Is 22 Minutes To Profit A Scam? What Other Reviewers Won’t Tell You!

Is 22 Minutes To Profit A Scam



If you are looking for a simple and straightforward 22 Minutes to Profits review, then you are in the right place. You probably found this review searching for the keywords, “Is 22 minutes to profit a scam?” I am going to answer that question in a while but first, we’re going to examine the foundation of the program to see if there are any truths or merits to their claims. Not only am I going to answer the question posed above, but I am also going to answer some questions like if it’s worth your money or not. Basically, I am going to tackle this review on all sides to get an unbiased look at this platform.


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Now, back to 22 Minutes to Profits. It’s a website that has a pretty big claim. Right off the bat, they will show you their sales pitch of “you can start earning up to $500 per day” which is pretty egregious since we all know that it’s not possible, not without context at least. On the website, they promise you that you will earn that amount in no time. I’ve reviewed plenty of products that are similar to this one, ones with almost similar claims and most of them turn out as scams. Will this product be any different? We’ll find out in this review.


What Exactly is 22 Minutes to Profit?


22 Minutes to Profit is a program created by a man named Frank Stafford (more on this later) which supposedly tells you the big secret to help you earn up to $500 a day. I’ve already reviewed several programs before which claimed the same thing but most of them don’t really pan out. This one doesn’t look different at all. In fact, it uses the same tactic that others have used to lure in potential customers. The use of outrageous claims like “earn this amount of that” is a sales strategy that’s been done to oblivion.


When you go to their site, you will see a familiar template, a landing page if you will, that has the big claim on the top half and the profile harvester near the middle. The aim is to get you to give your email address, name, and mobile phone number for their marketing purposes. This isn’t exactly a new way to get a subscription. But as I was telling you, this website doesn’t seem that unique at all. I can probably slap on my old review article here, change up a few words and you won’t even notice a thing. It’s a pretty standard website that I’ve already reviewed at least ten times.


Who’s The Owner?


The owner is a man named Frank Stafford, which upon further investigation, reveals is just a fake persona. It’s just a fake identity put together to make it seem like the program has a real owner, which can answer to any of the issues it might face. The fact is, this Frank Stafford guy isn’t real.


The reason why a lot of programs do this is to remove their culpability in case something goes wrong with the program. For instance, if this program, 22 Minute to Profit, faced a legal action, no one will be culpable except for Frank Stafford which isn’t even a real person. Most scam companies do this to dodge complaints and other issues.


How Much Is The Program?


The promise of $500 per day is too hard to pass up, and for the price of a one-time payment of $47, the offer gets so much more interesting. Here’s a thing though, is $47 a good price for this product? To tell you the truth, it’s not looking like so. But before we jump into any conclusion, I am going to give you a rundown of the negative things about this program and only then will be able to make an unbiased conclusion.


Red Flags About This Program


  • Vague Explanation


One thing to note about these kinds of programs is their deliberate use of vagueness whenever they are explaining how their system works. The only message that they want you to get is once you avail of their program, you will soon earn money almost instantly. This is simply not true and couldn’t be farther from the truth.


  • Fake Testimonials


If you check the reviews and feedback from their website, it will seem obvious that most of the reviews are fake. I would go as far as saying that all of the good reviews are fake. You can tell by the way they were written as if they were manufactured by a sentient AI, but not quite that sentient yet. I will add some proofs down below for you to check out.



  • Fake Owner


I’ve already talked about this one but the owner Frank Stafford is not a real person. One of the first things you should be looking for when selecting a company is to research the mind behind it. As it turned out, the owner is not a real person, and that’s deliberate. The real owner wants to be as far away as possible from this program in case it blows out. They can do that by using a fake persona.


  • Fake and Misleading Claims


The earning claims are completely fabricated and are obviously edited. One of the reasons why you shouldn’t believe claims based on one picture is they can easily be edited. The numbers can easily be edited. If you want a better proof, a video of the earnings would be a good starting point, but even then, videos can easily be doctored. What I mean is you have to be wary and questioning of all the claims these programs are saying because most of them are untrue and were only there to lure you into buying the program.



22 Minutes To Profit – Is It A Scam? The Answer


The answer should already be obvious but in the case that it is not, the answer is YES, IT IS A SCAM! There’s no doubt about it. Everything about this program is designed to scam you out of your money, and they’re not even trying to hide it. This program belongs to a group of similar programs that have the same approach to affiliate marketing – that is to take your money and go.


I suggest that you get away as far as possible from this program. This is an outright scam that should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of programs out there similar to this one. It would only take you about a minute of searching to find another similar site using the same scam. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to identify these kinds of programs. I’ve already discussed those above in the red flags section.


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