completion. Here are their rates:


Custom Content Orders (per word)

  • 1 Star: 1.2 cents – 2.2 cents
  • 2 Star: 2.0 cents – 3.5 cents
  • 3 Star: 4.4 cents – 8 cents
  • 4 Star: 6.6 cents – 12 cents


crowd content review


Tweets (per unit)

  • Standard: $0.70 / $0.80



  • $1.05 / $1.20


Facebook Posts (per unit)

  • Standard: $1.05 / $1.20
  • Professional: $1.55 / $1.75


As you can see, there are numerous types of contents that you can choose from. Obviously, the usual orders are in the “custom content” category, which can range from an article about poultry farming to a press release about a new cancer treatment. You really have to be an all-around writer to be able to prosper writing for this company.


How Do You Get Paid?


You need to have a PayPal account in order to get paid using this program. You get paid every second Friday using PayPal. Remember that you have a $10 threshold so if you have a balance less than that, you wouldn’t receive a payout, but it will be carried over onto your next payday.


Things You Need To Know About Crowd Content


  1. Sometimes your rating does not reflect your true ability


If you have an experience working freelance, you probably already have experience with a bad customer, which no matter what you do, would not receive your work even if it’s impeccable. The same is true in this program. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about a bad rating because the power is tipped into the client’s favor. If you catch a bad rating during your first gigs, then tough luck because that bad rating would drag you down, and possibly even derail your whole gig.


  1. There is a 3-strike rule in place


Once you start writing for this company, you will receive a guideline which details exactly what can and can’t you do as a freelance writer. Now, one of the priorities of this company is to make their clients happy – not you! Remember that! Having said that, you are only given 3-strikes and once you reach it, you are OUT! Fortunately, if you complete 5 consecutive orders without a strike, all your strike violations would be removed.


  1. There is a claim limit


For beginners, you can only accept 1 order per cycle. This means that you can’t accept any more orders before you finish the one you’re currently doing. For more experienced writers, you will have a bigger claim limit, which allows you to accept orders even if you are still working on an article.


  1. You will be assigned a rating


Your rating is based upon the quality of your work, 5-star being the highest. Your claim order is based upon the stars you have on your batch. As you can see, this makes you work harder since having more star equals more work.


  1. Revision requests can become frustrating


This is somewhat similar to rogue clients I’ve talked about above. There will come a time where you are unfortunately faced with clients that will request multiple revisions even if you’ve given them good quality work. This is just one of those unfortunate things that come with freelance work. Some users have commented that there should only be maximum 3-revision requests to minimize abuse by the clients.



The Honest Verdict


To answer the question, Crowd Content is not a SCAM.


If you are looking for extra money, then this website would be a good choice. If you are a capable writer and can submit articles on deadline, even with multiple revisions, this is a mighty opportunity to earn extra bucks. However, there are some drawbacks, too, as I’ve listed above. If you can overlook those things, then feel free to try it out. But let me be perfectly honest here, you won’t make a good living doing this exclusively. You have to treat this as some sort of a side job, or a side hustle perhaps. The income you get from this program isn’t enough to live comfortably and is actually subject to a lot of factors you can’t control. As I said, a single bad rating can negatively affect your hireability.


Nevertheless, this is a good system to make money online, but only up to a point. If you want to earn something much more substantial, the way to do it is to do online marketing. Since the point of this review is to show the pros and cons of working online, I am inclined to say that affiliate marketing is the best earner out of all online money-making schemes. Truth be told, if done a properly, affiliate marketing would blow this writing gig out of the water 99 times out of a 100. If you are interested in learning more about this new opportunity, you can read my #1 recommended review here.

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