Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?- Unbiased, No False Positive Review!

Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam? Unbiased, No False Positive Review!


Is Auto Chat Profits a scam?


Today, I will give you a detailed Auto Chat Profits review. Auto Chat Profits is generally a new product on ClickBank that you may have come across there, or viewed it as an ad in your browser or email inbox.


Like other money making programs, this product alleges to have the capability to make you a whopping $ 423.76 daily with consistency. Now, if you are someone who is in dire need of cash, this type of money can really tempt you.


Probably, your two primary questions are, ‘how does Auto Chat Profits work?’ and ‘is Auto Chat Profit a scam?’


I am more than happy that you are reading this review, and I promise to offer you nothing but an honest review regarding this product.


It is crucial to know more about the product before investing your hard-earned money. If you genuinely want to make money with the program, consider reading the entire article.


What is Auto Chats Profits?

Samantha Smith, who speaks in the promo video, alleges that Auto Chats Profits is a unique and new robot technology that can make you consistent money daily.


This program offers users with a website using unique and interactive robot technology. When users come to your website, they are shown pre-programmed questions with a choice of answers to select from.


On the basis of the answer they give, the program directs them to a ClickBank product to buy. From here, you’re awarded a commission upon purchase.


In simple terms, Auto Chat Profits is basically a digital training program that shows users how to generate money from affiliate marketing by utilizing a done-for-you site, chatbots, email marketing, and solo ads. After joining the program, you’re given a ready website that includes an inbuilt chatbot.


Here’s a Short Video on Auto Chat Profits.

Pros & Cons of Auto Chat Profits

Just like other similar programs, Auto Chat Profits has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the aspects I like about this program:



1. The Techniques used are Legit

The techniques and strategies that I learned inside Auto Chat Profits are proven to work correctly. For instance, I personally made a couple of dollars from affiliate marketing after trying the program for a few weeks.


The success I enjoyed was due to the email list I build. As a matter of fact, most of the leading internet marketers who generate six to seven figures online include email marketing as their primary strategy for making sales.


Besides, it is true that ‘solo ads’ are a valuable tactic to begin receiving targeted traffic to your offers instantly.


2. The Chatbot Program Works Perfectly

With the advent of technology, online marketing is evolving day by day. The invention of social media has drastically changed the manner in which users interact with online businesses as well as their support teams.


This means that even the best internet marketing gurus in the world utilize the services of chatbots.


With this, I personally think that there are benefits of using chatbots to ‘entice’ your site’s visitors to an email opt-in or offer.


Auto Chats Profits has outlined its ‘funnel’ in an efficient flow such that it is easier to secure conversations with potential customers.


3. The Content is Well Outlined and Actionable

This is what amazed me the most. After signing in, I was anticipating just a random bunch of videos and general eBooks with little to no value.


To my surprise, I actually found the training videos to be of good quality and arranged in a good style that I could act upon.


4. Money Back Guarantee

If you do not contend with the program after a certain period, you can have your money back. This is possible because the product is listed in ClickBank.


However, the sixty-day money back guarantee works only for the $ 37 starting price. If you purchase the upsells or subscribe to the free trial, I doubt whether you will get your money back.



1. It is overhyped

One aspect I want to make clear is the fact that just because the owners allege that you will make loads of money, does not translate it will function as they claim.


They generally allege that straight after buying this program, you will instantly begin making hundreds and thousands of dollars. The truth is that the money they claim to make in a day is too good to be true.


In fact, the earnings that are shown in the promo video weren’t made using this product. However, you will have the ability to make some money although it isn’t close to the alleged amount.


2. Not Customizable

When it comes to the website or the domain, you have no alternative but to use what you are given. This means that all people who buy this product have similar sites.


Your chances of ranking high on popular SEO such as Google are next to nil because you have a cookie-cutter site. You do not anticipate to drive traffic to your website if you aren’t ranked high on Google.


3. Up-Sells

Another thing I want you to know is that the owners lie about how much this program is going to cost. From the sales promo video, they allege that users are going to get this program at no cost.


However, you will be surprised when you get to the check-out page as you will be needed to part away with $ 37.


Since you are going to make ‘a lot of money’ with the system, you may think that $ 37 isn’t much. But it doesn’t end here. After buying the product, you will instantly receive a lot of up-sell ‘attachment’ products that will cost you hundreds of dollars.


The company claims that the purchases will help users make a lot of money much quicker. Is it possible to make $423.67 daily after only six minutes and fourteen clicks? The only reason you may need up-sells is if they are genuinely helping you make money fast.


