Is Affiliate Bots Scam? The Only Review You Need To Read

Is Affiliate Bots Scam? The Only Review You Need To Read


affiliate bots review


If you are looking for an affiliate marketing program, you must already know that it’s possible to earn a good passive income from it. Perhaps you have read about Affiliate Bots and want to learn if it is a scam or not. You’re in the right place. I am here to help you identify the real worth of this program.


I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs over the years and if there’s one thing that I want my readers to learn is that they should always be wary of any program they see on the internet. The more outrageous the claims are, the higher the chances of being a scam. Now, that isn’t always the case, but it’s a pretty reliable tell.


For this program, they start off with the claim of $417/day, which is quite a lot, regardless of your profession. From the get-go, it seems like it is a misleading claim but we’re still going to check anyway. I will look into the structure of this program to check if there are any holes, and if it’s a product that is worth checking out.


What Exactly Is Affiliate Bots?


Affiliate Bots is a platform that claims to help its users earn a respectable amount of money in a short amount of time. They have a rather specific claim of $417/day which they claim is possible through the help of their automated system – 37 types of bots.


If you go to their website, their claims are going to be on full display. And if you dig deeper, you really won’t learn anything more about their website at all – and that’s by design. They want to seem vague for potential users, and that’s not unique to this website at all.


Who’s The Man Behind Affiliate Bots?


Affiliate Bots was created and founded by Chris X. Now, I know what you are thinking – that doesn’t seem like a real name at all, and you’d be correct. Chris X is more like a pen name. I’d wager that there’s not one single person responsible for this program. Chris X is like just a placeholder name.


This isn’t the first company that does this. Many companies would use a fake persona as a founder of the company. There seems to be one possible reason for this – they don’t want their real identity known because the program may face several issues down the line. They just don’t want to be held liable should anything go south regarding the program.

Who Is Affiliate Bots For?


If you are an experienced marketer with several years of marketing work under your belt, then maybe you could make use of Affiliate Bots. If you are a beginner, however, you will find that Affiliate Bots has some features that are only intuitive for experienced guys.


If I were being honest here, there’s not much about in Affiliate Bots that I would recommend to my readers. They are plenty more products or items that you can use instead. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I reckon that you better start with a much more beginner-friendly program.


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Honest Thoughts About Affiliate Bots


Just like all companies in the market, Affiliate Bots will have its own pros and cons. The key to choosing a good company is understanding that all companies have negative qualities. The marker you should be looking for is if the positives outweigh the negatives in a considerable way. If not, then the company is not worth your time at all.




  • Affiliate Bots offers a lot of tools


If you can utilize their products and tools exactly how they are designed to use, then you have a better chance to become successful in this industry. They have several tools for email marketing lead generation which is what you’re looking for most of the time.


  • Price is low compared to other similar companies


When you compare the pricing of Affiliate Bots to similar companies, at $17, it is generally lower but not by much. But overall, you will get more for the same price from this company.


  • There is a money-back guarantee


Since this company is sold by Clickbank, there is a money-back guarantee. That will always be a positive thing for me since you can easily get your money back if you are not happy with the purchase.




Now, here comes the juicy part. I’ve noticed that this is the part that makes or breaks a company. If the cons are problematic enough, they have the ability to destroy any of your interest in the company. But as I’ve said, all companies will have their cons but the “cons” of the good ones are noticeably smaller.


  • Misleading claims


Their first con is quite problematic because right from the get-go, you are basically told a lie. In their pitch, they claim that they can help you make money fast, even if you don’t have any prior digital marketing experience. No matter how sweet those words are doesn’t make it all true. As I’ve observed time and time again, companies with egregious claims tend to not be good companies at all.


  • Automate money-making is a lie


Automating the process to make money is an outright lie. The fact that it is included in their sales pitch is pretty telling of their position as a company. The name of the company itself has a “bot” in it which sort of gives the impression that it is somehow related to automation – it is not. Any successful internet marketer will tell you that money-making through automation is not true at all.


  • The tools available are not beginner-friendly


If you have prior experience using digital marketing items, then maybe you can operate their tools to their full potential.


  • They have some upsells


If you’ve been a follower of this review website, you must already know how much I hate upsells. If a company has numerous upsells, it’s a good indication that it is not a truthful company at all. Most companies that use upsells hide most of the features of their website in order to squeeze more money off of their customers.


However, the upsells of Affiliate Bots are a bit different. Instead of stashing away some of the features of their products and selling it for an upsell. Their upsells include links to other products instead.


The Conclusion – Is Affiliate Bots A Scam?


So, now, to answer the question is Affiliate Bots a scam? The answer is no, it is not a scam. But that is just a short answer.


To give you a better image of the program, I will need to discuss a few things first. Firstly, it is not a scam but it kind of operates just like one. In short, it is fairly close to being one. The misleading claims are pretty hard to get over with because that’s the first thing that you will observe when you use this program.


Overall, I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this program to anyone, especially to someone that doesn’t know much about digital marketing. If you are pretty knowledgeable about affiliate marketing, then maybe you can make use of this program. But even then, you won’t have much use for it.


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