Is Elite Deal Club A Scam? Are Discount Websites Worth Your Time?

Is Elite Deal Club A Scam?

elite deal club review

Product Name: Elite Deal Club

Price: Free to join (need money to buy things, obviously)

Rating: 5.2 out of 10

Verdict: Elite Deal Club is not a scam. It’s a surprisingly good concept – exchanging discounts for a positive review. By doing it this way, everybody wins.


If you’re here on this website, that must mean that you are searching for ways to make money online. I am here to tell you that you are in the right place. In this website, not only will I introduce you to different ways to make money online, but I will also introduce you to many ways to save money online.

In fact, in today’s review, I am going to review a product that claims to help save you money from online shopping. I know that it is a bit different than my usual online money-making review but technically speaking, this can still be considered making money, wouldn’t you agree?

The name of the company is Elite Deal Club. It’s a platform that gives you a list of discounted items on Amazon. It’s not a new concept but it’s a pretty interesting industry to look into especially if online shopping is your thing. To learn more about this product, just read further into this review.


What Exactly Is Elite Deal Club?

Elite Deal Club is a platform that claims to have a list of Amazon items that are offering discounts, effectively saving you money in the long run. They claim to have the lowest price on various popular items on Amazon and the whole of the internet. Now, you may be thinking, ‘where’s the catch?’

The catch is you have to provide a positive review of the product you got offered a discount on. Basically, a positive review would be your payment for the huge discount you’re getting. Sounds pretty cool, right? After all, it’s just a simple review.

Plenty of companies, especially small ones, do this because it drives the traffic to their website by making it seem like their product is the best out there. To be fair, you don’t have to actually post a review if you buy an item from Elite Deal Club but it’s expected. After all, if you don’t provide a good review, companies won’t continue selling on EDC, ultimately removing your discount opportunities.


How Does Elite Deal Club Work?

The simple explanation is Elite Deal Club functions as some sort of a third-party merchant for discounted items. The way they do it is they contact companies to provide discounts for their members in exchange for glowing positive reviews.

Since the competition in Amazon is very cutthroat, many companies would dive into this ‘improve star rating’ rat race because it will drive the traffic up on their products. In effect, many companies get in on the program, effectively giving people plenty of discount opportunities.

Should you become a member of Elite Deal Club, you should have fast reflexes because the number of deals daily is limited, and you have plenty of people fighting off to avail them. The items get snatched up real quick, I’m telling you.


How Much Money Can You Save From EDC?

There are rare occurrences in which companies give out their products for 99% off. If you’re an experienced Amazon shopper, you must have an idea of how ridiculously good deal that could be.

Most of the time though, you will end up paying a few bucks for a $20 item. That’s still a good deal, no doubt. Not as good as the 99% discount but still a great catch should you manage to secure one.


A Few Quirks You Need To Know About EDC

Since EDC has a lot of members, you need to always be on the lookout for new deals. You have to make snap decisions because that split-second of thinking can cost you your 90% discount.

Only up to 250 deals per day are made on EDC. These deals would usually run out before the day has finished.

250 offers elite deal club

Many of the items are exclusive on EDC. Therefore, you must understand that most of the items that get offered in there can’t be found discounted elsewhere. This should make clicking the purchase button that much easier knowing that they are exclusive deals.


What I Like About EDC

  • The fact that the discount and coupon codes on EDC seem to work is worth a mention. Too many ‘discount’ websites don’t have working coupon codes, much fewer discount offers.
  • If you are an avid shopper, you can certainly save a lot of money, especially if you have a fast trigger on your purchase button.
  • They have a wide range of items. Certainly, you will find something that you can find useful in your everyday life.


What I Don’t Like About EDC

  • There’s a bit of an inconsistency between the offers. Some days, you get great bargains. Some days, you’d barely pay attention because of the lackluster offers.
  • Do not expect to see plenty of electronic products in here. Don’t go in expecting to see laptops or iPad on discount on here. Their usual offerings are everyday items that you can get for less than $20. Rarely would they offer something worth more than that.
  • Reports of customer support being slow.
  • Extremely fast coupon code expiry. Because of the sheer number of people fighting over coupon codes, you will sometimes find that your coupon code has already expired just as you’ve entered it into Amazon.
  • Most of the items offered are low-quality Chinese products. If you don’t mind quality in your items, then this could interest you greatly.


The Verdict – Is Elite Deal Club A Scam?

No. Elite Deal Club is not a scam. It’s a surprisingly good concept – exchanging discounts for a positive review. By doing it this way, everybody wins. Well, except that ‘buying’ positive reviews can lead to unreliable product reviews.

Needless to say, it is still a legit concept that you can save a lot of money from. However, if you are thinking of making money off of this platform, that will be close to impossible. They have a limit to how many items you can buy. You can’t buy items in bulk. And even if you did, the items offered are so regular that flipping it for a profit would just give you more trouble.

Another thing that’s worth a mention is the alarmingly exceeding reports of EDC asking for credit card details in the guise of customer support. I see a potential credit card fraud somewhere in this mess. Many people have theorized that Elite Deal Club is running underground credit card fraud schemes but these are just baseless allegations for now.

For your safety, never share your credit card details, especially to websites that claim ‘easy money.’


Alternative – How To Actually Make Money Online?

The company discussed is more about saving money online than making money online. If you are not just interested in saving money but actually making it, I think I have the perfect recommendation for you.

I’ve been in this business for close to a decade now. I’ve reviewed almost 700 products and none of them had ever come close to this product I’m currently using now. In fact, this product has been my bread and butter for several years now.

I am actually hoping that in my quest for online money-making products, I’ll find a product even better than this one I’ve been using. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen one. That might mean that this product I’ve been using is already the best there is. Don’t just take my word for it though. Check the link below to learn more about this money-making opportunity.


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