Is Contenu a Scam? The Truth Behind Contenu (EXPOSED!)

Is Contenu a scam?

Are you three steps away from becoming a millionaire by working online? You certainly want to know whether Contenu truly works, and that’s why you have landed on my comprehensive Contenu review. Welcome all!


There were several claims made in the sales video, and generally, anyone can make these claims, as we have previously seen in other online money-making programs. These programs always claim to be the ‘holy grail’ or the ‘secret weapon’ to making money online.


The big question is, ‘why do many individuals still fail to make a lot of cash on the internet?’ Well, the best answer to this question is because most of these online programs do not work, as stated in their marketing or sales video. Is Contenu another sore program, or will it genuinely change the way online business works? Will it generate some good cash to you? Does it function as advertised in the sales video?


All these questions will be thoroughly answered within this genuine review, and you will learn much more info about the program by the end. Thus, ensure that you read this review to the end if you are seriously anticipating joining this program.


What is Contenu?

Contenu is alleged to be a smart application that generates content with a couple of clicks. According to Mark Bishop, the owner of the program, it is the best program that generates perfect passive income for the amateurs. Users just need three things; the application, three clicks, and thirty minutes a day, as denoted by Mark. Bishop says that there is no required traffic and no selling required. Is this normal? Well, I find this sales content hard to believe.


With the experience I have reviewing online money making programs, this is just like typical other typical systems that just wish to sell you their program. A reliable business isn’t grown by only working half an hour a day, and three simple clicks are surely not going to make ends meet.


Here’s s Short Video on Contenu

What I have realized with the owners is that they will make the system seem extremely easy to use, and the tasks seem effortless. In reality, there is a lot of work to be done. The program apparently will create exclusive content for you centered on the URL or the keyword that you put in.


If building this type of business as stress-free as Mark alleges, why is it that a lot of people are still not making it big in the industry? Why are your colleagues at work always complaining about the company, the hours, the tasks, and the boss? This is because growing and sustaining a business, be it offline or online, needs much more work than that.


Mark pleases me, on the other hand, since he does not exaggerate about the expected income claims like other programs. The guy really reveals that new users should expect to make around 1000 dollars from the first day like him. He says that it takes time and effort to get at his level. At least Mark is transparent in some areas.

How Does Contenu Work

I like everything as it’s explained in the video; Bishop says that all that is required for you is to search for the URL of a video that you need your content to talk about. Else, you can search for a keyword that you want to publish in your content. Once you are done searching for this content, you just need to hit the ‘submit’ button, and the application will automatically generate the content for you.


It actually sounds effortless, doesn’t it? There are a few things that the owner fails to relay to the audience, and that is the fact that you need to have a website to use this application and to make it work ideally for you.

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Here’s the Exact Program I Joined!


Guess what? This program is a WordPress Plugin. For those who don’t know, WordPress is a content management system – it is the platform behind a website. It is similar to iOS for the iPhones or Android for the Samsung and other Android-based smartphones. In simple terms, the plugin is identical to an application on the phone.


Now, here is the big problem! If an application is supposed to run on a phone and you do not own a phone at the moment, will the app actually help you? Of course, it won’t! But this is what the owners are trying to sell to potential buyers. Mark wants you to purchase this plugin while never revealing that you must have a website to utilize the plugin. Well, for starters, here is how the system works:


Install the plugin on your WordPress website. Basically, a plugin takes a few clicks to be installed and activated. Therefore, this process is beginner-friendly since you don’t require any technical know-how. After installing the plugin, use it to search YouTube videos that go hand-in-hand with your content.


Step 1 – from Contenu, type a keyword that you would like to use in your niche to get some videos that you can select from.


Step 2 – all the info is loaded to the program. The info contains tags, thumbnail, the title of the video, as well as transcribed text from the video. You can then publish the copied text on your blog as it is or spin it with a click of a button to make it unique before using it. However, the creator says that the text is already unique, and you don’t need to spin it again.


How to Make Money with Contenu?

After extracting content from the URLs and videos, you can make money via the program in two ways:


First, Contenu allows you to post the transcribed content on your blog site automatically. The content is usually unique, and it enables one to rank much better on popular search engines. If your blog post dominates the search engine, you will undeniably make some good cash.


