Is Click Clone Cash A Scam? The Unsurprising Answer Here

Is Click Clone Cash A Scam? The Unsurprising Answer Here


click clone cash review


Hello and welcome to my Click Clone Cash review!


Perhaps you have come across this program when you are browsing your favorite social media sites. Maybe it got you wondering if their claims of “easy online money” is indeed true. That’s probably the reason you are here, searching for answers if Click Clone Cash is indeed what it claims to be.


Lucky for you, I am just the right guy to give you an answer. See, I’ve been reviewing internet money-making programs for years now. In fact, I get most of my income from the internet, which sort of makes me an expert on this sort of thing. I can easily spot scams once I get to take a good look at them. It’s pretty easy, too, if you know what to look for.


Today, we’re going to look into this relatively new program called Click Clone Cash. I am going to help you determine if this program is right for you or not.


What Is Click Clone Cash?


Click Clone Cash is simply put, a web-hosting service created by Josh Owens. The name is derived from a simplified description of how the program works. According to Owens, you simply have to “Click. Clone A Website. And Expect Cash,” hence the name.


It’s pretty obvious that this product is going to be a dud. I am telling you that now because it’s pretty obvious right from the start.


Web hosting, in case you are not familiar with it, is like a storage service that allows your website to be viewed on the internet. This is the simplest way I can put it.


This program claims to give you access to its web hosting servers for a fee, of course. You then need to clone websites into their servers, for a fee, again. Then you just wait for the cash to flow into your pockets. Does that sound absurd? Yes? Because it absolutely is. That’s not the way things work on the internet. You can’t just clone a website and expect passive income like that.


The Man Behind Click Clone Cash


If you go to their website, you will learn the name of the creator of the program which is Josh Owens. If you dig deep enough, you will discover that Josh Owens is in fact not even his real name. His real name is actually Tim Atkinson.


I won’t dive into the details but Tim Atkinson is known round these parts as a prolific internet marketing program creator. Now, you may think of that as a good thing, but let me tell why it’s not. Tim is known for pumping out numerous programs without actually aiming to make them successful. Instead, his aim is to collect investments through these programs then disappear as soon as he catches heat. He already did this several times and there’s no reason for me to think that he’ll never do it again.


At the time of this writing, Click Clone Cash is still active but is always experiencing down time. Now, I wonder why that is?


How Does Click Clone Cash Actually Work?


The mechanism behind the working of this program remains a mystery. Even if you become a member, no one would actually tell you anything. Their website as a resource is not going to be fruitful because they are as vague as they can be, and that’s on purpose.


If we go by their words, this website basically gives you the means to host websites. You then have to clone several landing pages and you’re good to go. That’s literally all they say on their website. You can’t possibly be any vaguer than that?


I have a theory that they purposely trying to keep everything as vague as possible because the product doesn’t actually work. They just throw out these ridiculous claims about money so people would get invested enough to join.


How Much Does Click Clone Cash Cost?


To give you perspective, the cost of real web hosting can be from as little as $4/month to around maybe $10/month. It can go up, of course, but for the most part, a budget of $4 – $10 would suffice.


Click Clone Cash costs $90 per 6 months which comes at around $15/month. It’s not that much higher than the upper limit of $10 but it is still 50% more expensive. If you compare it to the lower limit of $4/month, it’s basically 4x as expensive. That’s not good at all considering that you will not really get anything good in return here.


Click Clone Cash Obvious Tells


It’s actually pretty easy to tell that Click Clone Cash is a dud product. First off, one of their claims is they can help you earn $100,000/month. And they GUARANTEE it! That’s absurd. No matter how good the program is, a good rule is to never guarantee anything ridiculous, and this program makes it, and so easily at that. It’s as if it doesn’t actually plan on doing any of its promises.


click clone cash scam


The second tell is the fake testimonials. I am no stranger to spotting fake testimonials. You don’t even have to actively look for them because they show themselves quite easily. There’s just something fake about them that makes them stand out.


For Click Clone Cash, they hire actors to portray professional-looking testimonials. This is quite a popular tactic used by many scam artists. They usually find their actors on Fiverr and other similar websites. After a while, you can sometimes even recognize the same people on all scam products out there.


Another thing that set off my SCAM Alert is the fact that Tim Atkinson is no stranger to scams. His first couple of ventures ended out poorly – not for him but for his clients. He seemingly disappeared into the wind leaving his clients behind. That explains the change of name and another launch of the program.


Who Can Use Click Clone Cash?


Obviously, after my justified rant above, I am not going to recommend this program to anyone.


But for those who are still interested in this program, I don’t know what to tell you. There are plenty of better alternatives out there. I’ve reviewed close to 600 programs and I would place this program near the bottom because of how awful it is.


But to answer the question – the people that would benefit greatly on this product are those who want to spend their money for the sake of it. If you are a type of guy that spends money on absolutely useless stuff, then this product is perfect for you.


The Obvious Verdict – Is This Product Scam?


It’s pretty obvious that this program is in fact a HUGE SCAM.


There’s no surprise in this. There are far too many obvious signs that you simply can’t ignore, from a questionable creator to their extra ridiculous claims! The tells are endless. If someone actually bought this product because of their claims, that is on them.


A product that has a claim as ridiculous as $100,000/month guaranteed should not be able to lure anyone on their right mind. I have a feeling their claim is made so ridiculous so the people that get lured in are the most gullible ones. Think of it as a more upscale version of the Nigerian Prince scam.


My overall recommendation for this program is, you guessed it, avoid it at all costs!


Now, I don’t want you to leave this website empty-handed….


I know that the main reason you came here is that you are looking to earn some extra money and that I can help you with. In my years as a product reviewer, there have only been several programs that I can truly say are deserving of my recommendation.


I wish I can so much more about this program but that would ruin the surprise, I think. If you want to learn more about this affiliate program I’ve been using, just click here – My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Program.







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