Is Constant Content A Scam? Is Writing For A Content Mill Profitable?

Is Constant Content A Scam?

constant content scam

Product Name: Constant Content

Price: Free

Rating: 7.2 out of 10

Verdict: Constant Content offers a great opportunity to earn on the side. However, I would only recommend this website to people who don’t necessarily need the money immediately as the payoff isn’t consistent.


Welcome to my review of Constant Content. My goal in this review is to give you a rundown of this company to help you understand how it operates. This should help you determine if working for this company is worth your time or not.

But before we dive in, I must first congratulate you for actually taking the time to do a quick research on this company. Surprisingly, not too many people do research before taking an online opportunity like this one. This is shocking considering that we have the internet where literally anything is searchable.

Now, you being here means that you at least are curious about what this company is all about. Even greater, is you actually want to learn whether it’s a scam or not.  You are definitely in the right place as I will tell you exactly how it is.

I will give you the pros and cons of working for a content mill, and not just for this company. I will give you an idea of how content mill companies operate because let’s be honest here, the content mill industry isn’t exactly viewed as prestigious, and I am going to tell you why. Let’s start!


What Is Constant Content?

Constant Content, as evident by the name, is a content mill website. Their goal is to connect clients all over the world to their writer userbase to help them create custom content for their websites, press releases, magazines, syndication, and many more.

Constant Content was created in 2006 which makes it a relatively old content mill. It’s a surprise that it took me this look to actually review it. To be fair, it isn’t as hard on advertisement as its competitors. It’s just content (no pun intended) on working in the shadows of its competitors, which worked for them in a way since they’re still here 14 years after their inception.

The type of articles order on this website are mostly short. And by short, I mean 500 – 1200 words. Don’t expect to get 5000-word projects here because this isn’t the type of website for that. As expected, the payment is proportional to the ‘difficulty’ of the order.


How Does CC Work?

Constant Content works just like any other content mill websites on the internet. There is a demand for articles and they find writers to write the articles.

One key difference here is they have 4 different ‘request types’ that clients can choose from. I will post a screenshot below to help illustrate this better.

options content


The names of these 4 request types are pretty self-explanatory. The first one seems unfair since not all articles will be accepted by the client, effectively making the efforts of those who aren’t chosen invalidated.


Selling Your Articles On Constant Content

Constant Content also has this other feature which allows their users to straight-up post their articles on the website and look for buyers instead of them applying directly to clients. For some people, this could be a more lucrative option since your article can be bought many times over.

Let me explain how this works. Basically, your article can be bought in 3 different ways – Usage, Unique, and Full Rights.

Usage is basically selling your articles to different buyers MULTIPLE times but they can’t alter the article at all. Unique is selling your article just once. This option pays more than usage, of course. The third way is called Full rights which is pretty self-explanatory. The buyer would then get 100% legal rights to the article. This means that they can edit it as they see fit. The article will be their property, basically.


How Much Can You Make From Constant Content?

Answering this question is probably the trickiest part of the article. It’s really hard to say how much you’re going to make on this platform since there are way too many factors to consider.

I know that is a cop-out answer but it really is hard to gauge how much you will earn when you can even adjust the pricing of your articles. It’s up to the quality of your articles and the mercy of their algorithm. If you somehow get exposure, there is a potential to earn a lot.

But to give you an idea, you can price your article anywhere from $10 to $100. But bear in mind that you are competing with 50K+ writers so you should adjust depending on the competition. But as you can see, Constant Content should only be used as a side hustle, as evident by the potential amount of money you can earn.

But one thing you must consider is Constant Content will take a whopping 35% of what you earn from the 3 different selling options. That’s huge, especially when compared to their competitors, who tax their writers less than 10%.


How To Become A Member?

You register just like in any other platform. You verify your email and you go to your profile.

how to become a member

Now, you should pay attention to how you fill out your profile. Your profile will have a lot of say on what types of gigs you should receive. Constant Content actually requires you to fill out some educational background to help identify your field of expertise.

Apart from filling out your profile, you must take a short test to give them a live assessment of your skill level. If you know you can write, you know your tenses, the short exam shouldn’t be much of a problem.


The Final Verdict – Is Constant Content A Worthwhile Gig?

Before I get right down to my verdict, let me be clear by saying that Constant Content is a legitimate website. It’s one of the best content mill websites out there. They are unique in that they give their users the ability to post their articles and wait for buyers. Their users can also seek out clients on their own. It depends on the writers, really.

The company has been in the business for 14 years now so it must be doing something wrong. Surprisingly, there isn’t much negative noise surrounding this company. That is seriously impressive considering that it’s been in the business for so long now.

The complaints I’ve read were mostly for writers that failed to sell any articles. That really isn’t a good representation of this company.

Needless to say, Constant Content is a good gig, but only if you don’t need the money. It’s a good side gig, for sure. But if you are looking for something more consistent, you should try another industry. It’s actually quite ironic that there’s a ‘constant’ in its name because it’s anything but constant.

There are times where you won’t even get an order for a month. And there are days where you can get 10 orders. There really is no way of predicting.


Alternatives To Content Mill Industry

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – writers are under-appreciated on the internet.

The problem stems from the supply of writers. Anyone can write so it’s one of the most popular earning options out there. However, good writers are hard to come by. Great writers, even harder so. But with everything now being dictated by price, quality writing won’t cut it. Inexperienced writers can simply just undercut you with their weirdly priced articles.

If you are looking for an alternative online industry for a little earning on the side, I suggest you look into affiliate marketing. If done right, affiliate marketing can become a passive earning opportunity for you. To learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can earn online passively, check out my #1 most recommended program.

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