Is Credit Secrets a Scam? (WARNING Amazing Program!)

Is Credit Secrets a Scam?

Is Credit Secrets a Scam?


Welcome to my Credit Secrets review!


If you have several expenses, managing your expenses can be a challenging task. Some individuals are very good at this, while others are not.


In this Credit Secrets review, I would like to tell you more about how I managed to enhance my credit score from 485 to 704 within a short period. This may sound unbelievable, but it’s genuine.


Before jumping into Credit Secrets, I had tried and tested a couple of programs previously, and none looked to help me.


So, after coming across this program, I almost labeled it as a scam until I recognized that Larry King had indeed featured the program in one of his talk shows.


Just like I, I assume your two major worries are, ‘is credit secrets scam?’ and ‘how does credit secrets work?’


I have known Larry King since his old days working at CNN hosting the famous show, Larry King Live. For various reasons, I trusted this program.


You know, Larry has a big brand to sustain and I was more than sure that he couldn’t put his celebrated career on the line just to make a couple of dollars for an endorsement.


With this, I ordered the 190-page guide. The good news is that it was delivered within a few days.


Before sharing my experience of using this program with you, I would like to tell you what credit score is, the pros and cons of the program as well as the price of the program.


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What is Credit Secrets (Product Overview)?

Credit Secrets is a program that aims at assisting individuals in enhancing their credit score and is primarily designed to offer users a straightforward and legal trick to improve their credit score by up to a hundred or more points.


The program was created by Info Up LLC in October 2016 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Info Up is LLC (Licensed Limited Company) specialized in helping people to fix their credit legally and safely. They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website but they are not accredited. They have B- rating at the time of this review.


The program explains exhaustive info on how the Hiltons were able to overcome the impossible and take control of their finances and credit.


Recently, the program was subject to an exclusive report hosted by the celebrated Larry King. Larry is a paid endorser of the program.


In this special report by King, ‘Is Your Credit in Crisis?’ He examines the ever-growing problems among most people around the world: low credit scores.


Larry goes on to tell us why even those people with good credit may be paying much more interest yearly than they should be. The talk show by King not only talks about credit issues, but offers a simple, affordable, and real solution.


Here’s a Quick Video on Credit Secrets



The Credit Secrets is a new program almost anybody can use, to turn their financial problems around.


With more than half of people across the world struggling with low credit scores, this has to be the best time to reveal the little-known information regarding management of finances to the world.


Credit Secrets comprise an eleven-word phrase anybody can use, to put an instant stop to debt collectors intimidating them and their families.


The Credit Secrets also comes with extra bonuses: The Credit Secrets Quickstart Guide as well as The Credit Secrets Guide to Establishing a Good Business Credit.


Credit Secrets Bonuses


Scott and Alison have developed a program around what most people want and require; a higher credit score.


According to me, this isn’t rocket science as you only need to implement the 100% loophole taught by Scott in the Credit Secrets program. As long as you follow the training and guidelines to the latter, you will see progress.


Pros & Cons of Credit Secrets

After trying and testing the program for a while, I realized that it has pros and cons as outlined below.




  • First, it will not consume a lot of time; in fact, you can get accurate results in just thirty days if you are loyal to the program. You will have the ability to regulate your debt excellently after only a month. This means that you can lower your interest rates within that period.


  • The second is that the program is 100% legal in all ways. After hearing about this product, I thought that I would be doing something illegal, but to my surprise, it is the best and the 100% legal way to enhance my credit score. Besides, it does not require users to have legal knowledge in any way. The system is developed quickly to help all people understand.


  • Third, the program is safe. You will encounter zero issues when using this program. Your personal details are still private and confidential. When I searched for credit score repair companies, I got dejected since some credit repair services take advantage of the customer’s state. It took me a detailed understanding due to my suspicion about my choices and preferences. However, this program gave me true feelings of peacefulness to realize that I am protected and dealing with reliable people.


  • Fourth, using this program will assist you in acquiring a very sustaining solution in order to have long term credit success. For instance, bankruptcy is not needed for you to file for. This is so because filing for bankruptcy can negatively impact your credit score in the coming years. Also, talking to collectors and creditors aren’t needed, either by phone. A lot of debtors know how hard to manage that state.


  • Fifth, there is no need for you to lend money from loan sharks who may give you high-interest rates. With Credit Secrets program, you can ask for a loan and hopefully be able to clear out your credit line without the necessity of any loophole in the program.


  • Six, there is a Facebook group where dedicated members can join. The Facebook group allows you to share tips with other fans and hear about their success stories using Credit Secrets program. With more than 30000 members, it contains a wealth of videos, testimonials, and information from other members.


  • Thirty days of money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the program for whatever reason, you can ask for your money within the first thirty days.


  • The owners of the program are very much involved. You should be more than satisfied with the program since Scott and Alison walk the talk.


  • Lastly, you can learn tips and trips regarding filing complaints and public records.



