Is ClickWorker A Scam? Can You Really Earn $10/Hr Using This Platform?

Is ClickWorker A Scam?


In today’s review, we’re going to look into this new GPT website called ClickWorker. Let’s start.


clickworker review


What Exactly Is A ClickWorker?


ClickWorker is another GPT (Get Paid To) website that asks its users to do micro tasks for a small payment. There are actually a lot of websites that are similar to this, ones that ask its users to do small stuff for a reward. They have been popping all over the internet and there are plenty more being created at the moment. To be fair, the demand for these websites is growing too as many people are constantly on the lookout for any earning opportunities since having a little extra money for everyday use wouldn’t hurt.


ClickWorker is like a third-party provider for surveys. It gathers companies who want to do market research wherein they collect questions for them. Once they’ve done so, they would search their user database for any match to ensure that the answers would reflect the demographic that their client is researching for.


If you are an employer, ClickWorker can offer a range of use, from allowing you to examine the mindset of your demographic to knowing what they want. It depends on how you frame your survey questions. Once you have those answers, you can now formulate a good marketing strategy.


In this review, we’re only going to look into the “worker” side of ClickWorker since that is what most readers here are interested in. However, if you are more interested in becoming an employer, just go to their site and click on their register button. Becoming an employer there is easy. Becoming a worker there is also easy, but there are a lot of things they don’t say before you become one. This review would let you in on their secret. We’re going to cover the entirety of their platform to discuss what it does for its workers. Proceed below for the complete review.


What Are The Available Tasks?


  • Paid Surveys


As I’ve said, this is what they are known for but in actuality, this isn’t even their bread and butter. This is probably the easiest way to earn off ClickWorker. If this is your first time joining a survey site, it’s actually very straightforward. All you have to do is answer the questions and you’re all set.


If you have joined other survey sites, this one’s mostly similar. Just answer the questions to the best of your knowledge because the companies would be using those answers for their market research. You aren’t required to answer them honestly but it would definitely help those companies out.


  • Completing Offers And Promotions


Many companies post their offers and promotions on ClickWorker. To receive rewards, you just have to complete those orders and click the promotion. That’s basically what you will need to do in order to earn rewards.


However, some offers would need your credit card details which isn’t at all recommended. I suggest that you stick to offers and promotions that don’t require your credit card details as the company that you sign up with can use that information for nefarious reasons. ClickWorker will not claim responsibility if you become a victim of identity fraud as a result of working for them, which kind of suck if you think about it.


  • Micro Tasks


This is their bread and butter. This is what their “Get Paid To” tag comes from. This is the first thing you see when you log in to your dashboard but you have to complete your profile first before anything would show up to your dashboard.


Once your profile is completed, your dashboard would display assorted tasks that you are able to do. These tasks will depend on the things you listed in your profile. The tasks that show up on your dashboard will sometimes have a direct relation to the specific industry you chose to work in. If you want to have a lot of available tasks for you, you just have to select the industry that is most popular.


How To Increase Your Qualifications


If you notice that the tasks in your dashboard is a bit lacking for your taste, you can take an assessment test to allow you to be qualified to additional jobs. Basically, you will be tested using two methods – base and project-specific assessments.


The base qualification assessment will give you a general exam that would allow people to see how you would perform on your current and future jobs. Project assessments on the other hand will check if you have other qualifications that can be used for other projects besides the category you’re currently in. Of course, you would have to pass the exam in order to unlock other job categories. The assessment exams are repeatable though so don’t sweat it if you don’t pass it the first time around.


How To Get Paid?


ClickWorker uses Euro. Everything you will earn from this website will be in Euro, even if you sign up in a place where the main currency isn’t Euro. You just have to deal with it. Pray that you have a good conversion rate because you would surely need it.


They use Paypal as their main payment option but they also use MoneyBooker as an option, in case that’s the one you prefer. If you opt to use Paypal, you won’t have to worry about converting your Euro to whichever currency you want. Paypal will do that for you but you would be using their conversion rate which changes from day-to-day.


The minimum balance required before you can request a withdrawal is $10. That would be about $9, which is a bit confusing because why even use a Dollar cut-off when their main currency of choice is Euro.


How Much Can You Make Using This Platform?


Their website would lead you to believe that you can earn well over $10 an hour. However, that isn’t true at all. Take note of their usage of the word “CAN EARN” because technically, you can earn that much, but you have to have a constant supply of micro tasks and survey questions to answer before you can earn that much. I know that getting a constant stream of task is certainly not possible, not unless you’re the only one that is answering. So, overall, their claim is mostly false. It’s plausible, yes, but entirely improbable.


Honest Thoughts About ClickWorker


  • Free-for-all


This website is a free-for-all platform that caters to anyone. Anyone can have the opportunity to earn extra money using this website. The only real qualification is you be at least 18 years old.


  • Customer service support


Another good thing about this company is it has a dedicated customer support for all its users. This means that whenever you have an issue, you can easily contact their support to help straighten out any of your problems.


  • Limited job offers depending on your location


Some jobs are geo-tagged which means that they are only available for users on a certain location. This can hinder your job hunting if you reside in an area that isn’t on demand.


  • Inconsistent pay


There’s a huge inconsistency with the amount they pay for their tasks. There isn’t a set standard for each of their tasks. For instance, the pay range for their survey can be anywhere from $10 to $0.75 which is a huge range. Obviously, the higher-paying surveys/tasks are harder to get into.


  • Available on mobile


ClickWorker is available as a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. This is good news if you are always on the go.


Final Verdict


ClickWorker is a legitimate program, there’s no doubt about it. It pays its users for completing small tasks that don’t actually require much thinking.


The available tasks depend on your profile but there are certain ways that would help you extend your reach. You can do that by taking tests and assessments to show-off your skills.


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