Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam? ( Not Really, But There’s a Big Redflag!)

Is Bulletproof Profits a scam? Not Really, But There’s a Big Redflag!



Recently, I came across the Bulletproof Profits site through a random email a spammer sent me. This interested me to know what this Bulletproof Profits is all about.


I am sure I am not the only person who loves reviewing different “make money” programs. These days, there are many various programs, and you might fall into a trap if you are not sure whether a program is legit or just a scam.


I am going to use this Bulletproof Profits review to help answer two significant questions which are, is Bulletproof Profits a scam or not? And how do Bulletproof Profits work?


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What’s Bulletproof Profits?

Bulletproof profits is a new ClickBank product that claims to help people generate money with just seven simple clicks. It is a training platform for Amazon FBA, which is Fulfillment by Amazon.


The system assists you because the inventory and the shipping work is done by Amazon, but for a fee.


On the membership area, there are affiliate links which if you click and purchase something, you might make money. This means that you can use this system to make money online quickly.


Here’s a screenshot of Member’s Area.


Bulletproof Profits member's area


What I Liked about Bulletproof Profits.

The following are the things that I like about Bulletproof Profits;


  • 60-day return policy
    Since this product is sold through Clickbank, members are entitled to a total refund for sixty days, without any hustle. However, I wouldn’t recommend people to request for the refund on the Bulletproof Profits website.


What I Didn’t Like about Bulletproof Profits.

You should not be surprised to know that this program has several red flags, considering its issues. I have discussed some of the reflags that I have discovered and collected from customer complaints. They are the following;


  • Fake owners
    According to the sales video, Sean Tyler is the creator and the founder of this program. However, I have discovered that he is not the real owner. The fact that the actual creator does not want to put their name out there or promote the product openly suggests that the product is inferior. Before you start working with any product, check to see whether there are a real face and person attached to it.


  • Easy cut and paste method
    From the information I have collected about this make money program, I have learned that it has an easy cut and paste method. However, one is supposed to get suspicious after being told that you don’t need to do a lot of work to earn money. You can cut and paste another person’s work and start making money immediately. If it is that easy, then why is everyone not doing it?


  • It is quite impossible to make $3,750 in 7 clicks
    This program promises you a lot of cash. However, after going through their training, I have discovered that there is no way you can make that huge amount of money in such a short time. The management is ready to make big promises to members on the sales page to attract new customers.


  • Expect upsells
    Another red flag that needs to be pointed out is the real cost of this program. The issue of upsells is not discussed in the training video. All they say is that you need to invest is nine dollars, and you start earning money. However, this is the wrong information. Once you visit their affiliate page, you discover that the company is paying $250 per sale made on every product to people who promote it. In my opinion, it is not right to spend your hard-earned money on various upgrades so that you can move forward on a program.


  • They use paid actors to give fake success stories
    The people who give stories about how they have made money using this program are liars. One person said that they were making $1,000 in a month from this program and he looked like a spokesman who was reading from a script. Even the testimonial videos provided are bogus.


Who it is for

Bulletproof Profits is most appropriate for the people who have very little experience with Amazon FBA. When a person sees this information for the first time, they tend to think that it is helpful and useful.


Bulletproof Profits Training and Tool Overview

I can describe bulletproof profits as a PDF and video training course that shows people how to make money on Amazon by using “private labeling” in combination with “Amazon FBA.”


In private labeling, the member is required to source the products directly from the manufacturer and sell them under their own brand.


On the other hand, Amazon FBA means that a person sells their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in bulk. After you sell your products online, these centers ship the items to the customers.


The whole idea of Bulletproof Profits is to identify products that are being sold on Amazon and then market and sell them more effectively under your own brand, at a higher price so that you can make a profit.


One thing that I liked about this business model is that you can automate the process to make it passive, due to the FBA element.


The Bulletproof Profits business model is reasonable. However, the training they provide to new clients is far from it. All they give you is a few training videos and PDF files.


However, I am going to take you through all the steps required for you to make money online through this system.


Money making programs such as Bulletproof Profits have a low price upfront but load you with upsell once you get to the member’s area. There are two main upsells that Bulletproof Profits has;


Upsell 1: Bulletproof profit Turbo ($197)

This is where you pay money and you are given the top-secret Amazon methods that will help you create traffic.


Upsell2: Bulletproof paydays ($145)

Here, you are told to pay money, and you will make ten times your money faster.
On the membership area, you will find the following waiting for you.


Bulletproof Profits training course


Level 1 course

This level is the core of Bulletproof Profits. It is all about Fulfillment by Amazon.


