Is Cash Sniper A Scam – What They Don’t Want You To Know

Is Cash Sniper A Scam


Is Cash Sniper Scam?


It’s not rare for me to find affiliate programs that claim to help you earn ridiculous sums of money in a very short time frame. Today, we’re going to look into another one of those companies that claim to do just that, earn ridiculous sums of money in a very short time. That company is called Cash Sniper. You may have heard of it because of its aggressive marketing campaigns in the most popular social media platforms. It is quickly amassing users from all around the world and many of them still don’t fully understand this program. I am here to help, so without further ado, here’s my review of the Cash Sniper System.


Whenever I review affiliate marketing programs, I always do a quick look at the company’s profile to make sure everything seems okay. Usually, even during my first look, I can spot irregularities on the company and this makes me want to know more about it, sometimes even spending my time researching if the program is indeed a scam. More often than not, I am usually right in my first assessment because there are many big signs that point out to the program being a scam. I’ve been discussing these signs in many of my articles but in this article, we’ll go over it again once more because this certain company has been showing many of these symptoms.


What Is Cash Sniper?


Ray Pickard, the creator of Cash Sniper, claims that you can easily make $3,500 when you avail of their program. The word “opportunity to earn” is used, and is actually a clever move because what this means is, he isn’t actually guaranteeing you to earn money. Instead, what he gives you is an opportunity to earn $3,500 today. This is a good play on words and can be used by him to refute any claims of fraud if need be.


Cash Sniper is a new Clickbank product that is currently being hyped as one of the better products this year. It claims to have an automated system that will help you earn money almost instantly. One of its sales pitches is you will only need to work 20 – 30 minutes each day but earn up to $3,500 per day.


After the initial introduction into how their system work, you will be offered a series of tools to use for your new online business. You will also be asked to sign up for a webinar to help you get started. Overall, it seems pretty straight forward as many companies have done it this way for many years now.


Are Their Claims True?


I’m no stranger to ridiculous claims especially on affiliate marketing products but their claim of $3,500 today is a bit absurd. First off, they claim that what they have is almost a fully-automated system that will net you $3,500 today, with almost no effort whatsoever – and this is quite problematic. You see, this would only attract people who want to earn money quick. These kinds of people do not do proper research and just buy whatever they found intriguing outright.


is cash sniper scam


Best Things About Cash Sniper


The best thing about Cash Sniper is without a doubt its price. Their package starts at just $9. If you are not familiar with how affiliate programs are priced today, this is considered very low. Most people you know can spare $9 easily and that’s what makes this product so enticing. You will only need to spend $9 to have the potential to earn $3500. But then again, that is their claim but if it is indeed true, that is quite a return on your investment.


Another thing that’s great about this product is the instructional PDFs and webinars they give out their members. I went ahead and bought a membership to test it out (I only did because the product is so competitively priced and have a money-back guarantee, more on this later). I was given a set of PDF files that give out useful information about the product and how to build your online business. Additionally, you will be given access to webinar videos. The videos have a generic feel to them but if you listen and watch the entire thing, you will be surprised at how helpful they are. The tips they give out are very simple but are proven to work.


Just like any other Clickbank product available, this product also has a money-back guarantee. For whatever reasons you may have, you can request a refund of your purchase, no questions asked. This is a given for all Clickbank products but it bears repeating because very few people actually use the money-back guarantee even if they found no use for the product they bought.


Worst Things About Cash Sniper


Without a doubt, the worst thing about Cash Sniper is their baseless claim of $3,500. I dare anyone in the world to present my any kind of product, from any industry, that guarantee this much money in one day and I will double this amount for them. It is simply not possible. There’s just too much information to learn in one day.


Let’s say that you are able to watch all the webinars and read through all the PDFs and one day, you can’t possibly be able to retain all that information to heart. Even if you did, one day isn’t enough to realize all the things you’ve learned. Hell, setting up a webpage would take almost an entire day. Bottom line is, this claim is simply not possible, under any circumstances.


Upsells. In the ‘pros’ section above, I said that one of the best things about this product is the relatively low price of $9. Apparently, that is somehow misleading because you will be getting some upsells as soon as you buy the product. Their first upsell is worth $197. That’s quite the jump from $9 and that’s not even their only upsell. They have 2 more upsells that would amount to more than $260. Imagine buying a product for $9 and only getting a tiny portion of it. The only way to access every feature is to buy the whole package which is priced more than 10 times what you originally paid for. That simply is not right.


Another problem with this product is most of their claims are misleading. As I’ve told you, earning $3,500 today is simply not possible. Even the best salesperson on the earth can’t have a newbie earning this much money in a very short amount of time.


A Quick Comparison To Another Product


To give you a simple idea of what you are getting from this product, I’ve compared it to one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there. A simple look at this would allow you to see how it stacks up to the best.


But then again, you need to keep in mind that this product is priced at $9. And for that price, you are getting some very good information about the industry. That’s not a lot of money and you can do a lot worse than that. Overall, I don’t think this product is overpriced (when you don’t consider the upsells).




The simple answer to the question, “Is Cash Sniper A Scam?” — NO.


It is not a scam. Not by a longshot. It is actually a really cool program if you factor in the price. Sure, there are some misleading claims about the potential earning but many companies do this, just on varying levels. I’m not going to lie, this company maybe went a bit too far on their misleading claims. But overall, the product is priced very competitively, apart from the upsells, of course.


In any case, if you are looking to dip your toes into affiliate marketing, this product should be a good starting point. Its main selling point is the $9 price tag. However, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, you should definitely skip this program and opt for something else. Let’s be real here, all the information on the training and PDFs they presented are just basic information. If you’ve trained for one affiliate marketing program, then you already have an idea of what to expect.


If you are looking for something else entirely, one that offers more than just your basic training, you should read my other reviews of online money making schemes. Even better if you check my review of the most raved about affiliate marketing program on the planet. It’s one of the most recommended products out there and that actually tells a lot because there are literally millions of affiliate marketing products out there.


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