Fast Profits Online Review: Does It Bring Justice To Its Name?

Fast Profits Online Review


fast profits review


It always puts a smile on my face whenever people do some research about a product they are interested in. That shows that they are responsible with their money, with little chance of them getting scammed along the way. I know that because that’s the reason you’re here. You’re probably looking for a review of a product called Fast Profits Online. You are definitely in the right place.


I am here to conduct a thorough review of this product to see if it’s worth your money. At first glance, it looks just like any other program you could come across on the internet. What makes it any different? Is It any good? I am going to answer those questions in this review.



What Exactly Is Fast Profits?


Fast Profits Online is a brand new online money-making scheme that claims to have you earning $1,700 per day even if you don’t have any prior marketing experience at all. This is such a big claim that anyone who has used affiliate marketing programs before would take a second look, wondering if what they just read is real. I am telling you right now, they really made those claims.


The creator wants you to believe the hype and sign up right away because, as he claims, you won’t ever see this kind of opportunity ever again. He claims that this system is almost automated, meaning that you can earn money right away as soon as you sign-up. Of course, I am first to say that I’ve never seen a program who has the capability but there’s always a first, right? Right from the get-go, I can’t seem to find a redeeming value on this program.


The Mind Behind Fast Profits Online


Michael Carson is the mind behind this program, allegedly. However, when you do a quick search on him, Google would give you useless information. The name Michael Carson is quite a generic name thus you would get flooded with social media accounts of the same name. But never in the results would you get a useful information about the Michael Carson that you are looking for. That is plenty weird since he is supposed to be this miracle worker that can market everything and anything, yet somehow, his name doesn’t even show up on the Google search result.


My first thought would be that this person is fake, and by Google, was it true. If you reverse Google his image, you would be taken into a website for a stock photo agency, “businessman with arms crossed stock image.” I didn’t know the creator also doubles as a stock photo model – NOT!


fast profits online


The fact of the matter is – Michael Carson is a big dumb fake, and that tells a lot about this product, and I’m not even halfway on this review.


How Fast Profits Online Actually Works?


Here’s the funny thing, they won’t even tell you how their product is supposed to work. Well, not until you buy the product, of course.


On the surface, they just pepper you with claims of great money but never provide you with any proof. All of their claims are, in my opinion, fabricated. It’s easy to see when you know how these marketing gimmicks work. First, they make these outrageous claims to get your attention. Next is to make it seem like they have a limited slot opened – but luckily for you, they are also running a discount! All of these points to it being a calculated scam to trick people into buying the program without thinking about it.


But if you read between the lines, their system relies on a new scheme called dropshipping. I’ll discuss that term down below.


What Exactly Is Dropshipping?


Before I start discussing dropshipping, I am going to tell you now that it is a legitimate business model. However, the mere fact that Fast Profits Online uses it as their main scheme isn’t proof enough that their business model is legit.


Dropshipping is basically getting suppliers for any product then listing them on any marketplace. You then wait for the orders to be placed and report it back to the supplier. The supplier will then deliver the product directly to the customer. In short, you’re just the middleman in the transaction.


A lot of small companies are already doing this and there’s nothing new about this method. But Fast Online Profits claims to have this one “weird” trick that can make you earn a lot while using this dropshipping method. The truth is, Fast Online Profits just uses the term “drop shipping” to somewhat bolster its reputation. If you look closely at the program, it was never really about dropshipping and they’re only using that to lure you into buying the program.


Honest Thoughts About Fast Profits Online


  • Dropshipping is legit


Dropshipping is a legit business opportunity but like any other earning opportunities out there, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Fast Profits Online just used the hype for dropshipping to make it seem like it is a legitimate program, but upon closer inspection, you would see that this program barely provides any information on how are they planning to integrate dropshipping into their earning opportunities.


  • The training provided is worthless


If you are to be given a training module, at the very least, you should expect to learn something from it. That isn’t the case for this program. The program offers very vague information about its methods. Instead, it just makes tons and tons of “proof” of earning that won’t help you earn money in any capacity.


The Verdict


Is Fast Profits Online a scam? Technically, the answer would be “no” since you would still be getting a training package with the money that you paid. However, I will say that I would not recommend this product to anyone. It’s practically a small-time scam with the way it gives out those outrageous and misleading claims.


The dropshipping scheme is made out to be just a buzzword for this product. It doesn’t even look like they are using it, to be honest. It’s just a good scheme to get into but I reckon you would ever learn anything about it from this program. You’re better off using alternative programs. You can check my other reviews if you have the time.


Also, if you want to venture out of this program and into a much more profitable industry, I suggest that you try affiliate marketing. You can even search about affiliate marketing all you like, and you would only read good things about it. It’s a legitimate money-making opportunity that a lot of people are sleeping on. If you want to read about different affiliate marketing programs, you should head over my review section. But if you want to jump straight to the best program I know, then head over here – My #1 Recommended Program.

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