Is Ad Bunny A Scam? What Others Are Not Telling You!

Is Ad Bunny A Scam?


ad bunny scam


More and more money-making schemes online are popping up everywhere, mostly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Basically, they are ads that would show up on people’s feeds where the headline would have something like “earn $5000 per day.” Normally, I ignore these types of ads because they don’t look legit. In fact, they straight up look like spam. This has been an ongoing problem on the internet – scams showing up everywhere but if you understand the way the internet works, you can easily get around these things. If the ad is headlining an offer that seems “too good to be true,” then it probably is a scam. But there are rare cases in which a program comes up that actually lives up to its claims. This is a very occurrence but it does happen, so today, I am going to review a program that’s been making a splash on several social media platforms because of their aggressive advertising. The name of the product is Ad Bunny.


I first saw Ad Bunny on Facebook and Instagram. Their adverts seem really simple and straightforward, something like “earn $1,000 in your first week.” The claim is not that grand, to be honest. I’ve seen better claims than this. Well, actually, this claim is on the lower end of grandiosity as far as headlines go, therefore, I think this product is worth checking out because there’s a chance that what it claims is true, no matter how small it is. If we are lucky, this might be one of those products that can make you money almost automatically. How good could that be? We’re here to find out.



What Exactly Is Ad Bunny?


The Ad Bunny system claims to have made an automated system that earns you money if you regularly post an ad on different social media platforms. The company claims to enable its users to earn thousands of dollars just by using their system, and the rules are very simple. However, if I were being honest here, this doesn’t sound like a very legitimate opportunity. I’ve reviewed similar programs before and the results are not as encouraging as the majority of the websites that claim easy money turn out to be just thinly-veiled pyramid schemes.


I’ve written many things about pyramid schemes before but allow me to summarize it one more time. Basically, pyramid scheme is paying the first investors with the money from the succeeding investors. This goes on until the payment structure collapses because of the lack of funds, resulting from the limited number of new recruits the company has obtained. If a company has a similar payment structure to the pyramid scheme, chances are, it is one. However, there are many companies are structured like these but have a very strong foundation because they offer an alternative source of income other than recruiting people. This type of company is called an MLM but lately, MLM has been getting some negative image because it is similar to the payment structure of a pyramid scheme. There are many differences but that’s for another article.


How Does It Work?


The advertisement instructs you to visit a website. Once you have visited the site, a video will automatically play explaining the whole process in detail. To summarize, the narrator says that all you have to do to earn money is to sign up and post ads then you’re all set. He also adds that once you have done that, all it takes is just 7 days to earn your first $1,000 – it’s that simple. But of course, there’s a catch with something like that. There always is a catch.


Firstly, the narrator makes it seem like earning that money is going to be very simple. Let me tell you right now that it is not! Earning that much money from a single program is never going to be easy. In truth, if you want to earn that much, you need to invest time. I’ve never seen an “automated” product earn that much unless it’s something illegal. This product, however, claims just that. If you look in closely though, you will find that the whole thing falls apart. You may not just earn money through it but also get burned for a whole lot more money than you intended to.


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Is Ad Bunny Just Another Thinly-Veiled Pyramid Scheme?


If you look closer, it does look like one because of its structure. At the heart of the program though, there is a service being promoted but it doesn’t seem like a priority at all. All of it seems like a façade of sorts to make the whole thing appear legal. The real money-making opportunity here is done by recruitment. A bulk of your commission won’t come from actually posting ads but from recruiting other people to join your network. The people you recruit are promised to earn money by posting ads but in reality, they will also need to recruit to earn money – very much like you.


If you take a step back, it’s very easy to see how it is a pyramid scheme. There are many more companies like this on the internet and they never seem to decrease in number. The opposite is happening actually as more and more programs like this are pushed into advertisements for us to see. They are using the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise it to broader audience.


Red Flags On Ad Bunny System


Ad Bunny makes use of the “scarcity” tactics wherein they would give “limited-time” offer that you won’t get otherwise you sign up right now. This tactic is also used by infomercials and is actually quite effective in securing the sale but it is a bit shady when you think about it. It makes use of “fear of losing out” mentality of people.


Their scarcity tactic is surprisingly a new take on the “limited time” offer because it makes use of a countdown. It says that there are only 3 hours remaining for you to secure the registration or else you’ll never see the offer ever again. However, if you open the website on another device, you will also see the same countdown, and the same “3 hour” clock down timer. This isn’t a new marketing tactic, per se, but it is quite discouraging to see them use it.



ad bunny countdown


The Verdict – Is Ad Bunny A Scam?


Based on the information I’ve gathered over the last few days, the answer seems to be YES, but it’s not a resounding yes. It’s not like any other scam out there that’s “in your face” kind of scam. It’s more like a scheme that is designed to squeeze money off its members without them realizing it. It’s another kind of devious but I can see how many people could fall into this trap because of the promise of easy money.


There are other better opportunities out there that you can easily find for yourself. I’ve reviewed hundreds of products before and if you want to check them out, feel free to click HERE. Also, my recommended program is also posted here on the website. If you want to check that out, feel free to do as well.







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