Profit Genesis Review- Generates $5000 Every Week Consistently (IMPOSSIBLE!)

Profit Genesis Review- Generates $5000 Every Week Consistently (IMPOSSIBLE!)

Generating $5000 every week (Impossible!)


Hi folks, thank you so much for dropping by and check out my Profit Genesis review!


You possibly doubt whether Profit Genesis works or not. It sounds thrilling to be able to generate 5000 dollars a week but is this Profit Genesis scam or legit? Can you really make $5000 every week consistently?


Well, products such as these certainly do not help users because the truth of making money online is generally not that immediate and it needs a lot more time and work than most users would think.


In my Profit Genesis review, I am going to show you all details regarding this product that every one of you needs to be aware of and show you that the program is not going to deliver as much as the founder says in the sales video.


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What is Profit Genesis Reloaded?

Some online users asked me about the profit genesis reloaded and whether or not I endorse it. I want to tell you about my experience with the program so that you can make up your own mind.


When you visit the Profit Genesis webpage, you will come across a video that makes exciting claims.


Well, I can define Profit Genesis reloaded as a training program that comes with an assurance of making you rich within a short period by working from home.


From a sales video I came across on this site, they claim that I can generate 5000 dollars every week consistently without putting in much effort and time.  The program is similar to work at home scheme.


Below is a Quick Video on Profit Genesis.



The owner, David Miller, then claims that it’s a ‘secret system’ that does not integrate any old methods that you might have heard of.


The video says that I do not need to fill out surveys to employ other saturated strategies for generating money online.


To get started, I only need to view the training videos and then implement the 3-step system. The money will then begin to flow into my account after this.


What I Liked About Profit Genesis (Pros)

After using Profit Genesis for a couple of weeks, here are the pros and cons I came across;

  • Good and short videos that can be followed easily
  • Sixty-day money back guarantee
  • You will get some training
  • Solid guidelines


What I Didn’t Like About Profit Genesis (Cons)


  • Impractical income claims
  • Use of false testimonies
  • The owner does not appear in the videos
  • Limited availability
  • Training is rushed and incomplete
  •  There are no PDF tutorials to read the course instead of viewing the videos


Who is it for?

This program is perfect for you if you are attracted to drop shipping; you will be given some valuable information for a mere 37 dollars.


Other than this, I think that the training is rushed over and incomplete. I honestly believe that you can get complete training out there and possibly at no cost.


How does this Program Work?

Profit Genesis works in a manner that will not generate the type of money they talk about in their sales videos.


The site wants us to believe that the system can solve all our financial problems and help us become financially free so that we can live our best lives without putting significant effort.


The truth is that Profit Genesis is taking advantage that most of you do not know how the internet marketing world or the ‘make money online’ industry works. In the end, they want to make money themselves.


The firm claims that most of the hard work is carried out for me to make me believe that it will take less time to make the alleged profits.


According to the information on their site, I will get access to several videos that show step-by-step guidelines that I need to adhere to in order to start generating money on complete autopilot 24/7.


However, I need to purchase this product first! In my opinion, this is a program that is bound to fail because there is no system that you can set up in fifteen minutes and generate thousands of dollars on the complete autopilot mode with zero effort involved.


Anything valuable that lasts for a prolonged period needs you to incorporate a consistent amount of time and effort.


Therefore, do not be fooled by this site that alleges you do not need to do much work to generate thousands of dollars in a week.


Can Profit Genesis Make You Rich?

You may be tempted to join Profit Genesis if you come across the screenshots of huge income that users claim to make.


Besides, I came across several testimonials talking about how quickly individuals are generating money with this program in the sales video.


Here, I am telling you things that you need to think about twice or thrice before investing your hard earned income. The testimonials and screenshots on the company’s website are a hoax.

Fake testimonials Revealed



In today’s internet age, a couple of things can be manipulated with a single click. The testimonials you see are from individuals who never tried and tested the program.


They are merely paid actors who offer manipulated testimonies just to make a few dollars.


The fact that some of these testimonials talk about generating money with a couple of clicks is already sufficient proof that these are great liars indeed. Drop shipping isn’t a soccer game.


It is a legitimate business opportunity that will need lots of your effort and time even to get started. You should doubt a site that promises you thousands of dollars in a week without investing your time and effort.


Therefore, all promises of generating $ 5000 within a week are lies. However, you can generate a few thousands of dollars every month if done right. The process will take quite a while, and not the one week and a few clicks as shown in the sales video.


Red flags about Profit Genesis

After going through the sales video, I came across a few red flags that alerted me that this program was not going to work as promised by the inventor.


