IDPLR Review: Can You Make Money Reselling Other People’s Products

IDPLR Review

IDPLR Review: A Quick Overview

Product Name: IDPLR


Owner: IDPLR

Price: Free (Starter), $97 (Gold Membership)

Overall Rating: 6.3/10


I want to believe that you have heard about affiliate marketing and you know what it is all about. You see, a lot of people know about affiliate marketing but don’t actually know how to make money with it.


The problem with affiliate marketing is finding the right strategy. If you find the right strategy, there is nothing stopping you from making money online.


IDPLR claims to help you make money online by repackaging products that you do not own and selling them as your own. I will like to mention that this method of making money have been around for some years now.


In fact, a couple of guys I know have made money online while some have used this method to build their email list. In this article, I will review whether IDPLR is legit or scam.


What is IDPLR?

IDPLR stands for Instant Download Private Label Rights. It is a website where you can get access to thousands of private label rights products that you can repackage and sell as your own. The domain name ( was register in December 2011 with the owner set to private.


They advertise themselves as the world’s largest, up-to-date PLR membership with over 12500 MMR and PLR products. They only offer premium quality products that designed to help you build and grow your business on the Internet.


These products include but are not limited to eBooks, articles, video training tutorials, software packages, and much more which you can take, change the names of the creators and give them away as your own or even sell them.


IDPLR Products Categories


The unique thing about private label rights products is that the author is willing to allow you resell the product and keep 100% of the profit you made from the product.


Whether it is an ebook, video training, software or an app, you can sell them or give them away as your own without any consequences or problems from the original creators of the product.


The various rights you will get with these products include:

  • Resell Rights
  • Master Resell Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Giveaway Rights
  • Personal Rights


The ability to rebrand these products is what makes them unique. It is a powerful way to get started as an affiliate marketer.


Instead of trying to create your own product, you can just repackage another product created by another internet marketer and give them away or even sell them and keep the whole profits.


Sounds nice, right?


Let’s see how IDPLR works.


How Does IDPLR Works?

Before you can get access to these private label right products, you have to become a member first. IDPLR has two membership options and you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.


It comes with Silver membership option which is free and gold membership option which is a paid membership option.


When you opt for a free membership, you will get access to several hundred eBooks and a few pieces of software. The number of materials you can get when you choose free membership is limited. Fortunately, you can always upgrade to a paid membership.


When you upgrade to a paid membership, you will get as nearly 20 times as many products, along with a greater variety of them. PLR training and courses are also include with the paid membership.


IDPLR Training and video tutorials


At the time of writing this review, you will be able to access 12,500+ PLR products which include:

  • 6315+ eBooks
  • 1330+ Software and Scripts
  • 1707+ Videos
  • 604+ Graphics Packs
  • 1219+ Templates
  • 260+ Audio Packs
  • 1200+ Turnkey Sites
  • 200,000+ PLR Articles


The website states that what you will get in total is 12,500 packages and more than 45, products individually.

You will also get access to:


  • Daily New Product Releases
  • Access to Live Preview
  • Members PLR Product Creation
  • Members PLR Products Request
  • Members PLR Training
  • First Class Support
  • eCover Creator Software
  • 10GB’s of Web Space
  • WP Sales Page Creator
  • 200,000 PLR Articles


What makes most of these products good is that they cover almost every money-making niche such as internet marketing, weight loss, physical fitness, cooking, and many more.


IDPLR has more than 200,000 articles that you can download and use as content on your website. This will save you hours of writing fresh content every day.


If you choose to make use of these articles on your website, I will recommend that you make some changes instead of using word by word which can get you penalized by the search engine.


Moreover, when you have a paid membership in IDPLR, you will get access to eBook cover maker which allows you to make ebook cover that you can use to market any ebook you have.


Can You Make Money With IDPLR?

This depends. In most cases, most people use private label right products as a giveaway when building their list. Most of these products have old contents that are outdated. If you want to sell them, you may need to make some research to update the content you already have.


