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Home Income Millionaire Review



If you are looking for a review of Home Income Millionaire, then you are very lucky because you have stumbled upon the most honest Home Income Millionaire review on the internet. I’ve been in this business for almost a decade now and I can tell you with confidence that I understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing industry better than 99% of the population. That being said, that does not mean that you should treat my reviews as gospel truths, but an honest and unbiased review. Today, we’re going to take a look into yet another program that makes grand claims about making money online.


This new program, Home Income Millionaire, claims to have found a way to help you earn $1,000 easily. In their introduction video, they claim that they have users that are making more than that amount, and if you finish watching the video, you are well on your way to earning, too. Now, let me just say that that is the one of the most generic sales pitches I’ve ever read, but I digress. In this review, we are going to look into their claims to check if there are indeed some merits into them. We’ll inspect their system and how it supposedly works. We’ll compare their version to the system that I’ve been using for the last few years now.


This is just to give you an idea of what this program has to offer right out of the bat.


What Exactly is Home Income Millionaire?


The Home Income Millionaire is a program that supposedly helps you earn about $1,000 easily. There’s actually no timeline there or anything – it just said that you will get paid $1,000 after you watched the video. Their introduction video does not even tell you anything about the product at all. All that’s there are their outrageous claims about their product. Apart from that, no information at all.


But that didn’t stop me from getting to the bottom of this product. If we’re going to get a full in-depth review, we need to make sure to inspect every aspect of the program, and we’ll do exactly that.


It’s really hard to tell you exactly what is Home Income Millionaire because even their website doesn’t show much information. I have a hunch a this is intentional. They want to be as vague as possible to lure you only with hype and nothing else. Their sales pitch seems to be the $1,000 promise, which, if I’m going to be honest is a bit over-the-top, not because of the value, but because I’ve never known of a program that could make that much money for anyone at a given time. Even the biggest affiliate marketing programs can’t make you earn that much because that simply isn’t possible. Yes, you can earn that amount but you need be using a familiar program.


Another reason why I am wary of their claims is that if “anyone can earn $1,000,” then it should already be the talk of the town? If it can make anyone $1,000 just by reading or watching the training, then it should already be featured in all major news channels. But the fact is, all of these claims are bogus. We’ll talk about them more in the section below.


How Does Home Income Millionaire Work?


As I’ve said above, there are no real verifiable information on how this system works. All we know is it involves some kind of affiliate marketing. The first sales pitch goes on about “making you a millionaire without even working” and other similar promises. Their main product costs $97, which is a lot more than what I’m expecting from a product of this caliber. But that’s actually not the real price because that’s only for their basic package. If you want access to their heavy-hitter programs, you need to fork significantly more money, and they design it that way. They lure you in using their ridiculous claims and have you committed to their program while not revealing their upsells until later when you are about to pay. To be fair, they’re not the only company that does this. If I were being honest, the whole industry is guilty of doing this. But it does give off a bitter taste in my mouth because companies that do this don’t look to be trustworthy.


Red Flags of Home Income Millionaire


 – Fake Testimonials


In their introduction video, you will see several people discussing their success using this program. However, if you do your research, you can find those actors on Fiverr and other “pay to do” websites. If their claims are real, they won’t ever need those actors to pose for fake testimonials. The fact that this company opts for that speaks volume to how effective the product really is.









Outrageous claims that aren’t supported by verifiable proof


This company says a lot of ridiculous things but offers no proof of them ever happening whatsoever. This tells us two things – either the company is lying about their product or they are really secretive about their system. If the latter is true and there really is some hidden knowledge about their system, they should at least try to convey it with their potential users instead of using fake actors and testimonials. But the former seems to be more true and they are lying about the capability of their product.


 – Ridiculous upsells


Most programs on the market today have several upsells, and to be honest, it’s sort of expected now since every company wants to squeeze more money out of their users if possible. Their product starts at $97 but goes up in price like a madman when you get right down to it. To be fair, majority of affiliate programs have upsells but it’s never a welcome sight. I will admit that there’s a good chance that upsells can increase the overall sales but it is never a good way to do it. It’s like deceiving someone by posting a misleading headline – think bait-and-switch tactic on car dealerships. It’s a big problem in this industry which is why I am putting on the red flags.


The Verdict


I know that searching for the perfect program to use for your affiliate marketing gets tiring after a while. However, finding the right one can help you earn a respectable passive income. Unfortunately, there’s a huge chance that this product is not IT. There are simply too many issues that I’ve seen in this product and to be honest, it would hurt my reputation if I ever recommend this to anyone.


I do have several recommended programs though and I will introduce you to one of them. I know that you are already tired of weeding through scam products on the internet, so I suggest that you check out my #1 recommended program. It is a program that I’ve been using for the past several years, and it has only brought me success so far. Mind you, this program does not use fancy claims which is a breath of fresh air, especially in this industry. But don’t let their modesty deceive you. This program is one of the, if not the greatest affiliate marketing programs out there. That is why I am putting my name on the line by recommending this product. You can search for reviews and other testimonials about this product. I assure you, none of those are fake (unlike this program). It really is that good. Just check it out when you can. I will put the link below to make it easier for you to click through.


My #1 Recommended Program



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