Is Clicks Dealer A Scam? Is It A Legit Money-Making Opportunity?

Is Clicks Dealer A Scam?



I’ve been receiving many emails lately regarding a product that’s been popping up everywhere especially on the most popular social media platforms. I was intrigued by the product to tell you the truth but not a lot of information is available about it on the internet. Naturally, I did what every reviewer should do and did the research myself. I did a lot of digging on this company to find out whether it’s worth my time or not. The result is in and it may very well shock you – and that’s not a kind of clickbait. There’s actually something about this product that you should know about before you invest, and I will discuss it on the sections down below. The name of the product is Clicks Dealer and if you’re still reading, I am only getting started. I am about to do a comprehensive review of this product to determine if it’s worth its price or not. Is it a scam? You’ll know soon enough.


What Exactly Is Clicks Dealer?


Clicks Dealer is a new kind of online platform that allows you to buy banner ads and earn every time a person clicks on that banner. The banners are pre-installed on the websites and all you have to do is select which ones you like the most or the ones you think would get better click-rates. The better the click rates of the banner ads you chose, the better your earnings will be.


Clicks Dealer refers to them as an Advertising Marketplace which they claim would allow their users to be a part of a big online advertising network. Basically, their users will have the power to trade banner ads with bigger companies they are a partner with. According to them, you will start earning a commission as soon as you buy a company’s ad banner.


Does that make sense?


Well, me too. I actually still don’t understand how this system supposedly works. It throws everything I know about advertising out of the window. In their own words, their users will buy a banner and it gets put into third-party websites, then when a visitor clicks on them, they earn a commission. It’s that simple – it actually isn’t. In the next part, I will discuss how the system REALLY works and what are the things they aren’t telling you about.


Who Is The Man Behind Clicks Dealer?


This is actually their first red flag. Little is known on who is the real owner of the company but upon careful digging, I found out that they are owned entirely by Click2sell Limited, which coincidentally, is also the owners of many other Scam Products I’ve reviewed before. In other words, their parent company is known for producing clear scams, and it looks like this product here isn’t any different.


One of the first things that I research about the company is the name/s of the owner/s because that already tells you a lot about the product. A reputable company should not have a problem showing who the real owners are because they got nothing to hide. Simply disclosing the very basic owner information is the bare minimum any company should do in order to boost their trustworthiness. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t do that. Instead, it hides its ownership through carefully manipulated registration details. You actually wouldn’t be able to find useable registration information about this company even if you try.


How Does The System Really Works?


If you go by their explanation, you wouldn’t get that far because their explanation is rather vague. They claim that all you have to do is purchase a banner ad and you’re all set. That does not actually make a lot of sense if you think about it. If it’s that much easy to score a few bucks, then everyone would be doing it, but I digress.


Here’s how the system supposedly works.


You will need to sign up and pay an initial amount of $250 before you can start using the program. Before you can become a full member, you must provide several information like your name, email address, telephone number, and address to make sure that you are a real person. Once they get your information, a Clicks Dealer representative will call you and, for a lack of a better word, pressure you into buying their more expensive programs.


They would tell you that the $250 would only get you into the bronze program, which then they would say isn’t their best offering. They would then introduce you to their first upsell would cost a whopping $7,999. This is their very first red flag, but there are more. I’ll discuss those in a bit.


The Red Flags


  • The price per click


The price per click varies from banner to banner, because of the position and area of the banner. The bigger the banner is, the better its clickrate is going to be – that’s just how it is. However, at the time of this writing, the going rate per click is just $0.005, which is an obscenely small amount. If you want to earn at least a dollar, you will need to have 2000 clicks for that banner ad alone. That is actually very difficult since a respectable chunk of internet browsers already has their ad blockers. Let’s say that the click rate is 1%, which is already on the high side – this means that you will need 200,000 views on the page per day just to earn a dollar per day. That’s insane.


  • No way of verifying your banners even exist


You are basically buying banners that are already in play before you get into the program. However, they will not tell you the exact details of your banners. In other words, you will have no idea if your banners are even there at all. For a company that wants you to fork over at least $250, this level of transparency is simply absurd.


  • Tons of upsells


As I’ve said above, they will require that you give your personal information and once you do, they will call you immediately, pushing you to buy their more expensive items. What’s worse is they would request your passport picture along with a government ID. This seems like a questionable move especially if the company itself will not even provide information on all your transactions.


  • Withdrawing your funds is difficult


The name of the game here is to sell your banners to other members to earn money. But what they don’t tell you about it is their system is designed as an “all or nothing” platform. What I mean by this is you have to sell all your banners in order to withdraw any of your earnings. If you have a fund of perhaps a $1000 to your name, you can’t access that money unless you sell off all your banners. This is by design and a deliberate attempt to lock you out of your money.


  • No money back guarantee


No where in the contract would you see a money-back guarantee. This means that once you gets suckered into the program, your only choice to get out of it is to forego your investment, or sell banners, and hopefully, earning a good percentage of what you invested in. Overall, this is not a good way to invest your money at all.


Honest Verdict


It’s pretty obvious what I’m going to say about this program – this is clearly a SCAM!


While it’s not an obvious scam like many other platforms I’ve reviewed in the past, it is still a clever scam, no doubt about it. They make their description of their programs pretty vague and too complicated to understand when the truth is, they just don’t want you to read them. They rely on their outrageous claims to sell you the platform. But if you look closely enough, you will find out that none of those claims are even true.


This is such a bogus way to make money online. You’re better off trying anything else. But if you truly are interested in making legit money online, you should head over to my review section and click randomly on one of my reviews to see what would work for you.


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