Food Blogger Pro Review – Is It Worth Something?

Food Blogger Pro Review


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This website, my website, aims to give its readers an unadulterated and unbiased look into online money-making opportunities to keep them away from scams and other nefarious things on the internet. In my years of reviewing online programs, I’ve learned to spot scams and good-for-nothing companies with ease.


In today’s review, we are going to look into a different kind of money-making opportunity that you won’t see elsewhere. It’s not the usual run-of-the-mill affiliate marketing or MLM. This review is actually for a blog marketing course that claims to help its users earn money through their blogs, specifically food blogs.


The company I will review today is called Food Blogger Pro. It’s a plain name, I must say, but it is actually pretty self-explanatory. If you have a blog about food and you are wondering how to make it profitable, getting a program that has a name that is easily remembered is a good marketing scheme, hence, the name “Food Blogger Pro.”


I must say that this is the first time that I will review such a product. This is a niche product with a small demographic. Now, if you stumbled upon this website looking for earning opportunities, this review might not be for you. But I suggest that you stick around and perhaps look into my other reviews to see what interests you.


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And now that’s out of the way, onto the full review of Food Blogger Pro.


What Is Food Blogger Pro?


As the name suggests, Food Blogger Pro is a marketing course that aims to help food bloggers get their blogs to be profitable. It is a platform launched by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. They are both known for operating a food website forum named “Pinch of Yum.”


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Food Blogger Pro, similar to their earlier ventures, is a subscription-based online community that is centered around discussion of foods all over the world. You get access to videos, resources and discussion forums about food, more specifically on how to earn through your food blog.


If you are a food blogger, chances are, you are going to have a hard time thinking of ways to monetize your blogs. Even if your blog has become popular enough, there is a chance that you won’t even make money from it ever.


If you are having that kind of problem, Food Blogger Pro claims to have the resources and knowledge to help you. In this review, we are going to see if this program is worth getting or not.


What Do You Get From Food Blogger Pro?


It doesn’t matter if you are just a newbie food blogger or an experienced one. Food Blogger Pro will have something for you, according to their claim, that is.


To be fair, they have in their forum plenty of videos that are super informative. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out and only finding your footing on the industry. Even if you are already an experienced blogger, you can still find many helpful things by going through the forums since the forums are filled with testimonials of different people from all walks of life.


But if I’m being honest here, most of the resources on the forum seems to also be available for free online. This means that you are basically paying for the forum access. If you think that getting access to an exclusive food forum is worth $29/month, then, by all means, make your subscription.


Honest Opinion About Food Blogger Pro


Subscription-based forum access is quite old school


While I get the appeal of belonging in an exclusive group, I can’t honestly say that I am a fan of it. The only reason why I would even consider a subscription-based forum is if the information I get from those would be life-changing, but rarely do that happen.


The things discussed in the forum are available online for free


What’s even worse about a subscription-based forum is when you learn that the thing you paid out for is available online for free. The internet is a huge place and you can easily find resources for free if you know how to look for it.


Video library is good but still lacking


The forum is relatively new and it takes a while to build up a library of videos. But it’s looking like the videos have wealth of information in them which is a good thing, especially for a company that is just starting out.


I would wait a while before I become a member


If you really want to join this community, I suggest that you wait several months at least. The reason for the wait is you want to get as much information as possible and with you waiting, their library is slowly but surely building up. When you become a member, all of that information will be available to you all the same.


You will be given tools but they’re a bit raw


You will be given access to their tools section. However, in my opinion, the tools given are lacking a bit. One of their most popular tools is the nutrition label generator which would be a great tool for nutritional food bloggers. This particular tool does not work half the time which is such as shame because it has some good potential in it.



Is Food Blogger Pro Worth The Price?


The price for a Food Blogger Subscription is $29. What you will get from that is plenty of resources that have the potential to help you recoup that money in no time. You should notice that I choose the word “potential” though because as it stands now, it’s not a guarantee that you will even make money from this program.


If you follow all the things that are listed in this program, then maybe you will have a bigger chance of earning through your blog. But if I were being honest, sometimes food blogs blow up because of sheer luck. And no, I am not saying that luck is your only chance of becoming popular, but there are elements to blogs that are reliant on luck.


In my opinion, $29/month is too steep of a price for a simple forum subscription. There are better ways to spend that money.


The Conclusion – Is Food Blogger Pro Worth It?


If you are paying $29/month for access to an exclusive forum, it better be worth it and you should be getting a lot of freebies, products, and much other stuff for the sole reason that you are paying for a membership.


Food Blogger Pro is keen on the idea that their forum is worth $29/month when the fact is, it fails to provide its users with actual useable information. In reality, this subscription is only for the forum access because all the items that come with it can easily be found on the internet for “free.”


Granted, having an exclusive membership can be tempting. However, the views and opinions that you will get from that forum will be limited to the members, basically enclosing you in a bubble. That is not good, especially if you want to better understand your audience.


If you want to truly learn and master your industry, you need to be open to new ideas and you can only do that if you browse open source types of forums.


If you really really want to become a member of this community, I suggest that you try it out for a month to see how much you like it. One good thing about this platform is you aren’t required to get into a contract. You can cancel whenever you want.




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