Is BookScouter A Scam? Is There Money In Buying And Selling Books?

Is BookScouter A Scam?

BookScouter review

Product Name: BookScouter

Price: Free – $29.99/month for big retailers

Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Verdict: Whether you are selling or buying books, BookScouter is a great choice. Buying and selling is made easy through this platform. It may not pay you the highest but it most certainly makes up for the added convenience.


Today, we’re going to review something different than our usual online money-maker products. Granted, this company can still be considered online money-making but it’s not as focused on money-making as the companies I’ve been reviewing.

And while it’s not a company that is focused on making money, it is still a good company to review since it can technically make you money online. Think of it like an eBay, but for books. Yes, it’s not targeted to make you good money online but it can, especially if you have some big items on your library.

The name of the company is BookScouter. It’s a buy and sell type of company that specializes in books. If you have plenty of textbooks in your library, you will find this company helpful in cleaning out your library while giving you extra money to boot.

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What Exactly Is BookScouter?

BookScouter is a website that allows people to list their books online to sell to people or companies that want them. The site does not buy the book per se. It only provides people with a platform to find people/companies that want them. It’s like an eBay but for books, as I’ve said above.

This is a good book marketplace if you want to rid of your old books for extra money. You can also find good use of this website if you are looking for discounted books.

The way you make money from this company is you sell your books, obviously. Most people I know have stacks of books that are collecting dust on their bookshelves. The most common offenders are college textbooks which coincidentally cost the most out of all types of books.

If you have tons of college textbooks, you can sell them on this website and make some extra cash. In addition, you help a student save money by giving them a cheaper alternative.


Who Can Use BookScouter?

Anyone can use this website as long as they have books to sell, or are looking to buy books for themselves.

The quality of the books varies, of course. It depends on the seller. The pricing of the book depends on many factors like demand and condition. The better the quality of the book is, the higher value it fetches. It’s just like any other marketplace on the internet.

Just have the ISBN of your book ready. Post it on the website and it will list offers from book depositories around the country. Obviously, these companies would only pay a fraction of what you originally paid for.  If the book you’re selling is collecting dust anyway, selling at any price is going to be worth your while.


How To Use BookScouter

You use BookScouter just like you do any other marketplace on the internet.

You go to their website and choose what’s your purpose for visiting – buying, selling, or renting. The choice is made easier since that is the first thing you will see on their website.

You will need the ISBN of your book to be able to sell it. This is to ensure that the book is a legitimate company, and not a photocopied version of the book (which many people do, surprisingly).


ISBN sample

But before you can do all that, you need to register and become a member first. This is to give you access to notifications in case someone wants to buy the book. It’s very easy. Just provide your email and get verified.

Remember that selling is free but if you are serious about selling books, you can opt for their Pro version which costs $29.99 a month. I highly doubt that you will ever need that unless you’re some kind of a book merchant but the option is still there.


How To Get Paid On BookScouter

In this review, we are going to focus more on the seller side of things since that’s probably the main reason why you’re here – you want to sell your books.

You need to be a member of BookScouter before you can list anything. Secondly, you need to have the ISBN of your book. Once you have those, just fill out the prompt on the page and hit sell. When you do, you will be redirected into a page with a list of companies that wants your book and for what price.

Here’s what it looks like.

bookscouter seller


Take note that there is not one standard price for your books. Some buyers bid for higher. It all depends. BookScouter lists the most highly rated companies at the top of their search result. Those companies do not necessarily have the highest bid but they are the most reputable ones.

Once you’ve decided which book depository company to sell your books to, package your book and ship it out to their warehouse. Once verified, you will get paid on your Paypal account, or via check if you prefer it that way. It’s a convenient way of selling your preloved books, to be honest.


What I Like About BookScouter

Probably the one thing I like the most is the convenience of this site. You can sell your book hassle-free. Granted, it may not fetch the highest price as compared to eBay but it certainly beats having to haggle with 10 people. It’s all about convenience. You can even download a mobile-friendly version if you wish to.

bookscouter ios android

You can also make money using their affiliate program and campus rep program. If you become a campus rep, you can refer people who have old college books to sell their copies to this company. You will get a commission for every successful sale.

Becoming a member is easy and it’s free, if you’re an independent seller, that is..


What I Don’t Like About BookScouter

You can only sell books that have ISBN. This is not an issue if you’re selling relatively new books. However, if you are selling really old books, you will have no luck on this website.

BookScouter assumes that the book you’re selling is at least mint condition, or near to it. If your book is ragged and old, they may send it back for whatever reasons they claim.


The Verdict – Is BookScouter Worth Checking Out?

Well, absolutely.

It’s one of the best preloved books marketplaces out there. It’s arguably the number one.

The way BookScouter does its business should be a prime example of how to conduct commerce. It’s easy, straightforward, and absolutely rid of unnecessary complexities that many of its competitors have.

Whether you are selling or buying books, BookScouter is a great choice. Buying and selling are made easy through this platform. It may not pay you the highest but it most certainly makes up for the added convenience. It’s a seamless process that many companies should take note of.


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