Since I have reviewed several other money making programs in the past, I will continue and tell you more about the red flags that show this system will not work in the long run.


1. Who is the Owner?

Various reports show that a guy named David Miller owns the site. However, there is no picture of him, his wife, or his kids. Thus, you cannot tell whether he is a real person or just a made up character.


This is a common thing when it comes to low-quality products and scams because users find out their program is substandard; they will just start a new program and use another name.


2. Make $ 5000 weekly with a few clicks

This is a big-time hype that you should really not fall for since making money online takes time and needs effort. It is hard even to make a $ 100 dollars a day working for just one hour online.


This can be how fake because these figures are there to tempt you into believing that making money online is a walk in the park. This isn’t really the case especially in the case of drop shipping and e-commerce.


3. It requires fifteen minutes to setup

This is another big lie. It cannot take you fifteen minutes to start up a site to start accommodating visitors. This is a plot to tempt you buying the program and give ‘David’ your money.


Building up a website and making it go live may take the fifteen minutes, but getting your e-commerce website recognized by suppliers and SEOs will take a lot of time since you have to research on the products and the prices you want to sell them at.


Is Profit Genesis a Scam?

Well, it depends on what your description of a scam is. With this program, you can genuinely acquire some training as well as useful information if you decide to buy it.


On the other hand, it is essential to note that the program does not live up to its promises because it is not ideally a program that can generate you thousands of dollars a week without investing much time and effort.


First, the sales video is misleading, and the training given is insufficient to make one generate the kind of cash they talk about. Products such as this typically offer very standard training, not to say that it may be obsolete.


With this, you might learn something from the training, but not everything will be useful to you when it comes to making money online.


Therefore, the question of whether Profit Genesis is a scam or not typically depends on how you define a fraud.


I know several users will label this program a scam because they will not get the amount promised in the sales videos, so it is normal that users who buy this program feel wasted.


According to me, Profit Genesis isn’t a scam because you can always get a refund as the payment is processed via ClickBank.


In the meantime, a total scam is a program that wastes your time entirely and does not allow you to get a refund of your money.


With this said, not considering this program a total scam does not warrant that I recommend it.


How is the Training Like (Training/ Tool Overview)

As seen above, Profit genesis is a program with multiple training videos that show users how to generate money with an e-commerce website.


The program was previously known as Profit Genesis but has been recently fixed and upgraded to trade as Profit Genesis 2.0.


From what I read, the company does not incorporate affiliate marketing, MLM, Cryptocurrencies, or even Bitcoin.


The owner claims that it’s a ‘secret source’ whereby you have to give out your cash to find out what the program entails.


This isn’t right because you are not even informed of how you will be generating the so-called 5000 dollars every week.


All that is on the website is that you will get various step-by-step training videos that you need to follow along in order to make cash quickly.


The program only teaches us the basics of creating an e-commerce site, and that’s it. This is indeed an incomplete training according to me.


What’s About Profit Genesis Support Service?

We should not forget about the support system when it comes to trying new things, especially money making programs. However, Profit Genesis does not offer support like other money making websites.


Although the firm gives an email that users can consult, I am sure that the chances of getting a reply after sending them your issues are low.


The only good thing is that your investment can be refunded since it’s acquired from ClickBank.


What’s the Program Pricing?

The price needed to become part of Profit Genesis is thirty-seven dollars and comprises sixty-day money back guarantee just in case you do not like your purchase and require a refund.


The price is firm, and you will not be given a free trial. If interested in this money making program, just visit ‘’ to register and have a look at the program.


Final Opinion/ Verdict

All of us including me want to generate a lot of money, and we all want to make it without having to work for long hours of hard. Well, is it possible? It is possible, and you only need to get good outsourcing.


However, I do not recommend Profit Genesis. You need to stop listening to these over-hyped sales pitches if you want to make real money online.


It is essential to understand that it takes patience, hard work, as well as a lot of time to make it online. The money will not come rolling to you like an auto-pilot thing.


The owners behind these money-making schemes will want to tell users what they want to hear in order to fatten their bank accounts at your expense.


In most cases, you will not know what you need to get until all your money is gone and wasted a lot of time and effort trying to make money with such systems.


Once you have the know-how of what is needed to be successful online, you can go ahead and diversify your offerings and scale your online presence.


There is so much better than paying money for a system that will not work correctly and will only attempt to upsell your extra products.


Therefore, this program isn’t worth your investment unless you want to spend a lot of time and efforts trying to make ends meet.

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