Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club A Scam?

Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club A Scam?

bitcoin millionaire club scam


In the last few years, there was a big boom in the cryptocurrency world. Actually, calling it a big boom would be an understatement as the world went crazy for cryptocurrency, particularly for Bitcoin, almost overnight. The price of 1 Bitcoin reached a peak price of $20,000 which was unprecedented at the time. Many thought this was impossible yet it happened and this made the same people, even the skeptics, take notice. After that, plenty of cryptocurrencies have been introduced, crypto after crypto, trying to strike it rich, and find success, trying to replicate even a fraction of the success that Bitcoin has had. Unfortunately, for them, Bitcoin is still king and attempts to dethrone it are all futile.


Today, we’re going to do an in-depth review of a program that claims to have found a way to make money using Bitcoin as its main driving force. The name of the company is The Bitcoin Millionaire Club. It’s yet another website that claims all sorts of things, like it knows a secret that no one else know, and is willing to share it with..but for a price. Well, how legit is this program? Read on further to find out.


What Is The Bitcoin Millionaire?


The Bitcoin Millionaire Club is a site that claims to have found a loophole, a secret perhaps, that will help you to earn thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. All of this while using their primary mode of investment which is Bitcoin. They claim to have you earning thousands and work your way up to a million with constant use.


Their website claims that there are still untapped possibilities when it comes to Bitcoin and only a handful of people know of it. You would become one of those lucky few if you subscribe to their program. This is their main sales pitch! They promise, almost guaranteeing, that you would make money using their system because they have found a secret formula that no one has used before. Are these claims true? Or is it just another lousy attempt to scam you out of your money?


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How Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Work?


The information about this is actually very vague. To be frank, I still don’t understand how it supposed to work. All I know is Steve Banks, the creator of the program, claims to have found a way to “flip” Bitcoin Ads. Now, I’m not really sure what he means by “flip” but it does sound like it has something to do with adding value to the Bitcoin by trading it at the right time, akin to flipping a house.


The joining fee is $250 and only after you paid you would be given additional information on how the program works. Isn’t that convenient? They won’t tell you how the program works until you pay them money. Then, how are you going to make sure that you would earn from it? From the get-go, this program does not seem like an honest one.


Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club A Scam?


I am going to do it differently this time and tell you the verdict right in the middle of the article.


Bitcoin Millionaire Club is a SCAM that should be avoided at all costs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as most cryptocurrency programs that makes all kinds of claims are usually scam. The truth of the matter is, no one really knows how a cryptocurrency would perform because it’s a fairly new market that is extremely volatile and one wrong investment could literally cost you millions of dollars. Well, you might say that one good investment could net you a million dollars, too, but how can you make sure that your investment would turn out good?


The problem with these kinds of programs is they make all these ridiculous guarantees that you would earn money when you listen to their advice. As I’ve said, they don’t know any better than your average investor. Playing the crypto market is just playing a game of risk. You manage your risk using all the available factors and you will win the majority of the hand. But here’s the thing, there are far too many unknown factors in the crypto market because it is still in its infancy. Anyone that claims to have found a guaranteed way to make money off Bitcoin has no idea what they’re talking about.


I will discuss further some of the more damning evidence on why this product is a SCAM!


Red Flags Of Bitcoin Millionaire Club


The Owner Is Not A Real Person


The owner of the program, Steve Blake, is a fake persona. He is just a character that was formulated by the real scammers to make it seem like the company is legitimate.



Fake Testimonials


If you google “Bitcoin Millionaire Club reviews,” you will be taken into several pages of “good” reviews. However, upon checking these reviews, you would notice a certain pattern. It’s as if all of the reviews are written by one person. It has the same tone, style, and generic-ness that you would only see on fake reviews. If you dig deep enough, you would see that the profile pictures used for the reviews are stock photos of professional-looking people. Only a scam company would do this kind of thing.


False claims


As I’ve discussed above, no one can really guarantee success on the crypto industry. If they can, then they wouldn’t share it with the world, much less sell it for a few bucks. If what they’re saying is true, then it’s not a million dollars they can potentially earn. We’re talking billions here, people. Billions.


Bitcoin Millionaire Club is the second iteration of the same scam program


If you checkout using their website, you are not taken into the Bitcoin Millionaire Club check out page, but on the “Banner Bit” check out page, which is a bit weird. If you do a quick research about Banner Bit, it is a now-defunct program that is already labeled as scam. Well, obviously, if Bitcoin Millionaire Club’s checkout is in a page that is already known as clear SCAM, then it is a scam too!


The information given is very vague


I’ve spent some time on the website, trying to come up with a summary of how this program supposedly works. To my dismay, there’s actually not one good explanation of how it works. It just says that it’s guaranteed money and all you have to do is subscribe and everything’s going to be automated. I don’t know about you but that kind of wording surely makes this program a scam.


Do I Recommend Bitcoin Millionaire Club?


In case the answer is still not obvious, the answer is a resounding NO!!! There are far too many red flags about this program. And the industry it’s in is still in its infancy. The cryptocurrency industry, as it stands right now, is like a breeding ground for scammers and opportunists alike. The reason scammers are drawn into this industry is that there’s still a lot of misinformation on how it works. The scammers would see this as an opportunity to insert their scam programs to make a quick buck off of you.


The fact of the matter is this program is a SCAM. There’s no denying this fact. The amount of red flags and misleading claims this company has made is almost an insult to the intelligence of internet users. But that is how these companies operate. They rely on the ignorance and general gullibility of people to secure sales. If you do your research though, you are safe from these scammers. Just make sure to do your due diligence and you’re pretty much secured against programs of this kind. Better yet, you can search my reviews online to read my thoughts about certain programs. I’ve reviewed several hundred programs already and if a certain program is making a splash online, chances are, I’ve already reviewed those.


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