Beginners are given several videos that are two to eight minutes long. They contain information on how to sell products on Amazon under your brand.


Apart from the concept of making money online from private labeling, the level also contains specific information such as how to choose the right products to sell, how to find a profitable target market, how to scale your business and beat your competition.


The focus is assisting members in setting up their seller accounts, get approved and get shipping tips.


Level 2 course

This level also consists of a dozen videos about how one can use the keyboard in Amazon to promote and sell their products. The videos also teach you how to get good reviews by using social media strategies and Google ads.


The main focus is on Amazon search, Amazon ads, Amazon’s recommendation system and creating a high converting listing page.


I once read a story about a person who made $50, 000 per month in a whole year by selling products on Amazon. It shows that you can make good money if you are serious about business.


10x sales profit

I can describe this as a general course on selling. Some of the topics focused on include pricing strategies, SEO and selling online, creating the perfect sales page, effective copywriting that sells and free traffic sources.


Bonus strategies

This part of the course teaches new members how to source for their Amazon FBA business successfully. The main areas where you can do this include local auctions, online auctions, police auctions, storage unit auctions, and coupons.


10K Affiliate plan

Basically, this section is about how to make money as an Amazon affiliate. You also get fifteen more videos in addition to the PDF that explains the basics.


These videos mainly focus on niche selection, getting traffic, selecting the right products to promote and climbing to 10K and more.


Passive income methods

In this section, you learn how to make money using YouTube, Instagram, Bitcoin, Kindle, and Affiliate marketing. It contains topics such as using keyword software, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting traffic from Pinterest and using Facebook bots.


Wealth Hypnosis

At this section, you will find audios and videos that will help you meditate so that you can get enough sleep and start building wealth.


Income Maximiser

This is a bonus section for the beginners.


Bulletproof Profits has Several Features.


The following are some of the notable ones:


60-day money back guarantee

One of the best things about this money making program is the refund policy. Members can get their money back within sixty days from the day they made the initial purchase.


Additionally, their strategy is unique. Customers are given two options when getting a refund; to either go through Bulletproof Profits or through the Clickbank Network that hosts this system. It is essential to note that the work of the Clickbank is just hosting the program.


Therefore, they can issue the refund without any issue, unlike the support team who might fail to honor your request. However, if you have any problems with the products that you are selling, you have to seek assistance from the Bulletproof Profit support.


PDF training

As I have mentioned before, beginners are also offered PDF training lessons through PDF. You will be allowed to access these immediately after you pay the $9. Their role is to help you understand what FBA is and how to leverage it.


The PDFs also have some information on affiliate marketing by using Amazon Associates. If you grab this information well, you can make money online through this method.


However, I have to admit that the training is poorly realized and outdated because the information is at least four years old. A lot of things have changed in that period.


FBA videos

This is another feature that comes with Bulletproof Profits. However, these videos are also outdated.


If you are interested in Amazon FBA, I would advise you to check recent videos on YouTube and Google search. You will get educated, and you will not have to spend your nine bucks.


Even if Bulletproof Profits is based on a legitimate model for making money, I think that the general nature of the content on the membership area is not enough to help new members meet the high earning claims made on the sales page.


Bulletproof Profits Support Service.

From my research, I have discovered that Bulletproof Profits offers some necessary support. On their website, they have an email that customers can use to contact the management about a refund or any other issue.


According to the customer support system, it only takes around twenty-four to forty-eight hours for them to respond to customers.


In case you have joined the system, and you think that it is not the right way to earn your money, you can contact Clickbank support to try and get your money back.


The Price to Join Bulletproof Profits

The price of Bulletproof Profits is quite reasonable. New clients only need approximately $9 to get access to the base package.


With the little money that you have, you can make a good purchase. You also need to incur the cost of value-added tax, and three upsells that are presented to you after your first purchase.


However, high-ticket products are optional, and you can choose not to pay for them.


My Final Opinion: Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam?

I think that Bulletproof Profits is a borderline scam that everyone should avoid. I would not recommend Bulletproof Profits to anyone.


It is correct to say that Amazon FBA is an excellent way of making money. However, if this so-called money-making program is your first exposure to the FBA, then you should be sure that your view is going to be spoilt.


They fool people into believing that they will change their life by paying $9. But all they want is to start making money from you once you get to the member’s area. Additionally, there are many complaints and negative reviews about this program all over the internet.


Therefore, I would advise people to look for honest and more reliable methods of making a living online.


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