Is Commission Resurrection A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before Your Buy!

Is Commission Resurrection A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before You Buy!

Name: Commission Resurrection

Owner: Ben Martin


Price: $14.95 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

Around the Internet, Commission Resurrection has been getting a lot buzz. It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it or someone has pitched to you.

It also actually popular on social media.

First off, let me make it clear I am not an affiliate or distributor for Commission Resurrection.

Is Commission Resurrection truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with it?

I have the fact!

Find out whether you will actually make money, or if you’re better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


What Is Commission Resurrection All About?

Commission Resurrection is a new online marketing training course that was launched on June 6, 2017, by Ben Martin who is a successful online marketer.

Ben claims that his training will help you easily and quickly earn $1,416.07 per day on autopilot by following his training.

See The Screenshot Below.



Will this program actually work?

Let’s dive in to find out!


What Commission Resurrection Includes

When purchasing Commission Resurrection, you will get several things.

Below Is A Screenshot Of Member’s Area.



Video Training

The training program has two parts totaling up to 30 video training modules.

Part 1: Welcome

It consists of 15 video training modules.

  • Reading for the riches.
  • Your financial thermometer.
  • Daily dollar sheets.
  • Not all affiliates are equal.
  • Your Personal ATM machine part 1- Part 2.
  • The ugly money page part 1- part 3.
  • Legal bribery part 1- part 4.

Part 2: Legal Bribery Summary

This part also consists of 15 video training modules.

  • The money metrics.
  • Delivering the goodies.
  • Connecting your cash machine.
  • The fortune in the follow-up.
  • Traffic tactics Part 1- Part 3.
  • Advance AWeber services.
  • Predicting your future profits.
  • Split testing and scaling.
  • Follow-up vs. broadcast.
  • Open rate secrets.
  • How to supersize your commissions.
  • Final thoughts.


  • Bonus #1: Banking with bonuses.
  • Bonus #2: Viral Cash Vault.
  • Bonus #3: Viral Cash Explosion.
  • Bonus #4: 10K a month online case study reveals all.
  • Bonus #5: Fast track profit plan.


What Is The Cost Of Joining Commission Resurrection

The front end price of the product is $9.95. The product is designed as a loss leader, as the affiliates for the product actually get 100% of the money from it.

This is because it’s designed to get you into a funnel (oddly enough) and that’s where Ben makes his money if you buy the upsells that is.

See The Screenshot Of The Upsells Below.



Upsell #1: Commissions Paid Rapidly ($27).

You will get:

  • Guaranteed approval to promote 6 high converting offers.
  • 30 promotional templates.
  • 30 matching, readily done blog posts.
  • 30 matching, readily done Facebook blog posts.
  • High-quality custom bonuses.
  • 30 days email consultancy.

Upsell #2: Intense Commissions Unleashed ($47).

You will get:

  • The ability to earn instant commission on 3 hot offers.
  • 50 most-opened subject line so far 2017.
  • The double your money method.
  • License rights to promote every single of Ben’s products and keep a 100% of the money.


What I Like About Commission Resurrection

  • Good amount of training for beginners.
  • Some worthwhile insights on getting better results.
  • Easy to follow training videos and system.
  • Good value for money.


What I don’t Like About Commission Resurrection

  • Say you just start making $1,416.07 per day for a newbie is a bit of stretch.
  • Skips over important steps regarding making this actually work.
  • Some information provided can be found online for free.
  • There are much better training options out there.


Who Is Exactly For Commission Resurrection

The program is for anyone who wants to learn the basic of affiliate marketing.

It is more geared towards newbies that are not making a cent online and anyone who wants to add passive $1000 + per day to their online income stream.

If you’re an advanced internet marketer, this might not for you because this is aimed at newer marketers.


Here’s What I Really Think

This product isn’t a scam, in fact, you actually get a lot of value for money to the $19.95 bucks you initially outlay.

Like any other business though, it will take time to learn and build your business. Nothing is ever push-button easy so don’t be fooled by anyone saying it is.

I’m not saying Ben did that but take the online marketing with a grain of salt.

Overall Commission Resurrection is a decent training program, but you may still need further help such as my #1 recommended online business community as it doesn’t answer everything about an online business.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, check out my #1 recommendation below! It will be your one-stop for everything about making money online.

Commission Resurrection At A Glance

Name: Commission Resurrection

Owner: Ben Martin

Website: Commission resurrection

Price: $14.95 + Upsells

Overall Scam Rank: 5 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, Does Not Live Up To The Claims.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Commission Resurrection that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!






2 thoughts on “Is Commission Resurrection A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before Your Buy!”

  1. This is really informative; thanks! From the looks of it, though, is that the information given in Commission Resurrection can be found anywhere else (or a variation of the same type of information).
    But it might be really worth-while for newbies, since the information would be organized in a specific way. The only thing I’m confused about are the ready done blog posts you mentioned: so a number of people using this program will have the same posts if they all go with the ready done ones?

    And I really liked when you said that there is no easy button to learning your business and earning money. That is so true! Starting out your business takes a lot of thought, sweat and tears. I speak from experience haha!

    • Hi Krystle,
      Thanks you are here!
      You will learn only 1 or 2 things with Commissions Resurrection. In my opinion, the done for you blog posts is not a good concept since everyone will use the same blog posts.
      I am completely agree with your point here ‘no easy learning and earning money’. In my all years online world, I never see push button system that make your bank account overflow. So, don’t be fooled by anyone saying that.
      BTW, thanks for share your thought here.


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