4. Real Owner is Unknown

Concerning the person speaking in the promotion video, Samantha Smith, her whereabouts and reference are unknown.


From the bottom of the sales page, I saw them saying that they are just using a pen name to secure the real name and identity of the owner. In my opinion, this is a con because the company should be transparent about the owners and creators of this system.


As an investor, it is advisable to know who you are dealing with in any business. But in the case of Auto Chat Profits, you will be buying their system for the sole purpose of generating money online.


It is essential to deal with a known person whom you can contact in case you run into problems. How am I supposed to trust a person whose real identity is unknown to help me make a lot of cash?


5. Unreliable Source of Income

Another con I came across with this program is the fact that it doesn’t seem like a dependable source of income. For instance, you will not practically own the done-for-you site that will be set up for you.


Another person will regulate the domain name of the website. This is risky because the individuals could stop paying for the domain at any point. Besides, you will not have the ability to select the items that will be sold from your webpage.


Who it is for

This program is for anyone who wants to market affiliate products online as well as those who want to make money from the comfort of their sofa. Indeed, this system is almost similar to other systems that I have reviewed.


The marketing video is similar to others I have seen in the past except for where they have trimmed segments and included new ones that align with this program.


So, if you need a program that makes you money online, the Auto Chat Profits is worth your investment.


Auto Chats Profits Training Tool Overview

As I said above, the concept of using chatbots to convert traffic into leads and then sell the end product via email marketing could work. The training offered by Auto Chat Profits is sufficient to assist you in setting this framework up effectively.


Nevertheless, my many years of experience as an internet marketer and webmaster has shown me that nothing ever actually happens overnight.


In my opinion, there is no shortcut to starting a successful online business. Everyone has to put the work in to create a unique item that is ideal to the targeted client.


The good thing about Auto Chat Profits is that once you get to the members’ area, you will be offered videos and instructions to begin building your site.


Here’s a Screenshot of the Member’s Area.


Auto Chat Profits Member's Area.


You will have access to proper, updated training in step by step, easy, and interactive lessons. The members also enjoy free domain registration, keyword search tool, as well as website builder using WordPress.


Auto Chat Profits Support Service

I found out that there is no genuine support for the member’s area. Users have to figure out everything by themselves.


As I mentioned in the cons section, I did not come across a real person on this system. I was given an email to send my questions to, but I did not get the response I needed.


Without getting help from an experienced person, even the best programs can be somehow tricky. When one is a beginner in anything, guidance and support are required because it is natural to make a few mistakes.


What’s Price of Auto Chat Profits?

While the tactic of the system is quite doubtful and risky that it can function, it doesn’t mean that they give it out for free. The owners have an intricate pricing structure, and if one is not keen, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars.


The starting price is set at $ 37 for the standard product. This enables you to include your domain name and receive the pre-made sites. There is also a down sell that gives a free trial for a couple of days and you part with $ 7 monthly to continue.


At the members’ area, you will come across upsells that cost $ 481. Thus, the entire cost is more than $ 500 without including the links to other resources as well as the cost of solo ads.


Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?

There is a common problem on many online products regarding business and money making opportunities. They aren’t intended to add value to the customers.


For instance, the inventors of most online money making programs do not include their real names since the big affiliate networks allow it. With this, people just include low-quality products to these listings hoping to make a lot of money.


On the other hand, the affiliate marketers promote these products in their email lists with the hope of making a significant commission.


In simple terms, these products are invented to make money to a few individuals and not to help the customers.


I think that you learned about the Auto Chat Profits system in an ad or email promotional as well.

Auto Chat Profits is among the low-quality products. The system isn’t a total scam because you will be given something in exchange for your investment.


However, you will not get good traffic tactic and quality training. I realized that the landing page isn’t unique and all individuals who purchase this system will market the same pages to similar individuals.


It is evident that there are various problems with this strategy. Even if you are fortunate enough to make a couple of fast sales, you won’t make money consistently without figuring out another method of driving traffic.


My Final Opinion on Auto Chat Profits.

According to what we have seen above, Auto Chat Profits is a system that alleges to help users make $ 423.67 daily using automated software.


According to its promoter, Samantha Smith, the system will perform all the work for you, and they employ a done-for-you business model.


In the real sense, using automated software to generate an affiliate site isn’t viable in the long run since you don’t have regulation over it and it is primarily of low quality.


Additionally, the content that will be generated by the software for your website will be seen as duplicate by the leading SEO, which in the end puts your website in a risky scenario. For this reason, I personally see Auto Chat Profits as a risky business.

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