Is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam?- True Review Facts!

Is Aspire Digital Altitude A Scam?- True Review Facts!



What as Aspire Digital Altitude all about? Is Aspire Digital Altitude a scam or legitimate?

Can I build a viable business with them? Is it worth the price?

Let’s dive in to find out!


Aspire Digital Altitude Overview

Product Name: Aspire Digital Altitude

Product Owner: Michael Force


Price: $1 trials for 14 days then

$37/month- $27,997 One-time Payment.

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

You must have heard about this great coaching program and be wondering what it’s all about.

That is why we have gathered enough information that will allow you to make the necessary action on whether to invest in the training or not.

Michael Force’s is the founder and promised to teach you on how to earn money on the internet through his various training. Is the training real?

Michael Force said he is a seven figures internet marketer earner and has worked for many marketing companies in the last 15 years.

He has been training every other internet marketer on how to replicate his system and also get to the mark of the seven figures.

He also claimed to have been one of the US Marines, before focusing on his online career. Michael force resides in his residence in Los Angeles.


What Is Digital Altitude All About?

Micheal and his various teams focus on your mindset change before actually bringing you into the real training, which is a good thing for me. This change of mindset is to allow you to get the required success online.

They attack the mentality of getting rich quick when you are coming into the online business, which has done a lot of harm than good to various people that are trying to delve into an online business.

You will need patience, diligence and hard work to earn on the internet. And thinking that online is a get rich venture is your beginning of failure on the web.

The Digital Altitude will provide you with different training that will get you on the right track on your online Endeavour.


Aspire Digital Altitude Price and Products

They have about six memberships in their program.



Digital Altitude Aspire Membership

The Digital Altitude Aspire Membership has about three memberships in it and has various services included also.

Live events and Networking:

This Company believes your relevance is determined by the group you belong to.

Social Media Packages and Traffic:

Traffic is like your regular customer in offline business, without traffic your online business is bound to fail.

Sales Automation and Follow-Up:

They teach you in various ways to follow up a prospect and make more sales. Here you will learn how to keep up with your prospects which will help you to dominate bigger profits.

4. Video Training:

Varies tips on how to make your online career successful will be revealed to you in this video.
5. Done for you branding:

This will walk you through various things on how to get the different conversion on your advertisements.

6. Resources and Tools:

This provides you with various tools to make your internet marketing endeavor a successful adventure.
7. Support and Live Chat:

This gives you different support and training at any time in the course.


The various Aspire Memberships Level

Aspire Walker ($37 every month)

This offers you to have access to member’s videos and various other training. You get 40% commission on each sale.

Aspire, Hiker ($67 every month)

You will be entitled to up to third tiers payout and various video courses. They also offer you a monthly conference call and training tools. They have offered up to 60% commission.

Aspire Climber  ($127 monthly)

They give you access to the membership area, and you earn up to 60% commission.

Digital Altitude Base Membership ($597 one-time payment)

This membership is on how to build a world-class website, branding and achieving your different business goals.

The membership offers you various modules that are essential in having a reputable brand on the internet.

Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course ($1,997 one-time payment)

This course consists of 5 sections which make up 19 training modules.

You will learn to start from how to commit to success as a marketer in the digital age to the 80/20 rule.

You will learn to start from how to identify the emotional trigger buttons in your prospects that practically force them to buy to why the unique demands of the information age require you to become an educational marketer.

You will learn to start from how to create a brand name that sticks in your customers’ mind to how to create a free tripwire front-end products that will have your visitors hungry to join your list.

You will learn to start from how to discover the secrets behind high-converting headlines that pull more sales to how to craft the perfect marketing message to attract the perfect customer.

You will learn how to easily create ads that generate a massive response and boost your sales to 3 simple steps to more and better referrals.

Ascend- Digital Business Profit Workshop($9,997)

They offer 3 days workshop.

You will learn to start from what are top 5 most profitable traffic sources to how to use 3 powerful funnel formula.

They are talking about the power of the personal brand, tell your story, finding a guru in you and how to master video.

They show you how to increase conversion with analytic, create amazing contents, outsourcing, and building a team.

Peak- Digital Business Prosperity Retreat ($16,997)

You will learn to start from how to scale up your digital business to find the talents.

You will learn to start from 6 strategies for awesome accounting to prepare your legal entity.

You will learn 7 sales growth strategies and productivity, creating a powerful presentation, creating a customer for life and the power of influence.

You will learn about time management and productivity, creating more efficiency in your business, how to automate 80% of your business and create more freedom.

You will learn to start from how to raise more capital to how 7-figure earners did it.

Apex- Digital Business Legacy Experience ($27,997)

You will learn to start from how to become financially free to secure your retirement income.

You will learn to start from how the rich get richer to how to beat Wall Street.

You will learn to start from how to boost your financial IQ to create long-term wealth strategies.

You will learn to start from the inner game of wealth to the law of attraction.

You will learn how to win credit score game to how the rich use IRA’s.

You will learn to start from awesome asset protection to annuity analysis.

You will learn about rising real estate, hidden markets and no money down, wholesaling and rehabbing profits, and time-tested tax liens.

This is all the training you will get in their training program.

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Compensation Plan Of Aspire Digital Altitude

You keep on earning your compensation plan in as much your subscription was not canceled.

Aspire members get up to 40% commission, and it increases to 60% commission on the third tiers payout.

The Base members will get 60% commission for more than three tiers. Rise also earn up to 60% commission for up to three tiers, which amounts to $1200 per sale.

Choosing to have a life coach close the deal for you? You will earn 40% commission over three tiers. Ascend members make up to 40-60% depending on the various options.

Always be sure you are promoting the level you can make from the people that sponsor you will receive such commission.

Peak Level:  60% Commissions over 3 tiers (Total Payout: $10,200 per Sale). Apex Level:  60% commissions over 3 tiers (Total Payout: $16,800 per sale).

Note: If COACH closes your sales, take off 20% off your Tier 1 for their service.


Final thought: Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

The folks that claimed the company is a scam are people that must have been scammed before.

And the people saying is legit are people getting a commission on various people they sign up.

In the real sense, a lot of people that want to make money on the internet don’t have the $30,000 to buy training that will put them through the basics of making money on the web.

In a nutshell, Digital Altitude will not be training for everyone that doesn’t have enough money to invest in the high ticket training.

What do you think about Digital Altitude System? Is Digital Altitude meant for you? Can this training help you build a successful online career?

Do you happen to have any previous experience with this program you would like to share with everyone else today?

If you do so, tell me all about it in the comment below!

Thanks for reading.

All the best.



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