Igor Solo Ads Review: Is This Opportunity Legit?

Igor Solo Ads Review


igor solo ads


If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time now, you must already know that getting leads is hard. It’s probably the hardest part of doing affiliate marketing. It’s similar to most businesses wherein the hardest part is getting the customer through the door. Once you get that done, the rest is easy – well, not exactly easy, but easier at least. Getting customers through the door is almost the same as generating leads. If you succeed in getting them interested in your product by intelligently promoting it, you will have a very good time in affiliate marketing.


Today, we’re going to review a product that claims to help with the lead generation part of marketing. The name of the product is Igor Solo Ads. Basically, Igor Solo Ads is a service that will provide leads to your website by way of advertising your website on different channels. In short, you will pay for leads and hope they sign up on the program that you’re advertising. Igor Solo Ads promises a high conversion rate of 30% which makes it somewhat questionable because even the best lead pages will never have that kind of number.


That being said, I am here to review Igor Solo Ads and put those claims to the test. Without further delays, here’s my review.


What Is Igor Solo Ads?


Igor Solo Ads is a lead generating service platform that aims to sell solo ads to marketers all over the world. This kind of lead generation is popular in the niche of marketing and online money making circles, where lead generation is the name of the game.


What Igor does is basically provide his users quality leads that he promises would give you a high conversion rate, at least higher than what you’re getting at the moment. If what he is claiming is true, then this program is indeed a powerful tool for all kinds of marketers out there. What’s more is businesses can also utilize this program to promote their products online.


How Does Igor Solo Ads Work?


The explanation of how it works exactly is somewhat vague. From what I gathered from the orientation video, they use different platforms to advertise your program and filter it to fit your demographic. I would assume that they have several avenues for that. There are plenty of websites that pay for every opt-in completed. Perhaps they are using one of those websites to get them to opt-in to whatever it is you’re advertising. In any case, Igor Solo Ads would only give you opt-in and not sales, which you need to keep in mind.


Another thing that you need to pay attention to the wording of their terms and agreement contract. There is a clause in there that claims that you won’t need to pay if you don’t get the conversion rate they promise. While this is true, there is a big requirement for that – you need to use their email capture page instead of the one you’re already using.


If you think about it, that seems like a good deal since you will be getting a free email capture page, instead of paying for another service. However, there are some drawbacks to that. There’s always a possibility that they would fudge the numbers of the signups that you’re getting. Remember, they are not promising sales but opt-ins – keep that in mind.


How Much Does Igor Solo Ads Costs?


Compared to other paid lead generation services, Igor Solo Ads is somewhat on the pricier side. The prices range from $0.4 per click to the maximum of $2 per click. That is quite a hefty price to pay especially if you are just starting out.


If you manage to get, maybe, a couple of hundred sign-ups, that would cost you around $100, more or less, depending on the price quoted to you. Nevertheless, Igor Solo Ads is reserved only for those who already know what they’re doing. For newbies, while getting a paid lead generation service is tempting, it will not always net you money because there are just too many downsides to it.


Igor Solo Ads – Conclusion


Igor Solo Ads is a legitimate program, there’s no doubt about it. The mind behind this program, Igor Kheifets, is a real person and has been to make innovative marketing tactics for this program.


There are plenty of good things going on in this program and I am happy to report that in my experience, at least some of the claims he made are true. But as I’ve stated above, there are some loopholes in their rules and regulations that you should be careful of.


Igor actually stay true to the promise of his program, and that is to get you “opt-ins.” Take note of this term because opt ins is way different than sales. Opt-in is when someone inputs their email address into your mailing list – that’s it. As for sales, it’s a different story. Getting the sale is entirely up to your marketing strategy and Igor will not be held liable if ever you don’t hit your sales target. It’s worth repeating again that Igor Solo Ads counts just the “opt ins.”


So, what’s my recommendation?


Since Igor would give you quality leads, the only job for you is to turn that into sales. You can only do that if you have a good program, or an interesting program at least. That being said, before you buy this program, make sure you have those covered. Make sure that your sales funnel is solid and can work even without the help from Igor Solo Ads.


Think of it this way, only use Igor Solo Ads as a supplement to the lead that you’re already getting. If you have failed to capture leads in your time as a marketer, I highly doubt that Igor Solo Ads can help your campaign. Never make the mistake of paying for traffic then expecting everything to go well after that. More often than not, it will end badly for you.


Now that’s out of the way.


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