Is CB Passive Income Scam? Or Is It The Real Deal?

Is CB Passive Income Scam

Is CB Passive Income Scam?

If you do a quick research on CP Passive Income, you will quickly be redirected to several websites claiming to help you earn using this product. Well, the next question then is are those tips legit? Can you really make money by using this program? To be honest, the answer is a lot more complicated. Of course, you can earn money online using similar programs, but you have to get a program that suits you and your skills well.


Today, we are going to look into the CB Passive Income Program to see if it is indeed worth the price of admission. Is it a legit program? Is it a scam? Or maybe a little both of both? As with all affiliate marketing products, there are some that are worth more than others. Finding the best ones can mean the difference between earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars in passive income. It is definitely in your interest to get the best products the market is able to offer.


How Does It Work?


One of the major features of CB Passive Income is it allows you to almost automate much of its process. This is great if you are in a time-constraint. However, if you like to have full control of every part of your business, this program may not be suitable for you.


Much like any other affiliate program out there, your main goal is to send traffic to a landing page that is created by CB Passive Income. The site will usually offer gifts or vouchers to first-time visitors. If a visitor gives out his/her email address using your affiliate link, their email address will be registered under you. When they buy a product from CB Passive Income, you will get a commission.


This business model is easy enough to understand and it is similar to how most affiliate programs work. The only major difference here is you are only responsible for sending the traffic to the site instead of being responsible for all things related to the site, from creating the landing page and preliminary promotion of the product.


Is CB Passive Income A Scam?


Basically, what you just need to focus on is getting your affiliate site enough traffic to warrant a sale. However, this has several implications. Firstly, the affiliate site needs to be good enough to lure people in. Take note that you are not responsible for their content which means you are ultimately putting your trust on the quality of their product.


Therefore, if you think that their product is not good enough, then it isn’t for you, but that’s what we’re here for. We will help you decide if CB Passive Income is indeed worth your time.


I am confident enough to say that I am somewhat of an authority when it comes to affiliate marketing programs. I’ve reviewed hundreds of affiliate programs (you can view my other reviews here) and what I’ve found great programs along the way. One program that stood out against all the rest is this program.


Training Program – What to Expect


It’s not much different than your average affiliate program landing page. You have a member’s area where there’s an introduction video to help you familiarize with the program.


One key thing though, and it is a requirement – you need a Clickbank account in order to gain access to this program. Without a Clickbank account, you cannot use the program but all is good since it’s free to create a Clickbank account.


After logging in, you need to fill your profile with details and information about yourself. After that’s all done, they will send the links to your account. You can now then send traffic to the landing pages you were given. If you want to watch the training videos, you are free to do so. They promote three different ways to increase the traffic for your site.


Their Recommended Three Methods to Get Traffic


If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you will find that their videos are very informative and educational. However, if you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while now, you can skip the training and proceed with your routine. If you already have a proven method of generating traffic to an affiliate site, by all means, use that technique. In any case, feel free to use their recommended strategies if you are still undecided what to do.


Video Marketing/Youtube Traffic


Instead of using written content to lead traffic to their landing pages, it will be through videos. Your videos don’t need you to star in them. You can create videos using just text as long as you create interesting graphs or illustrations to help your viewers understand the product more clearly.


Is CB Passive Income Scam?


Paid Ads


You can use Google Ads to promote their landing page but you need to at least be knowledgeable in using Google Pay Per Click Ads to make it worth your while. You can also use other search engines if you want to. Bing Ads is becoming a safe choice for many online marketers because it offers great rates. You may not get much traffic on it compared to Google but the quality of leads you get more than makes up for the lack of traffic this search engine gets.

Is CB Passive Income A Scam?


Solo Advertisement


This is more of a free-for-all kind of advertisement. You just use whatever method you think is best, as long as you can keep sending traffic to their landing page. The cheapest way to do it is by sending out emails using your personal list and hoping they would click through thus earning you a commission.


Issues with Using CB Passive Income


You basically have three steps when trying to make a sale using an affiliate marketing program.


  • You create a program that you think will sell easily
  • Make a landing page
  • Market your page by sending all kinds of traffic to it


CB Passive Income boasts that it automates the whole process for you, making you only responsible for the last step which is sending traffic to the landing page. While this may seem like a sweet deal, it actually isn’t. You’re actually getting the short end of the bargain because sending traffic is the most intensive part of the whole process.


Patric Chan makes it seem like he’s giving you a freebie by providing you premade landing pages when the fact is, you’re tasked with the hardest part of it all. Ever heard of the saying, “the hardest part of making a sale is making them walk through the door”? If you have, then you probably know where I’m going with this.


Sending traffic to the site has the potential to actually cost you more money. The commission you then get from the sales would not be enough to cover your expenses. This can become a vicious cycle in which you’re still learning but it’s barely enough to cover your expenses.


The better way of doing your affiliate marketing is by removing Patric Chan on the equation altogether. Create everything and take all the profit for yourself instead of just relying on commission.


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How Much For The Program?


There are a few upsells in this program – meaning that you will be given several options but with different costs. Of course, the more features you get, the more expensive it’s going to get.


The starting price just comes out at $47 per month or a lifetime fee of $497. If you pay for the basic program, you will be offered three additional packages with bonuses, which you may find annoying.


Once you have paid, they will send access to your account within 24 hours.


If you are in any way, unhappy with this product, they are offering 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked. This shows that they are somehow confident in the product they’re peddling. If you are on the fence on trying out this product, you can just buy it for a few weeks and if you’re not satisfied with it, ask for a refund. I’m not saying that you go ahead and do that, but if you want to, it’s easily done.


The Verdict – Is CB Passive Income Scam?


If you’ve read my post up to this point, you probably know the answer. It is indeed not a scam. However, that still does not tell the whole story. The better question would be “Is CB Passive Income worth my money?”


If that’s your question, then I have a lot more to say.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a program is whether or not it can make you money. While many affiliate programs could make you money, some of them aren’t worth your time because they pay so little and require so much of your time. What you need is a program that delivers quality results without hurting your wallet.


Unfortunately, this program isn’t it. Yes, you can earn money through this program but the claims of the sites are somewhat misleading and can even be considered as “too good to be true.” Patric Chan promises to give you plenty of leads but under-delivers on all of them. There’s a good chance that you will spend more money and time than what you can potentially earn. Notice that I use the word “potentially” because there’s an even bigger chance that you won’t make money at all.

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