Is AWOL Academy Scam? The King Of Upsells!

Is AWOL Academy Scam?

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If you search online, you will find countless of earning opportunities yet it seems that very few people actually earn from it. If that tells you anything, it’s that it’s hard to earn money online even when you have tons of resources to use. It takes a special kind of patience along with a combination of luck to make a fortune using the internet. But I’m not saying that earning online isn’t possible, the opposite is quite true, actually. Earning through the internet is now easier than before. It’s just that plenty of people go about their ways wrong. They think that they can earn online using random techniques they found on the internet. The truth is, you will never succeed on the internet if you’re just going to use random training materials you found somewhere. There are levels to it.


So today, we’re going to take a look into a new program that claims you with that, exactly – earn money online! The name of the program is AWOL Academy. It is a course that teaches you the ways of the internet – how to use it to your advantage and earn while doing so. It focuses on internet marketing and has a much broader approach compared to other money-making online programs you will see on the internet.


The only real question now is if it is worth your money. There are literally thousands of similar products on the internet which you can download for free in some cases. What makes this program special? Is there something of value inside this program? Read further to find out.


What Exactly IS AWOL Academy?


AWOL Academy is a program or course that teaches its users the basics of internet marketing and many other money-making schemes on the internet. The goal of the program is to help you understand the concept of earning on the internet; to teach you the basics first to build off of.


It was originally a part of an MLM company called Empower Network but it evolved into a separate entity which is what we have today. Usually, MLM companies offer their members marketing programs to help them promote the business online. Online is where most transactions take place now so it only makes sense for companies to teach their members how to utilize the internet to get better sales numbers. That’s where this program originally came from. It was like an informal training course given to members of Empower Network but it was deemed a good enough program on its own which is why it separated into a different program.


Who Are The People Behind AWOL Academy?


It was founded by Kameron George and Keala Kanae in 2015. Both of them are experienced internet marketers which make the program reputable by association. This is actually not their first program. In fact, this is just one of their many programs that all target internet marketing. I mean, if they are already respected figures in internet marketing, and they seem to have found success in this niche, why bother expanding to other topics? The point is, they must be making something good because they keep launching somewhat similar programs to this. At the time of this writing, they have 3 different programs but all tacking the same industry, internet marketing.





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AWOL Academy teaches you how to earn money using internet marketing. The internet has so much untapped potential and they claim to help their users gain some knowledge on how to tap this potential. What they mean by that is they can help their subscribers earn money using their techniques. They will discuss the ins and outs of internet marketing, starting with the basics, and moving into more complex stuff as the course progresses. Nevertheless, this course offers so much information and covers so much topic that it’s very easy to see how their founders succeeded.


Honest Thoughts About AWOL Academy


  1. Good rating on BBB+


I’ve attached a screenshot above showing the rating of this company from BBB or Better Business Bureau. BBB is a non-profit organization that assigns rankings to businesses and for-profit organizations. You can even say that they are the first screen for businesses in the USA, meaning a bad rating from them could literally mean that the company is shady. This company has a B+ rating which is a good sign that it is indeed legit. Apart from that, they have a 4-star rating on their review board which inspires confidence that it is indeed a legitimate company.



  1. No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee


I always put the money-back guarantee as a pro because not a lot of companies or programs offer this luxury. In actuality, the majority of companies don’t even offer refunds as they consider the purchase to be final as soon as the payment is procured. ClickBank offers money-back guarantees on all its affiliate programs but it still depends on the third-party program to grant it. This program, however, does the refund thing, no questions asked.


  1. Founders are real people


Too often, the founders of these kinds of companies are not real people. Many don’t even show the faces of the owners and only hire actors and voice actors to do the presentation in their stead. In my opinion, having a real owner can change the image of the company from “probable scam” to “worth checking out” because revealing their identity makes it less likely for them to be scammers, as common sense dictates.


  1. The owners have similar businesses


The owners own at least 3 other programs similar to this. This isn’t their only program which means that their attention is likely divided into 3 separate programs. But all their programs are very similar in terms of content so maybe there’s a little bit of crossover in terms of service provided, which makes managing it a little easier. In any case, depending on how you look at it, you can see this either as good or bad. It’s good because them owning several programs means that they are good at what they do. It’s bad because, as I’ve said, it could mean that their attentions are divided into three platforms.


  1. They have tons of upsells


Once you decide to buy this program, you will soon notice that they offer a lot of upsells. And what I mean by a lot is A LOT. The starting price of their program is around $100 but by the end of their final upsell, you are looking at a staggering $5,500 asking price. That is quite the jump, and probably the biggest jump I ever saw in terms of upsells. I am not kidding when I said that this program is the king of upsells.



The Final Verdict


If you are wondering if this program is a scam or not, wonder no more because it is not a SCAM. It is a legit program but it would be hard for me to recommend this program because of several reasons. One, it is an expensive program for the amount of information you are getting. When you get right through this program, you will soon find out that it offers only a basic course peppered with extra details that makes it seem more impressive than it is.


Another thing that you should watch out for are the upsells. The first package that they’ll offer only cost $99 but you will only get a tiny part of the whole course. The whole course is already basic enough as it is, but this starter package is somehow more limiting than that. And with that, they will offer you an upsell that, if you believe them, have additional information for you. Their first upsell costs around $300. This is where they introduce the “secret” formula. The next upsell is also quite a jump, which they claim introduces you to innovative techniques that you won’t find elsewhere – top-secret level category, around $1000. Then they have 3 more upsells which I won’t get into the details with, but their final upsell is worth $5,500. Yes, you read that right. $10,000! That should buy you exclusive classes from master marketers and exclusive customer support catered to you 24/7.


Now, I am not saying that it isn’t worth the price but it’s a little too expensive for my taste. In all honesty, I can find a handful of products more worthy of that price because from what I gathered; the information offered is not enough to warrant a price that much. If you want to read my other recommendations, you can head out to this link – read my of thousands of money-making products out there. If you want to go straight to my #1 recommendation, you can do that, too. I will put the link down below for your convenience.


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