Fintech Mining Review- Warning Before You Join!

Fintech Mining Review- Warning Before You Join!

Product Name: Fintech Mining

Owner: Unknown


Price: $229-$18,430

Overall Rating: 4.1 Out of 10

Are you searching for the best Fintech Mining review? You are here at the right place. Fintech Mining promises to mine cryptocurrency for you if you want to invest in cryptocurrency to earn passive income. Can you trust these guys with your hard earned money?

They are no different than other cryptocurrency companies such as Mining Max, Jetcoin, 1 Online Business, Gladia Coin and others.

However, I find them to be a new player with quite low ratings. When I investigated the date they registered their domain, I found that it was in July 2017. However, when searching for their reviews online, the term Fintech Mining scam kept appearing.

I think the reason is that the owner of the website didn’t want to expose their identity, which is why they chose to keep it private. It doesn’t serve any purpose trying to determine who the owner of the website is by looking at its details.

I chose to check the legitimacy and background of Fintech Mining works in detail to determine its authenticity. They claim to mine cryptocurrency such as bitcoin as well as many others.

An additional task they claim to do is providing professional advice on investing to people who want to trade in Cryptocurrencies. However, what is found strange is they don’t mention this extra service on their investment plans.

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Aorta Digital LTD claims to oversee Fintech Mining. When I carried out a quick Google search, nowhere does this corporation appear. It’s not registered anywhere and it isn’t a corporation.

In my view, it may not be genuine, which means the company may be misleading investors. It’s for this reason that I suspect Fintech Mining works may be a scam.

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The Red flags of Fintech Mining

Currently, Fintech Mining offers one of the most expensive cryptocurrency mining plans on the market/internet. For instance, I chose not to try their plans since their prices were too high. That means if you’re ready to gamble your money, you can do it. The result is you may get the best returns.

They have a basic plan that costs $299 while the contract is supposed to run for a year. I recommend that you try them, but remember there are other cryptocurrency mining companies, which are legitimate. The reason is they offer you a chance to test them with a small amount of money.

They say that if risk big, you will get the best returns. I thought that if one is ready to lose or gain by investing $299, you should be psychologically prepared to either gain or lose, but Fintech Mining promises you the best results.

If you want to invest in Litecoin mining, the amount you should invest is $3710. Its contract runs for 3 years. However, my view is that you shouldn’t invest in large amounts of money if you’re going to mine Litecoin.

That’s because you may end up losing the entire amount. Remember that on their site, Litecoin isn’t backed by any corporation and it gives hints it can’t be trusted.

In the event that you want to invest in Dash coin, you should be prepared to invest in $6000 or above, which means they don’t have a cheaper plan. Keep in mind it can be risky if trust anonymous people online with lots of money.

However, you can do so and gain, which means all you need to do is trust your instincts.

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Who It Is For

When I was carrying out this Fintech Mining review, I found that the target of Fintech Mining works is people looking to invest in cryptocurrency mining. However, for now, they don’t have any recommendations that can prove they are legitimate.

It’s not clear if individuals are using their service in mining cryptocurrency coins. That means all you have to do is check their site and determine if you want to invest with them.

Another thing that I found is that they lack transparency. It’s a huge concern which you should not overlook. In my view, the term Fintech Mining scam seems to be getting used about this service since they lack details that may make one trust them.

Training/Tool Overview

On their website, they say they will provide you investors with a team of professional experts who will walk you through the initial steps cryptocurrency trading. That means you may get a chance to know about the amazing benefits of BlockChain technology.

The experts will advise you on how to utilize your newly mined coins. That means you have a chance to understand how the market is behaving.

When I checked further, what I found is that they say digital currency mining is a reliable investment that requires you to put in little effort.

Does Fintech Mining Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Fintech Mining offers you an easy to use the platform, which you can access, from your mobile device or desktop. That means you can monitor any account’s performance and if you wish, withdraw your profits from any point in the world.

On their website, they have an email address and a slit of phone numbers, which you can use to contact their customer care representatives 24/7. However, their”about us” page information is too general and a bit vague if you want more information about their background or the company that backs their activities.

They also don’t mention any company owners or directors, which means it’s an anonymous company that promises to mine you cryptocurrency anonymously.

Remember if you’re a wise investor, it’s best you invest in companies that have directors who you can question when returns are not coming your way.

As mentioned above, they will provide with experts to advise you on how to utilize your newly mined coins. I find it encouraging that they offer experts who can help you understand how the cryptocurrency market works and how to maximize your profits.

What is the Cost of Joining Fintech Mining?

  •  The basic plan will cost you $299- Fintech mining
  • The second plan will cost you $3710- Litecoin mining, the contract will run for three years
  • The other plan will cost you $6000 and above- Dash coin

Here’s My Final Opinion On Fintech Mining

During this Fintech Mining review, I find that it looks like it’s one cryptocurrency investment platform, which appears suspicious. It’s the reason why you will encounter the term “fintech mining scam” when searching for information about this company.

If you look at their minimum investment requirements, you will find that they are a bit high, which makes them look as if it’s they are a scam. However, if you trust your instincts, you can choose to risk $299 and get to see if you’ll get any positive returns on your investment.

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8 thoughts on “Fintech Mining Review- Warning Before You Join!”

  1. Hi there Maun,
    Really great article. I agree with you about choosing the cheapest option. I think that $299 isn’t that bad for what you get. You can always upgrade once you know a little bit more about them. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Agree. Start with a small investment and then see what the results will be. There are so many Cryptocurrency companies out there come and go. Scam people. Be careful with the one that needs a lot of money to get started with them.
      All the best!

    • Hi Maryann,
      Scams come in many forms. Sometimes it is quite hard to spot them. Be careful with the programs that promise an easy money.
      Please stay safe!

  2. I was interested in learning how to make money investing in cryptocurrency but have found it to be quite confusing and as I would consider a financial risk if you do not know what you are doing. It is definitely something I am going to have to understand more as it becomes more popular in the future.

    • Hi Max,
      Cryptocurrency is becoming popular by the day. There are also tons of Cryptocurrency companies scam people out there.
      Do a plenty of researches before you join them.
      All the best!

  3. Thank you Maun,

    Reading this article post helped me understand all the emails I have been getting on cryptocurrency. There are a few of them ou there now and your right if you don’t investigate, you don’t know which ones are scammer’s or not. I glad we have people like you online that want to know so others will find out whether they will waste money or not.

    • Hi Anna,
      Glad to hear that you find the article helpful. There are so many digital currency companies out there. Some are good, some are bad and even some are ugly. So if you want to invest in the cryptocurrency mining company, you need to do a plenty research.

      All the best!


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