Is 30 Minute Money Methods Scam Or Can You Actually Make Money?

Is 30 Minute Money Methods Scam Or Can You Actually Make Money?


Product Name: 30 Minute Money Methods

Owner: Shelly West


Price: $37 (Downsells $27)

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10



With life moving on the fast lane and costs of living skyrocketing with each dawn, everyone everywhere is looking for a side hustle besides their eight to five jobs so as to make extra income including you too.

Why did I jump to that conclusion? Because you are here right now looking at my thirty-minute methods review to find out whether it is for real or just a hyped up method to scam you off your hard earned money.

Whether you are here on purpose or you accidentally stumbled upon our page no one minds having extra cash in their pocket and as such you lucky star is shimmering brightly on you because below is all you need to know about the thirty-minute method.

Looking For The Right Way To Make Money Online?



What The Heck Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

30 Minute Money Methods claims to be a training program that will teach you how to make money online as much as $500 in 30 minute.

Shelly claims that her training program will help you make $50,000 per month with no startup capital, expensive equipment, or prior experience required.



In a nutshell, the program teaches you how to make money through voice over work, stock photography, playing games, freelancing and affiliate marketing.

Below is a screenshot of the member’s area-



What I liked About 30 Minute Money Methods

Takes only thirty minutes to earn you a good amount

As the name suggests, this money making channel does not require your entire day, it only takes you thirty minutes to get started.

That means you do not have to quit your day job just to engage in it because something as short as your lunch break is enough to earn you an amount better than your paycheck once you get the ride of it.

Therefore if you work on a tight schedule then thirty minutes method could act as a good side hustle to get your month going before your monthly salary.

According to Shelly, there are hundreds of full-time family carers, single parents and many other busy people who engage in the thirty minutes method for only half an hour and they manage to make fat paychecks at the end of the day.


Work anywhere

This one is obvious but we are not leaving any stone unturned. The thirty-minute method does not require you to be in some kind of special setting to get it going.

You only require your laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet and you will be good to go. That means, even when you are in the office and your boss is around, you can still engage in the money making spree offered by this platform without having any trouble as you are doing it on your office desktop.


60-day refund

Most programs usually don’t offer you any guarantee. But with this one, you have a 60-day money back warranty hence you can confidently put your money in it because somehow you know you’ll get it back. What’s even more assuring is that its listed on Clickbank which further assures you of your refund.


Lots of testimonials for proof

During my review, I came across many testimonials which prove that this thing is really working. There are hundreds of people who have come out saying that it works. Most of them are in video form and also reviews. However, we can never be so sure with such because they might be just staged. But we’ll take a look at that later.


They offer seven bonuses

These help improve your chances of earning good money


24/7 customer care support

Another plus is that you have access to customer care support. This comes in handy because no matter how perfect you are, we all reach that point where we can’t solve something or figure something out on our own and having backup or guidance during such periods saves the day.


No special skills required

Another advantage that couldn’t miss out on our 30-minute method review is that it does not require any special skills. In fact, most of the platform users hold no college degrees while others have only reached high schools. So imagine what you can do with this platform with your university degree.

However, if you don’t have it you still do not need to stress out about anything because this forum is open to everyone. Therefore it offers a chance for everyone to have a better life without having to try so hard.


Requires no downloads or installs

Most platforms usually require a certain special software in order to work. Others require special links which often ask you to download special offers only to head nowhere. However, with this method, this is direct.

All you need to do is just google up and you will get a search page full of links to direct you to the platform and then follow the prompts of their websites.


Does not require any personal information

Most people often shy away from money making forums because they ask for too much personal information Nevertheless, this is different from others because all you need to do is fill up your basic information and that’s all.

And it is just not any kind of basic information like your address and the likes, it only needs your email address and your name so if you were worried about the kind of information required then don’t worry because all you need to do is fill up your general data and you will get instantaneous access.


No holding stock

This is not like affiliate marketing or any other money making products which require you to deal with some kind of physical goods. It is purely an online thing and you deal mostly with freelance work.

That means you don’t have to stress about storage, deliveries and the likes. Thus it is less hectic, uses less time and is claimed to earn you hundreds of dollars.


What I Didn’t Like About 30 Minute Money Methods

Requires money in advance

If you believe in trying something out first before putting in your money, then you may shy away from 30 minutes methods. Reason being it requires you to pay $37 first before you can even comment or make inquiries.

For instance, I tried commenting on the comment section and was immediately redirected to the order page. Thus this acts as a red flag for many people because you can never tell whether it will work for you.


It’s not as easy as it sounds

During the video review, Shelly West says that she made hundreds of dollars within the first thirty minutes. However, it is not as easy as she makes it sound. You have to put in some efforts on your side to get that cash. If it was as effortless as she makes it look then probably we would all be rich.

