How to Find the Best Keywords for SEO?

How to Find the Best Keywords for SEO?

If you are not getting enough traffic to your website, the problem may be the keywords you are using. Over the years, I have seen people spent a lot of money on SEO without success?

Why? … Because they chose the wrong keywords!

In most cases, these people won’t know why their campaign isn’t working until they hire an experienced SEO expert to audit their website.

Choosing the best keywords for your SEO is not easy; there are a lot of factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best keywords for your SEO.

As far as the SEO of a website is a concern, researching the best keyword(s) is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field.

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The keywords you use can make or break your website. When choosing your keywords, you need to have it in your mind that it is not always about getting visitors to your website, but also getting the right kind of visitors.

You should focus more on getting traffic that will lead to conversion. When you do the right keyword research, you can predict shifts in demand and respond to changing market conditions.

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Being able to find keywords specific to your business is not easy. However, with the right keywords research, you can be able to find the right keywords which will increase your traffic and ensure that those visitors not only click on your website but also take actions.

You need to understand how to research and use keywords in the current environment if you want your web pages and content marketing to deliver optimal results.

In this article, you will learn what it takes to choose the right keyword for SEO. Better grab a cup of coffee and continue reading as I have included everything I think you need to know.

What Are Keywords Anyway?

I believed that you know what the keywords are. They are words and phrases that identify what people are searching for. You can also see them as words and phrases that describe the topics you write.

Your audience will be able to find your content only when you make use of the right keywords. As far as a search engine is a concern, your audience won’t be able to find your content unless you integrate the keyword they are searching for into your contents. Thus, this leads us to keyword research.

Keyword research, in practice, means finding the terms that people enter into search engines when they are looking for content. No doubt, keyword research is a very important part of SEO.

Google makes use of the keyword you use in your content as well as your overall SEO to determine where to rank your content in the search results.

When you get your keywords right, you will make it easy for Google to rank them high and very easy for search engine users to see it.

You can easily optimize your content to deliver what customers want when you know what they are searching for.

Top Ways to Find the Right Keywords for SEO

Below are various ways you can find various keywords for SEO:

1. Build a List of Keywords Connected With Your Business

If you want to ensure you attract the right visitors, you need to know keywords that are connected with your business. You need to start by writing down keywords and phrases that are suitable to use in promoting your business online.

Since it is your business, you know it better than anyone else, right? Don’t look for keywords you think it is the best for your business. Instead, think of keywords that are most commonly used by the people who find businesses like yours.

2. Use Keyword Tools

Fortunately, there are tons of keyword research tools available today. Many of these tools can help you find the right keyword for your SEO.

These keyword tools can provide you information such as search volume, ranking difficulty, keyword value, competition, and much more.

Some of the best keyword research tools you can use to find the best keywords for your SEO include:

Jaaxy: This is my favorite keyword tool and I use it for all of my keywords need. It is freaking awesome. You can try 30 free searches.


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Ahrefs: It is a complete suite of keyword research, content and SEO tools.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner: It comes free and lets you know search volumes for keywords as well as keyword ideas.

SEMrush: Premium keyword research tool that will help you find keywords related to your main search terms.

3. Use Tools From Your PPC Campaigns

Note that when you are researching your keywords, you will not only use them for just SEO purposes but also for SEM activities.

You will need to make use of your best-performing keywords in SEO when you want to run a campaign for your websites.

You can make use of the tools mentioned above, Google Keyword Research which is provided free of charge by Google for Adwords advertising platform is a good place to start.

However, don’t limit yourself to just the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can make use of other tools such as Bing Ads intelligence, WordStream, and other PPC campaign tools.

However, don’t forget to make use of the Google Keyword Research tool since it is regarded as the global number one and it is extremely easy and free to use.

4. Make Use of Your Historical Data

You also need to make use of your analytic software when you are looking for the right keywords for SEO. Ideally, Google Analytics would be your first choice.

This tool allows you to track many types of traffic from search engines such as social, organic, paid, and referral traffic. When using your analytic software, you will be able to see the keywords visitors are using to find your website.

5. Analyze Search Trends

Don’t ignore search trends when you are searching for the right keywords for SEO. They are very important and can give you some inspirations for your keyword.

You can choose local or global search trends. However, ensure you have some variations so that you can target customers using various keywords.

6. Analyze Your Competition

Use the keywords you have now to check if your competitors are making use of such keywords. Check if your competitors offer is available and look if the sponsored links of similar offers will appear.

If your competitor is using the same keyword, it is a signal that the keyword has a big value. This will also signal it could be difficult to achieve a better keyword rank than your competitors.

Where to Use Keywords in Your Content

Now that you’ve known how to select the right keywords for your SEO, it is important that you understand where exactly you should use these keywords for optimal performance.

In order to get the best results, some of the places that you need to have your keywords include:

Make sure that you spread your keywords and related terms throughout your content. When you are doing this, make sure you avoid keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is considered very bad for SEO and will lead to Google penalizing you. The best way to use your keywords is to have the main keyword in mind and then have variations of such keywords throughout your content.

It is also important that you write your content for humans and not for search engine. Let your content flow naturally and you will get a great result from your content marketing.

Final Thought

Keyword research is very important. It is the only way you can discover the right keywords for your SEO. Fortunately, there are many tools you can leverage today.

Once you find the right keywords, ensure you have them in the right places on your content and you will see your content rank high on search engine.


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