Is Builderall A Scam? Is This Platform The Real Deal?

Is Builderall A Scam?

Builderall is it a scam

Product Name: Builderall

Price: $0 – $69.90

Rating: 6.6 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, it’s a neat product but offers nothing new to the game. Many of the information you find inside the course can easily be found using a quick search on the internet.


Because of the current pandemic, plenty of industries have ground to a halt, resulting in millions of people losing their jobs. Because of this, plenty of people are looking for ways to make money, and a good majority of them are turning into the internet.

Looking for ways to earn through the internet is not a novel thing. In fact, it’s where the majority of job hunters are using when looking for a job.

In today’s review, we’re going to look into a company that claims to help its users earn money online by teaching them the proper way to do it. The name of the company is Builderall. Let’s start now.


What Exactly Is Builderall?

Builderall is a digital marketing platform that is relatively new in the game. It was founded in 2011 and relaunched in 2017, making it a somewhat newer company, especially when compared to other digital platforms of its kind.

Think of Builderall as a course for internet marketers that teaches them how to make money online by making the right investments. Builderall claims to help its members navigate the internet and make wise decisions with regards to investing money in it.

Another big part of their business model is the affiliate marketing side. This is probably where most of your potential income will come through. You earn a commission by referring people into the program. This is one of the oldest models of sales marketing and the fact that it’s still being used today proves it to be a legitimate marketing strategy.


How Exactly Does Builderall Work?

Builderall claims to be an all-in-one internet marketing platform that provides marketing tools targeted for small business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking to get their brand recognized on the internet.

One of the key components of Builderall is its focus on leveraging online presence. As I’ve said above, it’s a training course for small business owners to help them grow their business into something more profitable. As Builderall claims, the way to do that now is by boosting your online presence, which is arguably true given this internet age.

How exactly does it work is a bit vague but the theory behind is solid. Basically, it provides you with the tools along with a course to help you increase your market share bit by bit until you achieve a steady growth that you are happy with. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting out since that is the most critical part of starting a business.


Builderall Categories

When you become a member of their program, you will be given access to their main 5 categories. These are the categories that they deem the most important in actually growing your business.


Within these 5 categories, you will find plenty more subcategories that aim to divide or specify each section more distinctly. There are more than 30 subcategories in total and each of which are discussed at length.

Builderall aims to provide its users with all the knowledge necessary to grow their business. Now, you may be asking the next question – is it worth it? We’ll answer that in the next section.


Who Can Benefit From Builderall?

Builderall is designed with small business owners and entrepreneurs in mind. It was created to help them jumpstart their business. Far too many new businesses fail not because of their lack of quality but because of their lack of marketing. With the right marketing, even mediocre products can create a buzz, and that’s what the goal of the company is for you.

Granted, availing of this platform does not necessarily mean that you will succeed in your business venture. There are still many factors to consider but this many be enough to nudge you in the right direction when it comes to your business.

The next question for you now is if this product is worth getting. We’ll discuss that in the next section.


How Much Does Builderall Costs?

I will post below a screenshot of their packages. You can use this product for free but it’s a bit gimped in features. You can still learn a lot from the free package but it’s not enough to actually grow your business.

Compared to other internet marketing platform, they seem to be at the mid-level when it comes to pricing, with $19.90 being their cheapest package, and $69.90 being their most expensive.

Obviously, the higher tier you go on their package, the more features you unlock. You can also consider their cheapest option to work for smaller companies. If you are a bigger company, you might want to go for their most expensive package.


Builderall Affiliate Program – Referral Program

Now, apart from earning money through the use of internet marketing techniques that this course provides, you can also earn extra money by referring people to this program.

This is not an unusual offer for many internet courses. In fact, it’s one of the better ways to make money on them. You refer people into the program and you get a commission every time you do. If you manage to make a good landing page and be a convincing voice for this product, you can earn a good passive income.



Honest Thoughts About Builderall

In this section, we are going to list all the good and bad things about this product. Doing it this way will give you a better idea of what this product is all about, and if it’s worth getting. If you like what you see in the pros section, perhaps it will be a great fit for you. If not, then go for the alternatives (which I will give out near the end of this review).


  • It comes with plenty of tools that look to be useful for new businesses
  • They offer their products for free
  • Compared to other internet marketing platforms, it’s not that expensive
  • It has a robust referral program
  • It’s being updated all the time to keep up with the internet


  • You may find some of their tools useless
  • Some features are added for the sake of increasing numbers of features
  • The dashboard can be a little bit clunky at times
  • The quality between their tools varies by a lot


The Verdict – Is Builderall A Scam?

The fact is, this program is not a scam.

It really gives its users the product it promises. The usefulness of the platform depends on the users though. The quality of the product varies by a lot, depending on who you ask. If you are just starting out as a businessman, you will certainly find more value in this course compared to an experienced entrepreneur.

It’s just a matter of determining how much you value the knowledge you get from this platform. Overall, it’s a neat product but offers nothing new to the game. Many of the information you find inside the course can easily be found using a quick search on the internet.


Alternative To Builderall

The industry that Builderall belongs to has plenty of good products. It’s a very tough niche to excel in due to the amount of competition that is in there. In short, there are plenty of dud products out there due to the sheer size of competition alone.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of good companies out there. You just have to spend a little more time searching for good ones because that is the key to earning actual money online. To help you with your endeavors, I suggest that you take a look at my #1 recommended program when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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