Note that you can resell these products and keep the whole profit. You can even change the name of the author with yours. You may be able to make some cash if you can find people that are willing to pay you for these products. However, I would recommend using these PLR products as a giveaway in building your email list or audience.


Here’re Some Ways To Make Money with PLR Products

1.Create a Product Package

The first thing to sell PLR products is to create product packages which means you combine several products related to the same topic. This is a great way to increase value and over deliver on what your customers pay for.


How much you are going to price your product package is depends on how many products you are going to include in your product package. It would be five, ten or twenty products or more. That will determine how much to price your products package.


To do this, you will want to create combine or create a theme. Let’s say you want to create a product package related to Social Media products. It could be something around FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and anything related social media.


If you want to take it a step further and narrow it down even more, you can create product package like FaceBook Products Package. This is where you only include FaceBook PLR products.


Before you actually start reselling PLR contents and products, this is the first way and actually one profitable way that you can implement and integrating it into your PLR reselling business.


2. Affiliate Sales: Offer PLR Products as Bonuses

This is another you can make money vie reselling PLR. If you want to make more commission and increase your conversion rates, you can use this strategy. When you are promoting other people’s products, I highly recommend you offer PLR products as bonuses and you will make a lot of more affiliate sales.


If you incorporate bonuses in your affiliate promotions, you conversion rate may increase up to 20- 30 percent. However, you have to make sure that your bonus offers are related to the products you are promoting.


Let’s say you are promoting Internet Marketing products you will want to make sure that the PLR products that you include in your bonus packages are internet marketing related, but not related to self-improvement or personal development. This is one way you can make sure when you create bonus package.


When creating bonus package, also make sure you offer something of value that will benefit your customers.


3. Selling PLR Products on Platform Like: Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Fiverr and More..

The next way you can make money on PLR products is to sell them on platform like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Fiverr and more.


I know a guy who make a good money by selling PLR products on Warrior plus. The guys launched over 350 PLR offers the platform and create only about 10 percent of the products himself.


You can also actually sell PLR products on Fiverr. I have seen some people do this and they have sold quite a lot on the platform. The great thing about Fiverr is you don’t need to sell the same products as everybody else selling.


You can actually rebrand and edit the products in a way that you can make it unique and different from others who are selling the same products.


Who Is Exactly For IDPLR

IDPLR is suitable for people who are interested in using PLR (Private Label Rights) products for business. If you join IDPLR, you will save a lot of money because there have a one-time subscription fee where you can continue to download their new PLR products every month.


The program is also suitable for people who want to use PLR products either for list building, selling or creating contents for site. You will find some very useful information and saving money in the long run.


What I Liked About IDPLR

  • Tons of eBooks, videos, graphics, and much more
  • Free to join
  • Get more access when you upgrade
  • Affordable
  • Anyone can get access to this platform
  • Easy to get used to this platform
  • Build your blog with PLR contents
  • Use the products to build your list


What I Didn’t Like About IDPLR

  • Most of the contents here are old
  • You are likely to suffer from information overload


Is IDPLR Scam or Legit?

IDPLR is a legit website. The free membership option allows you to explore the platform and see if it is right for you. You can go ahead and pay for gold membership when you need access to more products.


IDPLR gives you access to all they promise on their website. However, how you use these products are up to you.


You can use these products to make money or use them to build your list. Once you get these products, they become yours and you can do with them anything you want.


Here’s What I Really Think

IDPLR is a great platform. If you are looking for giveaway contents you can use to build your email list, I will recommend that you join this platform ASAP. You can be able to get access to more updated products when you upgrade to a paid membership.


However, I don’t really think you can make money selling these products because most of them are old. If you are looking for a way to make money online, I will recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for free, get a website, free hosting, free resources and a ton of free training.


So far, this is the best program that will teach you how you can build a six-figure business from scratch. Click here to see how Wealthy Affiliate works.


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Overall Quality



  • Free to Join
  • Use the Products to Build Email List
  • Build a blog with PLR Content


  • Unrealistic Claims
  • Some Contents are Old
  • Information Overload

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