Is Amazon Cash Website A Scam? Read What I Found Out About This Company!

Is Amazon Cash Website A Scam?



I came upon this product, Amazon Cash Website, after clicking on a random link from a reader, urging me to review it to determine if it is indeed a scam or a legit product. To be honest, I’ve seen a few advertisements for this product but never managed to actually click it. Today, I’ve decided to take the plunge and do research about this product to once and for all, determine whether it’s a good product or not.


What I saw as advertisements for this product aren’t actually ads, in a sense. They’re advertorials, which is almost the same as your regular advertisements but with key differences. Advertorials are ads that are made to look like news articles to make them seem more legit. If you’ve been browsing social media platforms, I’m pretty that you’ve come across several advertorials. They are constantly being used because they are surprisingly effective in making it seem like the program is legit.


In light of that, I will now present you with my review of the product called Amazon Cash Website.


What Is Amazon Cash Website?


Amazon Cash Website presents itself as a money-making opportunity that would allow you to earn $500 a day easily, or roughly $14,000 a month. Now, that’s quite a figure and would undoubtedly afford you a good lifestyle. However, upon doing my research, I’ve found out several unfavorable things about this program.


First of all, all the details are vague – and this is intentional. The website makes it seem like they are offering you a secret that would enable you to earn money easily. The truth is, they are just luring you in with promises, making you focus on their sales pitch and nothing else. The fact that you most certainly won’t find anything specific about this company suggests that it is indeed a shady company designed to sucker you out of your money then disappear for good.


If you’ve seen this company on your social media, that is completely by design. They are targeting social media users, especially Facebook users, to click on these advertorial articles that use clickbait-y titles to give you their sales pitch. To be fair, their sales pitch is quite intriguing – imagine working at home, making thousands of dollars a month, and be working for a multibillion corporation. Sounds good, right? But that’s where their lies begin. They are not affiliated with Amazon at all. They are merely using the name and using its reputation to drive traffic to their program.


How Does Amazon Cash Website work?


I will come right out and tell you that this product is a scam. I will not explain how the program works but explain how their scam work instead.


If you click on their website, they are saying that they have an opening for the position of product reviewers, product testers, along with other website works. They say that the position pays well, earning you at least $6,000/month. What’s even better is you supposedly can do this work at home. Feel your scam senses tingling now?


If you’ve been looking for a job for quite some time, reading about this opportunity would undoubtedly be good news. After all, the requirements are minimal and the salary is good. They even have the “Amazon” name, this must be legit, right? Unfortunately, as we all know, the answer is NO. This company is a scam. As soon as you fill out your form, they will spring up an “enrollment kit” that you have to pay before you can start work. This kit costs about $200 which contains all the training materials and whatnot. If you decided to pony up, they will vanish into thin air. You will now be out $200 poorer with no job to show for it. It’s a classic SCAM.


What I Liked About Amazon Cash Website


The mere fact that this product is straight-up scam means that I don’t like anything about it. Not even one bit. The only thing I would like for this program is to just banish it from existence, along with similar products that have been plaguing the internet for decades now. They are the bane of legitimate programs out there. You see, there are thousands of good products out there, but they are being overshadowed by these scam companies thus giving a bad name to the whole online money-making industry on the whole.


I’ve reviewed several hundreds of programs and I’ve personally used some of them. Unfortunately, out of 1 legit product you see, there are probably 10 scam products that are lurking on the internet, waiting for their next victim. It really is a shame that people would continuously make scam programs.


What I Didn’t Like About Amazon Cash Website


  • Fake Testimonials


You can easily identify fake reviews and feedback once you start reading them. They usually follow an outline that only says positive things about the product. They somehow sound manufactured and robotic – very unnatural – and I’m still not sure what makes them sound that way. Also, the profile pictures used on these reviews are from stock photos on the web. If you do a reverse photo search, you will most likely get a match.


  • Pressure Tactics


If you click any links in their main page, you will be brought into another page that has another sales pitch in it. This is yet another scam that wants to leech off you. They will also show a countdown timer on the page, showing the number of job opening for the program. If you are not familiar with these techniques, you will most likely think that you are getting a limited access – but you’re actually not. This is just another technique that many scam companies use to lure site visitors into spending money into their worthless program.


  • Warning from Better Business Bureau


Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning against Amazon Cash Websites and other similar program in its latest bulletin. They claim that these websites are scams preying on the gullible. What’s worst is this program is just one of many scam programs out there. But at least, it’s one less scam out there.


  • Misleading claims


Their claims are outright lies that are designed to get you hyped up. They will put numbers that are outrageous to make it seem like this opportunity is a once in a lifetime thing. The fact is, anyone can claim such things. This company is mostly getting their sales because of the namesake “Amazon” – using the name recognition as their main sales pitch.


  • Reports of guarantees not being honored


Many users have reported not receiving the money-back guarantee when they request it. Most of these users request their money back as soon as they feel that something is afoot. Unfortunately, the company won’t honor the money back guarantee even if it’s inside the contract. In fact, you most likely won’t ever hear from them as soon as you pay your first fee. It’s how these things operate. They will run away with your money as soon as you click the “pay” button.



Honest Verdict About Amazon Cash Website


This program is a SCAM, no doubt. Scams like these give the whole industry a bad name. The marketing industry was once a respectable field full of hard-working salespeople. Now, it’s ridden with sketchy people, only wanting to scam you out of your money.


When browsing the internet for these opportunities, make sure to screen everything to the best of your abilities. If you don’t have the time to do your own research, do the next best thing and follow someone (like me) who knows how these programs operate. I’ve reviewed hundreds of products like this one and I can confidently say that I can identify which products are scam or not.


If you are interested in my other reviews, you can visit a list of my reviews here. But if you are interested in the best program that I’ve reviewed so far, you can head over to my #1 recommendation. Make sure to read through the whole thing to never miss a detail. See you there.

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