Is 20 Minute Results A Scam?- Free Massive Traffic Or Ugly Scam?

Is 20 Minute Results A Scam?- Free Massive Traffic Or Ugly Scam?

Name: 20 Minute Results


Owners: Mark Barrett & Paul Prissick

Price: $4.95 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

You may have come across 20 Minute Results while you were on social media and has lead to my review to do some further research about this opportunity.

Perhaps you were checking your email and happened to run into this and this peaked your curiosity to learn more about this particular company.

Whatever your case may be, I’m glad that you have done your due diligence and haven’t let your desperation to earn a quick buck get the best of you.

In fact, most people nowadays search online before making any final decision on whether to join a new opportunity or not.

Before we begin, I would like to note that I am in no way affiliated with 20 Minute Results business opportunity. So this means that my 20 Minute Results review will be completely non-biased.

Within the following review, I’ll be showing you whether 20 Minute Results could potentially be worth your time or if you’re better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


What Are 20 Minute Results All About?

20 Minute Results is a training course that claims to teach you how to make money online in 24 hours or less without prior knowledge of Internet marketing.

This new training was released on October 19, 2016, by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick. Recently, this product has been getting a lot of attention.

This program will walk you through making money online that’s completely new.

This system has nothing to do with CPA, Facebook ads, social media, YouTube, PPV, PPC, SEO, or Offline marketing.

The system they offer you will make the task super simple and anyone no matter their background will be able to use it.

In fact, the creators of the program claim you will be making  $176 a day with just 20 minutes of work and 100% free traffic.



How Do 20 Minute Results Work?

Their product consists of a step by step blueprint which comes in the form of PDF files . You’ll also gain access to some videos that help you get started with the system.

This product also has quite a range of bonus content that gives you an additional insight which will help you get this rolling.

Below Is An Inside Look Of The Member’s Area.



Listed below are all the training videos that you’ll gain access to at the front end price.

The core training consists of only 8 short videos and the entire training last for under 30 minutes.

There’s a quick welcome video from Paul where he welcomes you aboard and gives you brief overviews of what you’ll be doing.

Video 1. Affiliate Marketing Sucks.

In this short video, Paul explains how hard affiliate marketing to make a consistent income and how hard to compete with other affiliates for the same offers to get a small slice of a big pie.

Why he believes this method is better because you don’t need to sell anything to make money.

Video 2. Solo Ads.

In this video, Paul explains from tiny solo ads, he made $176. And how he recycled those leads and make him $250k without selling anything.

Video 3. Setting Up Your Squeeze Page.

In this video, they show you how to set up your squeeze page and send people to your squeeze pages where you collect their email address.

Also, Paul shows you how to get free reports by following 3 simple steps.

Video 4. Follow-Up Sequences.

Once you get people opting into your squeeze page and joining your list, you will need to follow up with them.

In this video, you’ll learn how to create follow-up emails where you can engage with your audience and start building trust with them.

Video 5. Types Of Blogs.

In this video, you will learn different types of blogs you could use with this system.

Paul recommends focusing on more popular topics like stop smoking, weight loss and more.

Video 6. Ads Networks.

You will learn how to use ”” as an alternative to Adsense if Google has banned your Adsense account.

Video 7. Get Free Traffic.

In this video, you will learn how to generate free traffic to your offers.

The free traffic takes a lot of time to build up and it’s rather hard to achieve good results.

Paul also recommends you to use paid traffic since it’s quicker than the free method.

Video 8. In Closing.

This video pretty much sums everything up that you learned and shows you what to do next.


What Is The Cost To 20 Minute Results?

The front end price of 20 Minute Results is between $5. 95 and 9.95, but that’s not all. Once you purchase this system, you will be offered various upsells subsequently.

There are three additional offers associated with this program.



Upsell #1. 10 Untapped Extra Traffic Source.

After the purchase of the Rapid Passive Profits, an offer which will cost $27 will be presented to you.

Upsell #2. DFY Pack.

After that, another offer will be presented which will cost you $27.

Upsell # 3. Master Class Access.

Finally, the last upsell is $197 will also be presented to you.

My question is that when I saw this product’s function is why the developer can’t include all that in the first product and charge at once instead of buying various products.

I now discovered that to really enjoy what this program has to offer you have to spend nothing less than $200 to get started.


What I like About 20 Minute Results

  • The price is fair to get started
  • Somewhat quality training program.
  • Newbies friendly step – by -step method.
  • Some insights for both free and paid traffic methods.


What I Don’t Like About 20 Minute Results

  • upsells in the member’s area.
  • Unrealistic claims that you will start getting traffic in no time.
  •  lots of important information are missing
  • They don’t offer SEO training.
  • Getting massive free traffic is not as easy as they claim.


Should you Join 20 Minute Results?

This is another product you can gain access to fairly cheap, but once you join you are hit with several offers.

The core product consists of nothing more than PDF and a few videos.

According to the sale page, you are lead to believe that for under $10, you can get started and learn everything you need to know to get started and make money in no time.

If you’re familiar with how a system that is set up like this, you know that this couldn’t further from the truth.

In order to fully unlock the whole thing, you will need to buy their upsell to make all of this work for you.

This is something you need to keep in mind before you even think about joining.


Here Is What I Really Think

20 Minute Results isn’t a scam. In fact, you actually get a lot of value for the $4. 95 bucks you initially outlay. Sure you have to navigate the upsells and choose wisely, but overall the value in there.

I was surprised by some quality of 20 Minute Results training because the overall training is decent.

However, you may still need further help such a great Internet Marketing Community like My #1 Recommended Program as it doesn’t answer everything about the online business.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with 20 Minute Results that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!





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