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How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Before consumers decide to order a product online, they have often spent enough hours searching and comparing providers. For a customer to purchase from you, trust is needed.

With email marketing, you make yourself known and reduce the fear of scam to potential customers. With this plan, knowing how to get started with email marketing is crucial.

You can share your knowledge and skills through a digital newsletter; you can make yourself an expert in your field. By doing so consistently with a focus on the quality of the content, you create trust in your business.

Email marketing is therefore not a benefit but a necessity for any business owner.


Roadmap To Effective Email Marketing

1. Select an e-mail program

A digital newsletter sent to professional and efficient starts with choosing a good e-mail program. There are several providers with programs where you can pre-schedule your emails.

With more than 9 million users MailChimp is the best known. But Aweber is appreciated by many entrepreneurs.

Most providers offer free entry packages for a limited number of email addresses. As MailChimp offers a free package of up to 2,000 email addresses.

Research in advance what good package for your business works best; there are tradeoffs to make more than just price.

Consider the future growth of your business and the possible transfer of your valuable e-mail addresses to another provider.

2. Creation of a good email list

For effective email marketing is a good email list a basic requirement. Without proper addresses any good results.

Beginning immediately with the construction of an email list, through that Excel from today if you’re not using an email program.

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There Are Many Ways To Expand Your List Of Email Addresses Quickly

  • Create a form on your website where visitors can sign up for your newsletter. Avoid taking incorrect email addresses by 2 times to ask for the email address.
  • Give something away that is of value to your visitors in exchange for a name and email address. That can be a gift, e-book sharing extensive knowledge about your offerings will do it. Communicate these giveaways prominently on your website.
  • You can make part of your website (eg with in-depth knowledge) for ‘members only’; a registration with name and e-mail address is required to access it.
  • Start blogging and offer readers with every blog post the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Make movies in which people can provide tips or give webinars where you share knowledge and give advice. You do this, of course, in exchange for a name and email address.
  • Use ‘Tell a friend’ feature. This can give your subscribers email address of someone you know who they want to recommend your website.

3. Valuable content make easily accessible

Create valuable content for your target audience. Put yourself in your readers. What they want to know and not what would you like to tell. Keep it short and concise and make the content of your newsletter attractive and, with videos or pictures.

In practice, it often appears that the longer the newsletter, the more drop-outs and non-openers knows this. Keep this in mind when writing.

Not sure your audience what to read? Ask them! For example via a short questionnaire on your social media or website.

4. Choose the right topic

Most importantly, the subject line of your newsletter, clear and powerful must articulate the content of the newsletter and should appeal to the imagination of the reader.So rather “5 Tips for the best holiday” then “Summary holiday”.

Consider also the people who open and read your newsletter on Smartphones and tablets. More than 45% of email opens today on a mobile device. This is evident from the Email Benchmark 2015, in which trends and developments are discussed in email marketing.

You can also see a direct example of receiving the comprehensive report in exchange for your name and email address.

There are a plethora of ways to drive people to your website and there always seems to be a new (shiny) ‘method’ each week. But there is one method that is VERY effective and typically has the highest conversion ratio. It is an Email Marketing.


Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing

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  • Tips of Writing Effective Email Campaigns
  • And a lot of more…

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Email marketing is now more important than ever before because money is on the list.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to offer insight about Email Marketing, leave a message below and I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!


Ps. If you need a hand with Email Marketing, please let me know. I am more than happy to help you out.



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