Home Profit System Review: Another Affiliate Scam?

Home Profit System Review


home profit system review


If you are wondering if a product called Home Profit System is a scam, you have come to the right place. I will review this program to determine if it is worth your time or not. I have the right experience since I’ve been writing reviews for several years now. In fact, I’ve written close to 600 reviews and continue to do so.


This review will just add to the list of the products I’ve already reviewed. In my years as a product reviewer, I’ve really only seen a handful of good moneymakers. Most of the products I review are duds and have nothing of value, really. So, whenever I find a good program, it surprises me and kind of makes me happy to the point that I’ll recommend it to my readers.


One such product has become my go-to recommendation. If you want to learn more about this product, click the link.


Now, back to Home Profit System. It’s been on my sights for years now simply because it’s been creating a buzz because of all the promotion it’s doing in social media. I gotta be honest though, not many of the products I review turn out as actual good products, so the odds are never in this product’s favor, but I digress.


We are going to look into this program with fresh eyes to see whether it’s worth checking out or not.


What Is Home Profit System?


Home Profit System claims to teach its users how to make money using link schemes. Link scheme is just another word for massive link building. If you are not familiar with link building, it’s basically submitting links going to your website to various related websites all over the internet.


Link scheme is ultimately taking that to the next level by using unnatural link building methods – like submitting your links to a thousand websites all at once.


We’ve known for a while that massive link building methods like this never work. In fact, the only time it worked was decades ago, back when Google was more lenient towards black hat marketing techniques, and was still learning how to police the internet. That is clearly not the case today.


I basically just hinted at my conclusion about this product. But let’s look further.


Does Home Profit System Actually Work?


As I’ve said above, Home Profit System uses a massive link building strategy that we know don’t work at all.


If you look on their website though, you will see all these ridiculous claims about the effectiveness of their products, which we know are all fabrications because of our knowledge of SEO.


So, yes, the answer to the question posed above is NO. This system does not work as advertised. It gives that appearance of a program working greatly but those testimonials are mostly just lies given by fake accounts.


Home Profit System Red Flags


Halfway through my review and this product is not looking too good. There are too many glaring holes in this program that I simply can’t ignore. But those are really just the ones that jump out to me. If I dig deeper into this mess of a system, red flags get uncovered one by one. I will discuss each of them in this section.


Even their trial requires your card details


If you want to just try this product out, no strings attached, then you are out of luck because they require a small fee of $2.97 before you get to try it. They require your card details before you can even try this product. I am not a fan of that approach simply because it’s too much of a hassle.


They also never mention that if you forget to cancel your “free” trial, you will get billed for $140 one-time fee, then $5/month thereafter. This is definitely an issue, and have been the subject of several complaints on the internet.




There are plenty of upsells in this program. The upsells that we are familiar with usually encourages the potential buyer to buy into a more expensive package with more add-ons. It’s like luring people in with a $5 product then once you get their attention, you introduce a $10 that is even better.


This program does it differently though. Its upsells are not exactly upsells but an advertisement to another set of programs, which are known to be scams, as well.


Complaints of unauthorized withdrawal


Remember the first red flag I told you about? There have been complaints of an even worse scheme than that. If reports are to be believed, this company is known to withdraw funds from their users’ accounts without their knowledge. The amount is usually $97/month.


No refunds


If you managed to get roped into buying this program and soon realized that all of it is just a scam, unfortunately for you, there is no way to get your money back. They do not have a money-back guarantee.


On paper, they said that they have a money-back guarantee but you will soon learn that those words don’t mean anything.


Customer support is non-existent


Plenty of reports have point out the issue with their customer support, which they say is non-existent. Users will not even receive any kind of response, which could be frustrating, especially if the user just wants some answer to their issues.


They sell your information


It’s no secret that your personal information can be sold online. Facebook and other social media platforms have been caught selling your programs to marketers. Ever wonder why there was a sudden increase in spam after you register on a dodgy website? Chances are, they sold your information.


There have been numerous reports of users getting flooded with spam after they sign up with this program. It does not exactly point this company as the main suspect but if it keeps on happening plenty of times, maybe there’s some truth into it.


Final Verdict – Is Home Profit System A Scam?


By now, you should already have your answer.


Home Profit System is a SCAM, there’s no doubt about it.


Before I even did a full background check on this product, it already looked like a scam. There are just too many red flags even at first glance.


I do not recommend this product at all. If you see this product in the wild, I suggest that you close that tab and don’t ever look back.




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