Second, you can post your content to PayPost. This platform does not need you to promote or sell anything (no affiliate, no selling, no eCommerce, no CPA – just publish your content and make some good money). This platform is founded on upvoting features; you will receive many upvotes from other users when you publish great posts on your account, and the platform will pay you for your viewed content.


Contenu Ugly Truths Revealed!

It’s Plain Plagiarism

If you want to become prominent in the online world, you should avoid plagiarizing other people’s work. It is beneficial to write unique content.


The Conversion of Video Content isn’t Accurate

I am pretty sure you have come across the outrageous subtitles that simply do not make sense at all. This is so because software translates them from spoken word, and not a real individual with sufficient sense to bring some context to the video. For instance, the system will find it extremely hard to transcribe blurred or muffled words.



Like other programs invented to make money for their inventors, you can certainly be sure that Contenu is filled with upsells that will be aggressively sold to you after buying the front end program. Here are the upsells:


First Upsell: Contenu Pro costs $ 37. This version guarantees you unrestricted re-posting and unrestricted extraction of content from videos.


Second Upsell: The Content Master. It costs $ 37. The upsell automates everything and schedules your posting.


Third Upsell: Content Guru (it costs $ 198). This allows you to sell your website as well as the plugin.


Fourth Upsell: It costs between $ 67 and $ 117 based on the reseller package you opt to take.


What I Like About Contenu

One Can Make Income from Instant Content in Three Clicks

Maybe it’s more than three clicks, but the process is straightforward and fast to get the content and then use it to make some cash. What I like about this special program is that it is incredibly quicker than writing blog content from scratch. I also discovered that if I needed to write a blog post about a specific niche from scratch because YouTube didn’t have an exact match, I could search for a similar video and utilize the word flow to assist with the ideas on what I want to publish. I found this incredibly helpful.


It has a Real Owner

The program’s owner is a real individual with exceptional experience in the world of internet marketing. Thus, I think there would be some credibility and accountability.


Thirty-day Money Back Guarantee

Yes, Contenu offers a money-back guarantee. If you are not fully gratified with the product, you will receive a refund of your investment if you ask for it within the first thirty days of purchase. Prior to this, the technical department will try to help you at all costs to get the desired results. However, you will be refunded if everything fails to work out for you.


It is Friendly for the Newbies

I am perplexed to think of a cheaper and easier way to make money for the amateurs than with the Contenu. The fact that you will not have to sell or refer anything to someone or recruit other users is a significant plus in this area.


Instant Monetized Content

You will get instant monetized content without having to write a single word. Technically, you might need to rewrite some words that don’t make any sense when the system extracts them from YouTube videos. Whenever the program fails to understand any word, it always tries its best to come up with a word that is close to the sound coming from the video.


In this case, let’s assume the software fails to understand the term ‘Contenu.’ Here, it will replace the word ‘Contenu’ with something like ‘Content.’ I will be needed to go through the extracted text to find out whether other words don’t make sense, but it’s not a major thing in comparison to writing from scratch.

The Content is Absolutely Free

After paying for Contenu, the content you get from the URLs and videos is available at no cost. In my opinion, this is a great and useful way to get content for your site without a lot of hassles.


There is No Traffic Generation Needed

Yes, this is true! You won’t require any traffic. Simply put, traffic generation involves the need to make some sales to earn an income.


Is Contenu a Scam?

No! It will be ungrateful to label this unique application as a scam. Although it assists users to spin content that may not be appealing to some people, it is primarily made to help bloggers achieve their dreams fast and save time. The application is destined to work, but I would suggest you consider other alternatives before investing your hard-earned money in the program. It is a good practice that users are secure thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.


Contenu is an excellent tool that simplifies the process of creating content. The fact that people can make good passive income with the program has not been fully established, but it’s a program that can be tried and tested by the bloggers, online marketers, and anyone who needs to make income online.

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Overall Quality



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  • Plain plagiarism
  • Conversion of video isn't alway accurate
  • Several Upsells

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