Grasshopper Review: Do You Need A Virtual Phone System?

Grasshopper Review


Grasshopper review


Product Name: Grasshopper

Author: Unknown

Price: starts at $26

Rating: 8.4 out of 10

Verdict: Grasshopper is a good VOIP that does what it has set out to do.


This review is a bit different than what you’re used to reading here on my website. Usually, I write reviews for marketing products that claim to help you earn money. To keep things fresh, I sometimes throw in a unique review every now and then, and today is that day.


Granted, this product is still related to making money online. It’s a tool that can be used to market your products online – it’s a VOIP business phone system. The name of the product is Grasshopper. You may have heard of it from companies who are using auto attendant.


In this review, I will help you determine if you need this service or if there are better alternatives out there. I will list all the good and bad things I found for this product. That should help you decide whether this product is worth getting for your business or not.


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If you are here for the Grasshopper Review, then let’s start.


What Is Grasshopper?


Grasshopper is a VOIP small business phone system. This is basically an add-on for businesses to enable them to add certain features to their communication systems that are fully automated, and are not available from standard cell phone services.


To give you an idea of what to expect from Grasshopper, I will list their features down below:


  • Auto-attendant feature
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail to text capability
  • 1-800 numbers
  • Fax capability
  • Extension for your landline
  • Call recording
  • Custom greetings
  • Customized answering feature
  • And many more


It’s an automated communication system that is perfect for businesses that relies on phone calls.


How Does Grasshopper Work?


It works just like any traditional communication systems that you’re familiar with.


Once you’ve created your account and verified some details, you will then have access to a member portal which you can set up call forwarding, greetings, phone extensions and more, depending on the package that you enrolled for.


Setting all of those up is quite easy, thanks to the easy-to-understand dashboard that you are given access to.


How To Become A Member?


The get started with Grasshopper, you just need to register using your details and you’re almost there.


Once you’ve filled out your profile, you will be asked to choose your phone number. You can select from a set of pre-created numbers, make your own, or even get a 1-800 number if you want to.


One good thing about this program is you won’t be asked to give out your credit card number unless you finish your trial period. Only after your trial period is over will you be asked for your payment details which is a pretty neat feature, unlike most com systems I’ve used in the past.


During your trial period, you can use Grasshopper as you would if it were paid. This can give you an idea of how to use the program.


Who Can Benefit From Using Grasshopper?


Grasshopper is great for business owners who are dependent on phone calls. Getting this service means that they can run a second line and use some features like auto-forwarding to organize their phone calls.


VOIP is meant to phaseout landline technology which we can all agree on, is pretty dated. VOIP makes use of software and cloud-based solution that is run digitally. Contrast that to your traditional landline service that is run analog.


What makes VOIP better if you can easily manipulate it to work in a way that you want. Because works digitally, you can have plenty of customizations for it.


Pricing Of Grasshopper


Grasshopper has three basic plans – Solo, Partner, and Small business. These packages are pretty much self-explanatory in part because of the name.


If you just want your personal VOIP service, you can make do with the Solo account. For more features an additional numbers and extension, you can opt for the partner account.


If you have a business the is reliant upon phone calls, perhaps “small business package” will be much to your liking. I will put down a screenshot of these packages to give you a much better idea of what you can expect.


grasshopper review


What I Like About Grasshopper


  • The interface of Grasshopper is pretty easy to navigate
  • They offer a free trial without credit card information which is nice
  • Inbound fax is included in their features
  • They can both receive and text on your phone line
  • Multiple extensions even on the basic plan
  • Plenty of customized greeting options
  • No contract obligations, cut line anytime
  • Business phone number that call forwards to cell phone


What I Don’t Like About Grasshopper


  • Outbound faxing is not an option
  • No phone rentals
  • Customer support can be hit or miss
  • Midrange pricing


The Verdict – Is Grasshopper Worth It?


There’s plenty to like about this program. Grasshopper provides a good service to people on-the-go and for users who are working remotely.


There are numerous benefits of using VOIP instead of landlines which I won’t list now because there’s too many to discuss. The main benefit here is the amount of customization that is available for VOIP services.


Sure, Grasshopper is not the most popular VOIP service out there. That title belongs to RingCentral. Grasshopper is cheaper though, which should account for something.


The main takeaway here is Grasshopper has done what it’s set out to do, and that’s all that matters, relative to this review.


My overall rating for this program is RECOMMENDED!





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