  • Credit Secret isn’t a miracle cure for generating huge bucks off a legal loophole. Hopefully, you will not get back to your previous financial habits when you have a fixed credit score. I hope that you will not get into a cycle of registering for a loan, clearing the credit score, and then take another loan as this will not adhere to the guidelines of the system.


  • I am not into reading books. With this, some of you just like I may find it hard reading the book from cover to cover. Presently, the book is only available in hard copies. It can be good if users can purchase a PDF version which can be transferred to our smartphones and read while on the go. Additionally, it would be wise if there was a comprehensive video or audio of the book.


Who it is for

Credit Secrets is for people who want to repair their credit score history and enhance them. Credit Secrets is the real deal if you have a very low credit score and bad credit.


Besides, you can also benefit from the program if you have good credit as it gives you tips on how to maintain your credit score.


Credit Secrets Training Tool Overview

Purchase Credit Secrets program to learn more about ‘secrets’ that credit companies do not want members to know. After purchasing this book, you will have all the tips and tools you require. After that, you can fix your credit score and improve it than you have ever had it.


To date, Credit Secrets have given a lot of members control over their debts and credits. This detailed book is a full, simple, step-by-step account of how Scott and Alison managed to handle their credit. You will learn how the couple managed to raise their score while financing their dream house and car.


The couple’s strategy is also included when you order this book. The sixty-minute webinar will assist you in highlighting the crucial strategy they used to manage their credit score and raise their credit line meaningfully.


When it comes to credits and debt scores, we all need forgiveness. The Credit Secrets program book is your best chance at redemption. It will help you unlock the secrets that few people know.


Today, this limited time offer is offering you an opportunity to take control of your credit. Solve your credit menace today by purchasing the book immediately.


Credit Secrets Support

The support offered by Credit Secrets is second to none. First, you can contact Scott Hilton directly via the company’s email address or phone number.


In addition, you can get to the official Facebook page where you can ask your questions and have other members help you solve them.


This aspect is a boost as you can ask your questions at any time of the day and get the answers instantly.


What is the Price of Credit Secrets?

If you are having problems with your financial life, this unique book could be the answer to all your issues at just $ 39.95. This price is insignificant compared to what the book gives you.


Is Credit Secrets a Scam?

This is a valuable product that provides essential deals of training, tools, and support. Credit Secrets is undoubtedly one of the best and legitimate groups within the industry. On the other hand, Scott and Alison are among the good chaps in the industry.


If you are a resident in the United States, a good credit score is crucial. You know what I am talking about if you have tried applying for a loan with bad credit score.


It can take up to six months to be notified that you don’t qualify for a loan due to your bad credit score.


According to my opinion, I can confidently say that following the guidelines will help you improve your credit score and thus improve the chances of getting a loan if you have a bad credit score.


Final Opinion/ Verdict

Improving your credit score will assist you quickly get a loan you greatly want, purchase the house you have always dreamt about, or get your dream car to get you back and forth to work.


Due to this, you need to have a recognized step by step solution like Credit Secrets. Since the program is developed to assist you in managing your finances, it is affordable.


It currently sells at $39.95 which is insignificant compared to the value of info and ‘secrets’ you get.


All in all, Scott and Alison give a 100% money back guarantee within thirty days. This is sufficient time to get the program tested and learn more about the positive results.


Currently, I would like to tell you that I have read this book from cover to cover and I couldn’t be happier about the decision I made to acquire it.


It solved most of my financial issues and assisted me to discover valuable and useful ways of getting the credit menace off my back.


I was surprised to learn several stupid blunders that I had been making all through. Upon correcting the problems, it took me a couple of weeks to start seeing changes.


Within a few weeks of using Credit Secrets, my credit score had shot to 600 from 485. I pressed on, and a few months down the line, the score stood at 704.


Presently, I have managed to maintain 740. I managed, and as we speak, I am almost getting my first house.


Had I managed to get the Credit Secrets program much earlier, I think I would have managed to be in a much better position financially than I am today. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the incredible progress I have made within that period.


Thus, if you are dealing with low credit score and bad credit and are worried that it can affect your life, buy this program and you will never regret it.


Nonetheless, it will all be zero work if you fail to adhere to the guidelines provided in the book. You need to follow the step by step guidelines to the latter if you want to realize any impact on your credit score.


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Credit Secrets at a Glance

Product Name: Credit Secrets

Owner: Info Up/ Scott & Alison


Price: $39.93

Overall Scam Rank: 6.8 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, Need to Follow Step-by-Step Guidelines

Credit Secret






Overall Quality



  • The Program is a 100% Legit
  • Thirty Days Money Back Gurantee
  • The Program Worth the Price


  • They are not Miracle Cure Generating Bucks of a Legal Loopholes
  • It Hard to Read the Book from Cover to Cover

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  1. I just ordered Credit Secrets by phone. It was an automated call and after they got my credit card information they spoke about adding shipping fees (it was supposed to be free shipping) and then trying to add additional items along with more extra fees and would not let you say no.

    It’s very sad that a prominent figure like Larry King would participate in such a money gouging product.




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