Is Blog Link Magic A Scam? Do You Even Need It?

Is Blog Link Magic A Scam?


blog link magic scam


In today’s review, we are going to look into a program called Blog Link Magic. It’s a program that supposedly help website owners monetize their websites. The idea behind this program is it sort of automates the addition of affiliate links to the content of your website. Think of it this way – you want to insert high-quality affiliate links in the middle of your articles. The problem is it would take you a lot of time to do this especially if you have hundreds of articles on your website. Blog Link Magic offers an elegant solution to your problem – automation! Now, isn’t that neat?


This program is designed for WordPress website, which is ultimately what most blog websites use anyway. It’s estimated that more than a third of all the internet is powered by WordPress – which is an insane number. If the website is blog-themed, chances are, it runs on WordPress.


One cool thing about building a website using WordPress is they are highly customizable. You can do a lot of things with a touch of a button. There are still limitations to what you can do though. One such limitations is automating the addition of high commission affiliate links to your articles. Of course, you can do that manually and add your link as you write your content. Yet there are plenty of situations in which you may find this requiring too much effort. Let me explain.


For instance, you just chance affiliate programs and want to remove all your old affiliate links to change it to new ones. You have no choice but to do it all manually – or you can use a program specially designed for that, Blog Link Magic.


What Exactly Is Blog Link Magic?


Blog Link Magic is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to insert affiliate links into your content instantly and without hassle. It sorts of automates the process, making it a reliable plugin in certain situations. I’ve already explained one of the best scenarios in which you can utilize this program above.


Now, according to their main website, this plugin is created to help you earn money. Perhaps you are now thinking that that isn’t true at all since it isn’t TECHNICALLY going to make you money. But allow me to retort. While it does not allow you to make money instantly, it does make the earning part a lot easier, yes?


What Do You Get From Blog Link Magic?


  • You can import your link directory into your other websites


This cool feature allows you to import your link directory and transfer it to your other websites. In short, it can make your job a lot faster than if you do all the link manually.


  • Instant update of broken links across your whole website


If you run a big website, chances are, it contains some dead links. Post enough dead links on your website and your Page Authority will suffer. Blog Link Magic can help you mitigate that by giving you the opportunity to change links across your whole website is basically one click. Now, that’s automation.


  • Works with all kinds of affiliate links


This plugin is tried and tested to work with the most popular affiliate programs like ClickBank, JVZoo, CJ, Amazon, and many more.


  • Helps you cloak your links


If you want to hide your affiliate ID or number, cloaking your link is one way for you to do it. This plugin can do that for you automatically. It adds another layer of protection for you from thieves who want to steal your details.


  • Money-back guarantee


It’s always a plus point for me whenever a product has a money-back guarantee. It means that they are confident in their product. In a way, it lessens your risk because you can always get your money back if you’re not happy with it.


How Much Is Blog Link Magic?


The market price for Blog Link Magic is $17. You can get it for $12 though if you avail of their “early bird discount” which is always going to be there anyway. The tag “Early Bird Discount” is just a way for them to guarantee the sale now instead of later.


They have a couple of upsells though. But if I’m being honest, you won’t get much value from those upsells. If you are just interested in getting help setting up links in your articles, then this one plugin will do. You don’t need a whole bunch of plugins with functions that you won’t even use, because that’s exactly what those upsells do.


How To Use And Install Blog Link Magic?


It works just like any other plugin in your WordPress. I won’t discuss all the steps here as I’d assume that most of my readers are already familiar with how WordPress plugins work.


Anyway, I put a short video below displaying Blog Link Magic in action. See it for yourself.



The Conclusion – Is Blog Link Magic Worth It?


Blog Link Magic is a cool product, no doubt. However, I am not inclined to recommend this product to everybody. There are certain scenarios that could make this product 100% worth its price but otherwise, you can just do all your linking manually as you always did.


And another thing, one of the biggest taglines of this product is it helps you monetize your content, which is kind of misleading if you think about it. The simple process of linking your affiliate product to your website is an act of “monetizing” it. Automating it, as Blog Link Magic does, just helps you do it faster. In a sense, it doesn’t really help you make money. I hope this makes sense.


Overall, I am not too hot on this product. It’s a cool product and all but unless you run into that one scenario I’ve discussed in the first section of this article, I don’t see how this should provide much value. But, to be fair, the price of $17 for cool automation of affiliate link sure does have a lot of perks.


My final verdict is – if you buy it, you will never regret it. But if you don’t, you’re not missing much. I hope that helps you in your quest to determine if this product is worth your while.


And now for a not-so-smooth segue – maybe you are wondering how I monetize my own website. If yes, then you’re lucky you stuck until the end of this article. Basically, I am using a program for years now and it helped me a ton in creating a passive income that you too can achieve. If you are interested in this product, you should visit the link down below.


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