Is Amazon Associates Program a Scam? Read This No BS Review!

Is Amazon Associates Program a Scam? Read This No Bullshit Review of Amazon Associate Program

Since you are here, I believe someone told you about Amazon Associates Program or you saw it online and you are here to read Amazon Associates Program review to know if it is legit or just another scam.

One thing that never gets old on the internet is new sites that come up claiming that anyone can make tons of money with little or no work.

In many years I have been making money online, I have seen tons of make money opportunities like Amazon Associates Program, some of them turned out to be a scam.

You made a great decision to read this Amazon Associates Program review before you jump in. If you want to know the truth about this program, continue to read my unbiased Amazon Associates Program review.

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Before we get started if you are serious about making money online, I can help!

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What is the Amazon Associates Program?

At present, Amazon Associates Program is one of the most famous e-commerce sites around the world. It was launched in 1996.

The Amazon Associates Program has a more than 12-year track record of helping websites owners and web developers. As an affiliate, you make money by advertising millions of new and used products from

The program is a force to reckon with, judging from the number of people wanting to join the program with some being denied the chance.

I mean, it is only a genuine thing that can make you want to be subjected to trials for you to become a member.

How Does Amazon Associate Program Work?

Amazon affiliates reward those in the program using two distinct commission structures. The rates can be fixed on sales volume or be paid at a flat rate.

The commission also varies with the kind of products you are promoting, which I find a good thing for people dealing with high-value products since they can receive a raise of up to 8.5%, subject to the quantities sold.

I kid you not; you do not have to be an information technology geek to have this accomplished.

Here’s a Quick Video on Amazon Associate Program.

To succeed as an affiliate in the program, you only have to complete the following five steps which I find to be very straightforward.

1. Choose a Topic
Here you need to consider products which you are passionate about and would not feel it be a herculean task explaining how they work and the benefits conferred to buyers.

I know each one of us has leanings towards a specific product which makes this the best opportunity to conduct a sales pitch.

2. Build a Website
I know that you must be wondering about how to build a website on your own, yet you only know how to type and send emails on the computer.

Relax, technology has brought software that can help your dispense the ask within no time and have your website running sooner than you expected.

You can automatically build your website’s framework using WordPress without requiring to use any code. All you need is to drag and drop items in dialogue boxes.

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If you are a newbie in this task, it will only take some days to familiarize yourself with the mission.

3. Do Your Research
After your site is up and running, think about the topics that you can discuss. You can write articles about your favorite products using the keyword research tool or Google instant.

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4. Write Articles
You can write articles regardless of whether you are a skilled writer or a novice. All you need is to provide people with real information about your subject since style is not a priority.

5. Link Your Website to Products
Using a text link is the easiest way to link your website to products of your choice. I like the simplicity of the process of connecting a website to products: Go to Amazon, choose the product, be given its picture and a link, and finally set the link.

What I Like About Amazon Associate Program

  • Amazon Associate Program is a prestigious and trusted brand. Almost, everyone has ever heard of Amazon with some having bought products from them.
  • Amazon affiliates have a broad array of products for sale.
  • The site is free to join
  • To join the site, you require little investment. Only a working website.
  • The site uses a simple business model.
  • You can learn from their mistakes without incurring a financial burden.
  • The website has low operating costs. No stocking of inventories, shipping charges or handling gods returned by customers.

What I Don’t Like Amazon Associate Program

  • To join the website, you must have a website.
  • Website applications are subject to approval. Applicants must comply with set guidelines and be in possession of a semi-developed website complete with a privacy policy.
  • The site has highly variable amounts of income.
  • The site has low amounts of commission, 4-8% compared with others where commissions average at 75 %.

Who is Amazon Associate Program For?

The site is most suited to newbies who want to learn how to make money online with little risks.

I like the fact that unlike forex trading, here you can learn from your mistakes without having to bear financial losses.

The only thing you lose is time, which is somehow understandable since every trade has a learning curve.

What About Amazon Associate Program Support Service?

When people read your article, like the information given about a product and click on your link, the landing page will take them to that product’s Amazon page.

Within 24 hours after a customer has purchased a product by clicking on your link, you will earn a commission.

You also earn a commission when customers place goods on a cart and settle payments within 90 days. You cannot fail to have your deserved commission credited since every link has a code which I must say, is a gesture of honesty.

What’s the Start-up Cost?

Amazon Associate Program is free to join. However, you will need a website, setting up a domain name costs $14 while hosting a domain name will only cost you $10-$50 a month. The amount is a small figure compared to the potential gains provided by the website.

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You can even recoup your investment in an hour! Newbies receive a 4% commission which can with time be increased by up to 10%. I challenge you to imagine how much money you can make in a day when hundreds of products are bought through your link.

My Final Opinion On Amazon Associate Program

The program is a wonderful opportunity to make money with little capital investment which I find a good thing for newbies.

A cautious approach to a new investment where one has little knowledge is both sensible and practical.

The program’s low operational costs make it possible for one to build on their experience without suffering a lot of financial losses.

You can be able to fix your past shortcomings with huge financial benefits in the future making learning to become very fun.


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