For instance some of the things you have to do include online voice over work, being a middleman in transactions, managing social media, playing games, freelance work, and the likes.

Even though these methods are completely legit, they are everywhere from fiver to Shutterstock and you don’t need to put any money to try them.

That means you’ll have to try extra hard before you can get the kind of amounts Shelly West talks about.


The money making methods are not so secret and are regular

On the introduction video, Shelly makes her methods sound like some top secrets which when known might land you in trouble but they are really not.

In fact, they are pretty regular and you’ve probably tried them out if you’ve ever tried making money online before.

For instance, playing games online in exchange for money is something most of us have tried, online freelance work, there Are thousands of Americans who survive on online freelance work, selling stock photos, managing social media accounts, voice-overs, and the likes are pretty obvious and ordinary online money making methods.

So this is another disadvantage because the platform offers you strategies you’ve used before and which are highly competitive because they are tried everywhere else.


Has no private coaching

Not everyone is familiar with online money making methods. This might be your first trial and as such, you may require extensive training before you can get the ride of it.

Unfortunately, the only form of training you get is in PDF form and is quite shallow. No private coaching and no live chat thus not helpful for beginners.


Lots of positive testimonials

No matter how good something is, not everyone will love it. It doesn’t matter how many people are into it, there is always that one person who is against it.

Even overrated artists like Rihanna and Beyonce still have haters and surprisingly, thirty-minute methods do not have any critics. Why? Well going through the testimonials, all of them are positive.

All the comments on the comment section are of happy users who made hundreds of dollars off the platform! None of them is complaining.

I’m not saying they are scam I’m just saying, this too gives us another reason to doubt and as such is a con.


No free websites

All of the websites in the 30-minute money method have to be paid for before you can begin working for them. If you want to access a certain product, you need to pay. This means even if you end up getting your initial $37 back, you may have spent more than that at the end of it all.


Who Is It Meant For?

During the thirty-minute money method review, I noticed that Shelly West refers a lot to single parents, busy caregivers and people who have tried again and again to make money online to no avail.

Therefore, in a nutshell, it is meant for anyone who is looking for an easy way to earn some bucks without having to quit other commitments such as their day job.


What’s Included With The Purchase?

Once you pay the $37 startup fee, you get access to videos and PDF’s which are meant to train you on all the money making sources provided by the site. As mentioned earlier, you get trained on:

• Voiceovers
• Freelance work
• Playing online games
• Stock photography


Besides the PDF’s there are also training templates and the Customer care team to help you out when you get stuck. Other than that no other training products are offered and you may just have to figure out the rest on your own because it even lacks a keyword search tool. Additionally, the PDF’s are quite shallow.


Does Shelly Offer Any Help When You Need It?

As mentioned earlier on our list of cons, there is no private coaching and the customer care team is not so helpful either. Additionally, you cannot contact the owners or rather Shelly West.

Once you buy the product, it’s like you are on your own because the site lacks even a member area where you can reach out to other members for help.


How Much Does 30 Minute Money Method Cost?

We’ve mentioned severally on our 30-minute method review about the price of this product but this review aims at ensuring you get the A to Z about this product. It costs $37 and a down sell for $27. However, getting money back is easy pissie because they are listed on Clickbank.


Here’s My Final Opinion About 30 Minute Money Methods

Even though there are many pros, the red flags outweigh them which makes me come to a conclusion that this is a 30-minute money method scam. Why check out the facts below;


1. The websites are autopilot

Another claim from Sherry is that she links you to some secret websites. However, there are no mentions of these sites. She keeps on saying that it is a bunch of websites, but no mention of them or how they get their money.

Yes, it is possible to earn a six-figure income via the internet but that happens if you have a well-established website such as a well-established SEO advertising or blogging site.

However, that is a little difficult if you are selling products for the site you know nothing about. We are yet to come to our of the 30-minute method review so we cannot tell whether it’s a scam yet, but this one here is another disadvantage of the platform which you need to ponder on.


2. No information on Shelly West

Sometimes one way to know if a platform is for real is by running a background check on the owner. However, there is no more data on her to prove whether she is really making money through the methods she claims.

She is probably hiding behind some kind of pseudonym and that acts as a red flag because she can easily vanish into thin air.


3. No member’s area

Most online money making platforms have a member’s area but not this one. Why say so?

Well, the member’s section comprises of earning stats only. That means you cannot interact with anyone to see how they are faring on with the methods.

So to sum it up, this is 30-minute method scam. I would not recommend it to anyone but again, you are welcome to try it because we never know maybe it could work for you.

Do you happen to have any previous experiences with this program that you would like to share with everyone else here today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below!

Please stay safe!


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