IntelliShop Review: Is Mystery Shopping Worthwhile?

IntelliShop Review

IntelliShop review


Product Name: IntelliShop

Price: Free to join

Rating: 6.7 out of 10

Verdict: If you only consider this platform as more of a “chance for extra money” and not a consistent money-maker, you will have a much better time using it.


Being a mystery shopper is one of the many side gigs you can do if you want extra money. As a mystery shopper, you are tasked to review stores and market, test new products, and review the overall vibe of the store you visited.

It’s literally just giving your honest opinion on a company. What makes your opinion so valuable is these companies want to understand how an average consumer sees their brand. As such, they hire random people, just like you, to visit their stores. They usually don’t give notice to the store managers to be able to get the most honest review available.

In today’s review, we’re going to review a company called IntelliShop. It’s a mystery shopper platform that is perfect if you are looking for extra money on the side. We’re going to discuss how exactly does it work, or is it worth trying. Read on further for additional information.


What Is IntelliShop?

IntelliShop is the company you go to when you want to get feedback for one of your stores. It is a third-party company that offers companies the ability to hire random mystery shoppers to help them gauge their overall image.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to rely on reviews and feedback online from people. It’s very much recommended that you get someone on the ground to really give you a view of the company. This is to actually understand what’s going on inside it. It’s sort of like an undercover work but the main objective is to get an unaltered look inside its operation.

For the purpose of this review, we’re going to inspect it from the perspective of a user. Since the point of this website is to review online money-making opportunities, it’s only fair that we view this from a member’s viewpoint.

We’re also going to look at it from a company’s point of view but it’s going to be limited. If you are a company looking to hire a mystery shopper, it’s best that you go straight to their website to learn their offers.


How Do You Earn With IntelliShop?

Earning is made by becoming one of their mystery shoppers. Every time you complete an assignment, you will be paid in cash and reimbursed any amount that you spent when reviewing a store. For instance, if a company wants to review its cashier platform, they may ask you to purchase something from the store. This is refundable as long as you are able to provide the receipt.

sample review intellishop
Sample IntelliShop Review

Expect to earn $5 – $30 for each task that you complete. The payment depends on how hard the task is to complete. The easier the task, the lower the payment is. They will send detailed instructions on what to check whenever you go to their store. All you have to do is follow this instruction and you’re all set.


What Are The Usual Tasks?

Some assignments will have more instructions. It depends on how extensive the review is. The guidelines are usually pretty straightforward though. You won’t have any problem following them because they’re as easy as one could be. To give you an idea, here are some of their assignments

  • Buy an item
  • Try out a new product
  • Ask the staff about their product
  • Interact with the staff
  • Check the condition of the store
  • Check for availability of certain stocks
  • And other similar items

Once you are done doing any of those things, you are required to submit a report about your whole interaction with the store. The more detailed your report is, the more highly rated you will be as a shopper. That can certainly affect your chances of getting selected again in the future.


How To Become A Member?

Becoming a member is easy. It’s just like any registration out there. Just proceed on their website and signup from there. You need to provide a bit of information about yourself before you can get started. Almost all companies screen their shoppers by looking into their profile and reading the quick summary that you have written on it.

Be creative when creating your profile. Think of your profile as some sort of a pitch for yourself. If your profile is as bland as any other on the platform, there’s really no incentive for companies to pick you out from the rest.

IntelliShop signup

However, there are instances where a company is looking for certain demographics. You may not be eligible if you do not belong in the demographic that the company is looking for.

In the event that you get accepted, you will be given a 5-minute screening test to see if you are up to the task. You will be judged based on how you follow the instructions given to you. This is the last step in securing your spot as a member of this platform.

Once you are a member, you can now start looking for gigs in your area. You can also edit in your notification settings to send out notifications when there are available assignments in your area. Click accept if you want to do the assignment. You will get a confirmation email once you do.

What I Like About Intellishop

  • It has a solid structure that makes it pretty easy to understand – you just review stores incognito
  • You have total control on the number of hours that you get to work as long as you meet their deadline
  • They use Paypal as their payment option which makes it plenty convenient compare to its competitors
  • You get to keep the items you bought and will get reimbursements, too
  • Totally free to join


What I Don’t Like About Intellishop

While Intellishop is a pretty unique opportunity to earn money on the side, it’s not without its flaws. In this section, I am going to write about the things that I found unfavorable on my views about this platform.

  • Assignment availability depends heavily on your area
  • Your profile heavily dictates how many assignments you can potentially do
  • The payment for being a mystery shopper can’t even be considered a salary because it’s not that high
  • There are cases where you may even lose money because of miscellaneous expenses like gas, parking, food, etc.


The Verdict – Do I Recommend IntelliShop?

Now, the big question – is IntelliShop really worth it?

To answer that, you must first understand how much you value your time. The answer depends on that. For reference, some assignments can take up half your day because of the commute and the required write-ups that come along with it. If payment is only $15 for all that hassle, is it really considered worthwhile?

Some would answer no. But I also understand that a few people would be okay with this because they’ll be doing that in their free time anyway. That’s practically free money all things considered. You even get to keep the item that you are supposed to review. For some, that’s a good enough bargain.

Now, as for their claim of an extra $100 – $150 income per month, it doesn’t look promising. In fact, only a few people can even reach that milestone. You should keep this in mind when you signup for this program. Don’t expect a consistent influx of gigs because not a lot of companies use IntelliShop.

If you only consider this platform as more of a “chance for extra money” and not a consistent money-maker, you will have a much better time using it.


Alternative to IntelliShop

Now, if you want something that can really help you earn real money, I’m afraid that IntelliShop is not the right program for that. To earn real money online, you must be willing to try out more innovative products. One of the best and most reliable industries on the internet is affiliate marketing.

To learn more about this industry, you can read my #1 most recommended program here.

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