Is Ask Wonder A Scam? Can You Really Earn By Answering Questions?

Is Ask Wonder A Scam?


ask wonder review


Product Name: Ask Wonder

Price: Free

Rating: 5.0 out of 10

Verdict: To summarize, Ask Wonder is not for everybody. If you enjoy doing research and learning something new every day, then sure.


Searching for online money-making opportunities on the internet can be considered a sport of its own. On second thought, it’s probably closer to Russian roulette than any sport I can think of right now. The main reason why that is, is your success in finding good money-makers on the internet mostly boils down to luck.

The internet is littered with plenty of these opportunities, all claiming to be the next big thing. We all know that this is a lie. If I were to give an estimate, I’d say that around 95% of these opportunities are outright scams. The additional 4%, while not a scam, is close to being one. The remaining 1% probably is the only thing that you can consider ‘good,’ but this is probably an overestimation.

Having said all that, it’s a normal reaction to raise your eyebrows whenever you see some online money-making opportunity on the internet. That’s just the way these things go. I’d argue that it’s better for you to have a good level of skepticism whenever you are dealing with these online opportunities in general.

Now, what I am going to review now is a company called Ask Wonder. You may have heard of it, but maybe not. Granted, it is a new website that claims to pay its users whenever they answer a complex question. Of course, users must submit an answer but not just any kind of answer – a well-researched one.

Is this gig lucrative? Does it pay well? You’ll know if you stick around for my full review.


What Is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder is an online company that provides complex answers to companies all over the world. Basically, companies use Ask Wonder as a middleman to get their queries answered through crowdsourcing.

Think of Ask Wonder as the Yahoo Answers but the questions come from companies and the answers that will be accepted need to cite their sources, provide an extensive summary, and basically be proof-read by professionals. And also, don’t forget that they pay.


How To Become A Member?

Application is quite easy. It’s securing that job that’s hard.

It’s actually pretty obvious why that is. As you can tell from the overview of the company, they only need answers that have been carefully researched. I compared it to Yahoo Answers but I’ve now realized that that is an unfair comparison especially knowing that Yahoo Answers normally don’t take their questions seriously, a clear opposite of Ask Wonder.

ask wonder review

Once you submit your application, you will be taken into a portal in which you would have to answer questions as a gauge for your intelligence and resourcefulness. Since most of the questions you will get are professional in nature, they need you to have a particular set of skills that will be useful for the job.

Only a fraction of applications goes through this stage, unfortunately. If you get selected, they will give you your first tasks wherein you have to answer as precisely as possible.


What To Expect After Answering A Question?

Once you’re approved and become a member, you can now login to your dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see a list of things you can answer. Go to that link and read the question.

If you think you can provide an in-depth answer to that question, then start your research. Remember that the reviews must be in-depth. It’s basically like writing a summary of a thesis.

Once you’re finished, you submit your answer to the link for review. Each review can take a while to get approved. Remember that all the reviews you submit will be reviewed manually by Ask Wonder Editors.

If your answer is correct, you will be credited with an amount depending on the project. However, if they find mistakes on your submission, or if your answer is wrong, they will decline it. This means that you just wasted your time for nothing.


Can I Make Good Money From Ask Wonder?

You probably have seen this coming from a mile away but the answer is – it depends.

The pay is $6 to $17 depending on the complexity of the question. Most of the questions given are in the middle of the road so expect around $10 for every question that you answer.

Since companies would only need one researcher for their questions, there is a limited supply of questions. There is an abundance of workers though and this pushes the demand for questions way too high, at least higher than what is currently being given.

ask wonder review

In turn, the competition for every question is very high. It’s possible that you won’t be able to snag any opportunity on your first few months because of the high amount of competition. What’s more, is most of these competitors are just skilled and resourceful as you, given that you passed the same tests.

Ask Wonder pays its users every two weeks via Paypal.


Honest Thoughts About Ask Wonder

This is probably the juiciest part of my reviews. This is the part where I can air out any of my findings of the company, discussing all the good stuff about it. Much more importantly, I can discuss their shortcomings and issues, which I think is what makes or breaks any company.

Here are the pros for working at Ask Wonder:

  • It pays way above the market average
  • Flexible hours – but remember that no work means no pay
  • If you enjoy learning new things, researching is a great gig
  • Ask Wonder gives out free training and seminars
  • No issues when it comes to payouts
  • You can pick out which questions to do research for

Here are the cons:

  • The review process can be a hurdle
  • While the pay rate is above market average, it’s still very low ($16 for a 3-hour job)
  • Your submission can be rejected a hundred different ways effectively robbing you of your time
  • Some questions are going to be technical that you will spend a lot of time just learning about terminologies
  • Citing sources for your short thesis is cumbersome and a hassle
  • Competition is insane


Conclusion – Is Ask Wonder For You?

Ask Wonder is a legitimate company that pays on time and clearly what does what it tells you to do.

However, one of the main issues here, and one you will soon find out if you become a member, is answering even a single question can take a lot more time than expected. If the money you’re paid is worth the effort is entirely dependent on how much you value your time.

To give you a bit of perspective, standard research would probably take you about 3 hours to finish. The average pay is $12. Do the math. That only gives you about $4, and that’s not even considering the amount of time you spent searching for a gig. Is that worth it for you?

To summarize, Ask Wonder is not for everybody. If you enjoy doing research and learning something new every day, then sure. But in terms of earning a respectable amount of income while on this company, then Ask Wonder is not for you.


Alternative – Not Just Pocket Money

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