Flux Rewards Review: Is This GPT Company Worth Your Time?

Flux Rewards Review: Is This GPT Company Worth Your Time?


Flux Rewards GPT


Product Name: Flux Rewards

Price: Free

Rating: 4.4 out of 10

Verdict: There are plenty of better alternatives out there. When ranking it relative to other GPT websites, unfortunately, it ranks near the bottom.


If you’ve been searching for ways to earn online, you may have stumbled upon several websites that claim to pay its users every time they finish a simple task for them. There’s not a specific name for these types of websites but if you want to search for them online, the name of this niche is GPT or “get paid to.”

How this niche got the name is pretty self-explanatory. You get paid to do something. Usually, the tasks are very menial and simple that literally anyone who knows how to use the computer can do it. The standard tasks for most GPT companies are answering surveys, downloading apps, providing reviews, and other similarly natured gigs.

If I were to guess the reason why you’re here, you’re probably here because you are researching about a GPT company you saw on the internet, Flux Rewards. You’re definitely in the right place. I am going to give you an in-depth look into this program by showing you a rundown of their system.

This should make you see the company objectively, effectively helping you determine if this online money-making gig is for you. Shall we begin?


What Exactly Is Flux Rewards?

Flux Rewards is a GPT website. I already gave a short and simple explanation of GPT. There’s really no need to further discuss the intricacies of this niche industry since it’s pretty straightforward – you do stuff, you get paid. That simple!

The main difference between GPT websites are the types of gigs available. The standard for this industry is the usual survey, polls, feedback, download, watch videos, and the likes. Rarely would you see a company that offers different kind of gigs than the one listed above.

flux rewards offers

Flux Rewards is no different than most GPT companies. Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen. To learn the answer, of course, you would need to stick around for the conclusion.


How To Become A Member?

Becoming a member is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is register on the site. The only real requirement here is you have your own email address.

You register just like you would in any other site. You will get an email verification once you’re done. Click that and you’re almost done.

Use your login information to log into the website. You then fill out your profile to give Flux Rewards information to work on. Basically, the information you fill in will be used to place you into a demographic. Your profile will dictate what kinds of gigs are you going to get, to put it simply.


How To Earn Money In Flux Rewards?

It’s pretty simple. You get stuff done and you get paid. The kind of stuff that you will be asked to work on differs on a case to case basis. Remember that many companies use Flux Rewards as their demographic research platform so most gigs are going to be different from each other.

Before I go into the details of how much can you make from this website, I must first tell you that it won’t be that much. If I tell you to guess the average earnings you can get from this company, without knowing what your guess is, I can confidently say that the actual average earning from Flux Rewards is way lower than that.

To give you an idea, I will post a screenshot of their earnings data. This is taken May 18, 2020.

flux rewards statistics

The total amount they paid up until today is roughly $27, 500. That is shared between 10,474 members. That’s not a morale-boosting number. To be fair, most of those accounts won’t earn a penny. However, even if you assume that only 10% of the members earn a penny, that figure is still not inspiring.


How Much Can You Earn?

Truth be told, no one can give you the actual amount. Only the owner of the website can give you a reliable amount but you have to figure out many metrics, which makes the whole thing a bit confusing in the end.

But to put it simply, the answer to that question is anywhere from 0 to $5/month, and the actual figure probably leans heavily towards the zero side, that much is obvious.

As an alternative to doing small tasks on this website, you can opt for their referral program. You can recruit someone to this company using your own referral link and you are entitled to 10% of what they earn on the website for the rest of their stay.

Even if you go to the high side of average, that’s only $1 per month additional per recruit. In actuality, the figure is probably closer to 1 cent. You’d probably have to recruit thousands of people to turn a dollar, truth be told.


The Truth About GPT Websites

The truth is, most GPT companies fail at giving pocket money to their users. If you consider 5 cents pocket money, then sure, GPT websites can give you that. But anything north of $5, you would have to be really lucky to earn that much from websites like Flux Rewards.

This is the truth, and you probably won’t hear other review website say it.

I’d say that 90% of GPT websites aren’t worth your time. The other 10% are good for pocket money but the competitions for those are massive.

There’s really no other way of saying it – if you want to earn a little bit extra money, GPT websites is not the best way to do it, probably. There are many other niche industries that I would recommend before GPTs, and I’m not just saying it because I happen to make money on another industry.

This is just the truth. But then again, if you’re okay with earning $5/month answering surveys and watching videos, then by all means, you keep on finishing those tasks.


Are There Better Alternatives Out There?

Of course there are.

It also depends on how much time and effort are you willing to spend on these money-making opportunities. If you want to earn something a little more respectable, then I suggest that you go directly to survey providers. They pay considerably more than GPT websites, but still not enough to be considered respectable pocket money.

You can try writing articles but that takes a lot of time, I’m afraid. Affiliate marketing is always a good choice but you need to learn how to market first, and that’s going to take the most of the time.

My point here is the amount of effort you’re going to put in is highly dependent on the money you’re going to make. That’s why GPT websites don’t pay much. It’s because they don’t require much.

If you’re okay with that, then GPT websites are for you. If you want to earn more though, perhaps I can teach you my ways. Just click here if you want to learn how I make money online.


The Verdict – Is Flux Rewards Even Worth It?

As most of these things go, the answer can be very tricky. It’s true, you can earn money using this program. I’ve read plenty of reviews that proves it.

That being said, the amount you earn is peanuts, less than peanuts, actually. In many parts of the world, the amount you earn in one month on this website wouldn’t even be considered pocket money – and that’s discouraging.

As for my opinion, my answer is NO. This company is not worth your time. There are plenty of better alternatives out there. When ranking Flux Rewards relative to other GPT websites, unfortunately, it ranks near the bottom.

Maybe it’s got something to do with age. Flux Rewards is a relative newcomer in the arena, created only in 2017. Perhaps with a few tune-ups and modifications, it could become better, and possibly be worthy of your valuable time.


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