How To Monetize A Website Traffic

How to Monetize Website Traffic

Once you have a website with traffic you will have to figure out a business model to monetize it.

Questions like “Which business model will suit my site?” And “What works for my target market?” arises.

Questions like this are difficult to answer because; it depends on a number of factors.

Over the years several methods have been used to make money from websites. Some worked and some failed.

It is important that you never give up if something doesn’t go as you want, there are always other options.

The main reason why most people never make anything with their website is not that their idea is bad or website.

It is because the expectations are too high, so they give up too soon.


Models For Your Website

Below is a short list of various ways that walk you through how you can monetize your website. These are not all the methods to make money from your website, there are much more but these are the common one:

1. Advertising space sales and Google Adsense

This process to be the most popular ways people make money on their website, which involves the placing of banner ads on your site.

Most Ads we see on site is Google Adsense. With Google Adsense, you get X amount per click. For a number of persons, Google Adsense provides the first revenue through their website.

While many people use Adsense, but in some target market (niche) it’s not always the best choice to earn money.

Another way is to sell ads for X amount per week, month or year. Think in advance what you want to earn and do not earn lower than you can with Google Adsense.


  • Guaranteed income when you sell an item you have;
  • You do not have to do much to earn


  • When you sell an item you can’t tell the time it was sold;
  • You have to look for regular update because Advertiser come and go

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2. Affiliate Marketing

Another sure way to make money with your website is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you promote a product that your visitors can purchase anywhere else.

Whenever you have a product there is a chance to earn from it and it is completely passive. You only have one time to post something and it can generate money without any extra work.

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3. Sell your services

Customers recruit for your services, is also a sure way to earn money with your website.
To reach more potential customers you can create a blog and write about your services on this and related issues. In this way, you show that you have a mind about the topic your visitors are looking for.


  • All you earn is for yourself;
  • Easy to set up; A blog converts well.


  • You trade time for money;
  • Customers are always right, even though it’s the other way round
  • Maybe customer dry for sometimes.
4. You sell your own product

Very often I see people make their own products. The simplest method is to write an e-book in a Word document and to then to turn into a PDF file in order to sell it.

If you want to create your own product you have to first know what your visitors want. How do you get behind? Ask your visitors what they need and make a product. Your customer feedback is your money spinning machine.

If you do not know how to get a payment on your website and you can register your product with an affiliate system design at PayPro.

You can implement this easily on your website with a simple code of their payment and affiliate system. It will cost you certain percentage per sale.


  • You have more authority in your niche
  • A nice product can bring a lot of revenue;
  • Affiliates send visitors by allowing you to make more sales;
  • It makes you earn passively through affiliate programs.


  • It takes time to create a product and the product could fail at the end.
  • It brings bad impression when the product does not does what it was promoted


5. Website sales

Your website sales can yield the most money (short term). Do you have a successful website where you have too little time for or where you do not feel more in order further to go? You can always sell it.

There are no real rules how much you can ask for a website. A good possibility that you can sell your website for the income you would generate in 12-36 months.

When your website runs well for years and has a lot of authority in the niche in which you are active, then, of course, you can come up with an amount that you want it.


  • You get in first time a large sum of money;
  • Can be sold in a short time;
  • A good website can provide enough for a whole year’s salary or more.


  • You have no more website especially if that is your only website.


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