How To Increase A Website Traffic…

Ways To Increase Website’s Traffic

So, you open a website or a blog, got the draft, was to bring the concept and now you want as many users and traffic. At the end of the day (traffic = money).

You do not have to spend a fortune to generate high web traffic to your website.

Here Are Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic At The Least Cost Possible

1. Content

Visitors have endless blogs and websites to surf, your job is to ensure that puts in the work on your website. Create unique and quality content. Original content is one of the most effective ways of increasing your website traffic.

Crafting content that is useful- To enable users to find answers to their pressing questions. You know if you, for example, an advertising-related blog to share and help your users are as professional as you are.

Entertainment – Do not forget to add in your sense of humor or personality. People like personalized content that entertained them will spend their time on your page longer and of higher quality.

Regularity – Be consistent with your messages and updates. It is very important to update your website with new content. Said at an interval of 3 times or more in a week depending on your goal.



Tip! Do not copy content from other sites. Search engines are very sophisticated as its Internet users and will easily spot plagiarized contents.

2. Search Engine Friendly

You are working hard on creating value for your users; make sure they can find you!
There is a tool that inspects Websites before you miss any tags and links, and it creates a free sitemap.XML file. It gives you the results in a few minutes.

Search engine ranking – You can improve your search engine ranking by enriching your website content with keywords related to your specialty (eg advertising).

Stay tuned for our SEO ranking article coming soon. In general, you want your users to find you when searching for your specialty.

Tip! Too many keywords will ruin your credibility and hurt your search engine ranks.
Do everything possible to avoid too many backlinks, it will be termed spam. This will destroy your website.

Be patient. Search engines have a lot of time to index a new website and domain. It takes time to index your content and be registered for your credibility.

But do not worry, continue to work on building quality content and it will come.

3. Excellent User Interaction

We all like to feel that we are part of something. Make your website as a platform for a community that they feel that your website is their space.

Launch games- give your users a chance to compete and get something for their trust in your website. This will bring their loyal friend to join your website too.

Social media – take advantage of the social media! Ask them for feedback and make them feel important rather than just a visitor to your site.

Ask questions and allow another member of your site to contribute.

4. A Well Design Website

Make sure it represents what will catch your user attention. Nothing put a website user off than a cluttered and poorly designed website.

Make sure your homepage and image used at every content speak the content. Also, a good website content arrangement is a sure way to keep our users coming back to your website.

5. Functionality

An average human is always impatient. We always want fast results, fast response and fast websites. Make sure your page loads quickly and effectively.

Make sure all links work well and do not bring error when clicked on.

Truncated links – Do a monthly checkup of your website links to make sure they’re not truncated because this put off potential customers.

Good navigation – Make sure your website is equipped with a search box. Your users will always come back to read their favorite post or search for something specific.

This makes your website user-friendly and brings more traffic.

Sharing Options – Make sure your contents are easily shared on email, Twitter, Facebook and other social sources.

Once all these are in place you are sure to have a good traffic.

Tip! Your website functionality is very crucial to maintain a good reputation and get recommendations from your customers.

Try to ensure a seamless experience and you will enjoy the benefits.


Here Are The Big DON’Ts

Do not spam. It is easy to lose credibility and very hard to earn it back. Do not trade your website traffic and online revenue for spam.

No More Backlinks – Are Backlinks good for Ranking. Nope!

Read the Latest Article About Backlinks Here!

Do not be tempted to automatically generated clicks. This will destroy your website and any chance of earning money online.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to offer insights about ways to increase a website traffic ( from your experience ), leave a message below.

I love to hear about it.

Thank for reading!

All the best!




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