Is Banner Bit a Scam? A Thorough Review.

Is Banner Bit a Scam? A Thorough Review.

Over the years, different types of banner companies come out with the potential to truly change the lives of people. Banner Bit System is one of those companies.

When choosing a banner for your website from Banner Bit System, there are several things that you should take into consideration.

I had been with them for many years now and over the years one of the banner businesses with staying power has been Banner Bit.

But there have been underlying problem and issues with Banner Bit System, therefore I am going to uncover whether Banner Bit System is a scam or it is still a legitimate system.

I am also going to share some insights and experiences I have with Banner Bit System over the years to help you decide on whether this platform is right for you.

What is Banner Bit System All About?

Banner Bit System is based on web operation and offers a platform where you can buy and sell ads with the possible spur of accruing capital.

These banner ads are created with the intentions of generating traffic to your website by linking to it thus sealing a deal.

Just like print media advertisements work, web banner ads also play a role in informing, notifying about new products, grab the customers attention and lastly increase brand awareness.

The software has various special features, for instance, the superb computer algorithm. The marketers enjoy the marketplace provided.

What Will You Be Doing Once You Join?

According to Banner Bit, the interested users have to sign up for the program after which they will be taken to the back office and shown all the available types of banners to be bought.

Once the banner is bought, the owner adds it to personal websites and every time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid.

Here’s a Quick Video on Banner Bit System.

However, if at some point you may feel like they should sell the ad so as to get a better one, posting the banner within the banner Bit platform for auction is the right thing to do and all the interested parties will place their bids.

What I Liked About Banner Bit System

Banner Bit System works with the most leading publishers and markets who are performance-based and as a result, Banner Bit has been able to establish a way for banner ownership which can be traded between the users of the product in real time through an intuitive user interface.

Upon purchasing of the banner placement by the marketer, they are assured of generating revenue from every single click the banner receives. The marketer places the banner up for sale giving information about the price and the time it will take for it to sell.

The buyers then will be open for bidding and once the countdown in the timer is over, the highest bidder is given the product and it is this bidder that will be earning revenue on every click the banner produces.

Also, the software does not require any download. The process of downloading and installing is not required thus making it even easy. Also, the software is responsive to almost all the operating systems including Windows, Android, MAC, and iOS.

The only requirement one has to do is the creation of a personal account, place the initial amount and start making money.

Moreover, the startup procedure only takes a few minutes since it is a three-step procedure. First, in the banner bit .com website, there is a form provided for one to fill and proceed by selecting the recommended banner and lastly place a deposit.

However, the needed amount for a start is $250 but interested users should know that depositing a large amount of money for investment gives them a chance of winning large profits as well.

Another benefit the marketers get from using banner bit is the high returns. An investigation carried out shows incredibly high outcomes which rate to 92% winning possibilities.

Such is an unexpected accomplishment by customers using the program. Also, the software has been known to be the most effective system ever released in the market.

The cost associated with the program is relatively low. The flipping of banners in the Banner Bit system is 100% free and the online marketers are not compelled to any costly activities so as to capitalize on the platform.

With such knowledge, the marketers are certain that there are no concealed taxes or rather payments delays.

What I Didn’t Like About Banner Bit System

For you to be approved for withdrawals, you have to upload their identity card, for instance, a passport or a driving license.

The bank statements together with the utility bill with information of the marketer’s name, address, the issuer’s name and the logo along with both the front and back of the credit card used to make the deposit is also asked for.

In as much as the program can be said to be legit, disposing of such personal information and information concerning finances is dangerous and allows easy access to one’s credit card information and identity by this platform.

The platform can easily steal from its consumers since they got all the important information they need.

Who is Banner Bit System Made for?

The web-based Banner Bit System’s promotion tool is designed for advertising agencies. The software has contacts loaded in it and the quantity of these contacts rather than the number of consumers offer subscriptions.

As a result, you are able to generate as many sub-accounts as possible for every one of their customers complete with their branding. The program by itself is made white so that different advertising agencies brands remain recognizable in all the communications to the customers.

What’s the Product Pricing?

The minimum required amount for you to join and become an active member of the Banner Bit program is $250. However, there is no determined price for the posted ads as it fluctuates from to 2 to 4 figures.

In cases where Banner Bit fails off, there is a credibility train carried out in regards to their membership documentation requirements as well as their asserted corporate entity.

My Final Opinion: Is Banner Bit System a Scam?

After carrying out some investigations and research on Banner Bit, so many testimonials can attest that the program is not a scam or a hype to increase the expectations of the online marketers but a real and a working program.

The special superb computer algorithm integrated into the program makes it even more effective. Also, many reviews on the program and its operations are positive as the users are satisfied with the outcomes they are getting.

Concerning withdrawals, investigations show that there have no any reported cases or troubles with the withdrawals routine.

The program allows for withdrawals to be done between three to five business days and the funds are transferred to one’s personal bank safely. My concluding verdict about the system is 100% positive as I affirm that the system is dependable and authentic.


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