Inbox Pounds Review- Don’t Join Until You Read This

Inbox Pounds Review: Don’t Join Until You Read This

Name: Inbox Pounds

Owner: Daren Cotter


Price: Free to sign up

Overall Scam Rank: 5.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Legitimate

In the past 3 weeks alone, I have received over 10 messages asking my opinion about Inbox Pound. After replying to these people privately, I decided to write a review of Inbox Pounds so that everyone can benefit.

Since the internet and smartphone went viral, most of us spend way too much time on the internet watching videos, reading news, and commenting on our friends’ posts.

But here is the thing, while you are enjoying the internet, remember that there is a bill to pay. Thus, you can convert the time you spend on the internet to a money-making period.

The Internet has made it easy to earn money right from the comfort of your home. Nowadays, most people are earning a full-time income from their home. You can also leverage the internet to earn residual income to supplement your salary.

However, when it comes to choosing a program, you need to be really careful. Like I use to say, not all that glitters are gold. A lot of scams exist on the internet especially when it comes to money-making techniques.

Most programs that claim you will make money are just out to deceive you, take your money, and waste your time. Before joining any program, you need to make a thorough research.

This is why I created this website to help people review various money-making opportunities to ensure you don’t fall into scams when you are using the internet.

I’m glad that you are reading this review of Inbox Pounds. I have taken my time to research and write an honest and unbiased review of Inbox Pound.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about this program. Keep on reading to learn more about Inbox Pounds and how it works.

What is Inbox Pounds?

Inbox Pounds is a program that allows you to earn money from home on the internet. This company provides a range of online activities you need to do in order to earn money.

What Inbox Pounds does is to actually bring advertisers to consumers. They share the compensation they receive with people that participate on their platform.

Who Owns Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pound is a program owned by Inbox Pounds Limited. This is a company that is registered in both England and Wales.

It might also interest you to know that Inbox Pound is a subsidiary of the American Corporation CotterWeb Enterprise. The company was developed by Daren Cotter in 2000.

In the United States, this company has another company known as InboxDollars which is essentially the American version of Inbox Pounds.

How Does Inbox Pounds Work?

Have you ever joined or participated in “get-paid-to” website? If you have, then you won’t have a problem using Inbox Pounds. While I was looking at this program, I discovered it has similarity to other “get-paid-to” websites I have used in the past.

In Inbox Pounds, you can earn money when you complete surveys, read emails, conduct internet searches inside Inbox Pounds, play games, and take part in product testing.

Here’s A quick Video on Inbox Pounds.


Every day, you can log into your dashboard to see tasks that you need to complete and earn money. You can continue to accumulate your earnings until you reach the payout threshold which is £20 – an equivalent of $29.

Note that Inbox Pounds won’t just send you the payment, you must request for it before they can send it to you. Note that it must take 8 days after making a request before you can receive the payment in your account.

Moreover, the company only process payments once a week and only on Wednesdays. Once your payment has been processed, they will send a check to the address you have listed on your account.

How much money can be made with Inbox Pounds?

I don’t recommend that you quit your day job yet for Inbox Pounds. You can make money depending on your effort. When you sign up, you will receive £1 bonus just for signing up.

After that, you will be required to set up your profile and then you will receive £0.50 once your profile has been set up. Once you are done, you can start completing surveys and other tasks listed on your dashboard.

You can earn £0.20 to £0.50 for a standard survey. There are also various tasks available on the dashboard that can help you increase your earning. Some tasks will pay you between £0.02 and £0.10. You can even make money for reading emails and playing games.

Additionally, Inbox Pounds have some shopping partners that include Best Buy, Gap, and the Banana Republic. When you shop from one of these partners, you will get cash back. However, the amount you will receive back is not clear.

To make money from Inbox Pounds, it is recommended that you join their referral program. This is a good way to make money. When you join their referral program, Inbox Pounds will pay you 10% of your referral’s earnings.

This is a great way to make more money when you join this program. Joining Inbox Pounds referral program can help you earn money without doing any work.

Training/Tool Overview

This program doesn’t require any training. Since it is “get-paid-to” website, you can just log in and begin completing tasks in order to earn money. The program is easy and very beginner-friendly. Some of the tasks you need to complete include:

  • Read Emails
  • Use search engines
  • Complete surveys
  • Play games
  • Sign up with Inbox Pounds partners
  • Shop with Inbox Pounds partners
  • Join their referral program

Complaints Against Inbox Pounds

Some users complained that their check never arrived while others complained that Inbox Pounds does not pay for survey disqualifications. Moreover, after you have requested a payment, it takes a long amount of time for Inbox Pounds to release the payment.

What I like About Inbox Pounds

  • Free to join
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy to navigate the site
  • You can earn more from some surveys
  • You make 10% of your referral’s earnings
  • You can automatically upgrade to gold membership after you earn your first £20 cashout.

What I Don’t Like About Inbox Pounds

  • Doesn’t pay on time
  • Income potential is very low
  • Limited cash-out options
  • Doesn’t pay for survey disqualifications
  • Increasing number of complaints
  • Is Inbox Pounds Legit or Scam?

Certainly, Inbox Pounds is not a scam website. I checked thoroughly and concluded from the evidence available to me that this website is not a scam. Inbox Pounds is legit.

However, note that joining Inbox Pound is not a great way to support your family. The earning potential here is quite low. It can take incredibly long time before you can get any substantial earning from this platform.

However, if you have some free time and you want to put the time to good use, you can use the time to make some cash from Inbox Pounds. I will, however, recommend that you don’t depend on this source of income.

My Final Thought On Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds, just like other get-paid-to websites, have low-income potential. You can make some cash when you join this program but not enough to support yourself or your family.

Instead of spending all your time on sites like Inbox Pounds, you can learn affiliate marketing from scratch with programs such as Wealthy Affiliate.


8 thoughts on “Inbox Pounds Review- Don’t Join Until You Read This”

  1. Your article about Inbox Pound was informative. I agree that spending any significant time on Inbox Pound would be a waste of time. It doesn’t provide a substantial income to support yourself or your family.

    • Hi Roger,
      Agree. When it comes to filling out surveys, it takes hours after hour, day after day for the pittance they pay is just not worth the time.

      All the best!

  2. Well, it doesn’t sound very promising, it seems like you put a lot of time into it and earn pennies. And it takes time to build referrals, people are not motivated if their work is not rewarded. I would rather go with the affiliate program option.

    • Definitely true! You are trading your time with pennies. You are better off if you are referring others to their platform. However, keep in mind that building referrals also take time.

  3. No inbox pounds for me, thanks. I know there are better ways to make money online. I just have to find the one for me. I’ve been hearing about this Wealthy Affiliate you mentioned on your site. I still want to look in to that one too.


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