Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?- True Review Facts!

Is ABC Fundraising A Scam?- True Review Facts!

Name: ABC Fundraising

Owner: Jamie Speirs & Matt Fass

Website: abcfundraising.com

Price: Free to sign up

Overall Rank: 7 Out of 10

Chances are you have come across ABC Fundraising while trying to raise money to pay some bills or invest into a business.

Sign up for a new business venture can be daunting, so you want to make sure that you have done your due diligence before you invest.

What is ABC Fundraising all about? Is it a real business or another piece of scam?

Can I build a viable business with them?

Stay tuned, as I thoroughly review this program and give you guys the scoop on whether it legit as well as answering many other questions you have here before joining.

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What Is ABC Fundraising?

ABC Fundraising is one of the fundraising suppliers that have their company in the United Ste of America.



The company claim they have helped up to 50,000 of schools sports teams, a non-profit organization, and various organizations.

ABC Fundraising has a free sample package based on what was they have on their sales page. The company earns up to 97% from the start without initial payment.

The company has a lot of products like Cookies Dough Fundraiser; a discount fund to people that will join this company.

The Cookie Dough Fundraiser allows you to earn up to 80% and this is best for the student.



What Will You Be Doing Once You join?

You will gain access to their tons of fundraising products.

The company will give you a booklet to allow your customers look through their several products. You will have to write the orders on the booklet.

You don’t have to pay for the whole product before getting the orders. Then you will place the order through ABC Fundraising. The company will ship the products to the customers.

Scratch and Help happen to be one of their most profitable products and you will have to buy this product if you want to earn through it.

All members that want to raise funds will have to buy this Scratch and Help booklet.

Then they will require you to take this booklet to friends and relatives for them to scratch, and each of the scratched booklets will have a price ranging from $0.5 to $3.00. The scratched booklet will earn you $100 once completed.

The company also offers products like a chocolate bar, lollipops, and candy.

You’ll want to place a large order, like 100 candies, and then you and other members will have to take them around to sell to buyers or consumers directly. And you will have to keep the cash.

You will sell most of your products on time when you attend sports events.

The company offers you a discount card. This will be customized to the logo or image of your group. The discount card can be sold to outsiders because this includes your logo.

You will get this card for $15 and will have to give about 15 people, and the back of such cards is various restaurants to use the coupon.


Let’s Take A Look At The Pros Vs. Cons Of The Program


  • The offer real products.
  • Minimum investment required, Fun and make some money
  • You don’t need expensive tools in order to get started.
  • Personally, I love fundraising and love to give back to the community.
  • They have almost no complaints on the internet


  • They sell more than they have in stock which requires a long wait. This is entirely understandable, and it happens in most business.


So Is ABC Fundraising A Scam?

ABC Fundraising has been in business for several decades now and they offer their customers real products.

ABC Fundraising is a legit company and nothing close to scam. But the opportunity may not be for all.

This opportunity is highly recommended for church, groups, and churches that want to raise funds.

ABC Fundraising is mainly designed for groups and organization and not for the individual that wants to make a living.

Do you want to raise money for your club, team, and church? ABC Fundraising will be the opportunity to explore.

This is because this company has been around for years and has a track record proper operation.

But if you are looking at making money as an individual from this opportunity, I will advise you stay clear off from this company.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with ABC Fundraising that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!





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  1. You note “But if you are looking at making money as an individual from this opportunity, I will advise you stay clear off from this company.” – could you provide more depth to why you suggested this?

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